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Love is the rain comes, we walk with clenched hands and the kind of courage, love is
compared to the old Shannon has foam on your request when I only want you to
Love is in life that we work together to write many myths, love is a bitter, believe
it's decided to change the way of life, want to go back hard enough
Love like a book, turn Debu seriously, a lot of easy to miss the wonderful, miss a lot
of fate and love, turning too serious, and too delicate, will leave tears, and sometimes
really a coincidence, sometimes tears are sweet , and sometimes the more bitter when
a self-harm, too seriously is Jiaozhen, and in the cities thousands of people who are
and who encounter a story, the story is that some people value different Some people
do not know how to cherish, people always used to get accustomed to losing, even if
his free hand to feel the loss of what many think of when in love each other well, and
then think about the other side more time to separate the bad, To cherish the memory
of yesterday, cherish today, into tomorrow, in today's society, the family, as
a woman as a wife as a daughter as a mother, her overall score really does not passing
it? As a wife is not a good wife, a daughter is not filial piety, as a mother does not love,
then you divorce, I agree, life is short ah, no one who will not break What Everyone
has the right to pursue happiness, but if I, as a wife as daughter as a mother is doing
his best, not the fault principle, then the complex role as a wife and now your eyes or
just a simple woman lover, who is more difficult than it, from the future this may be
you see a yellow faces woman's woman, no longer be your servant, you
can save some money, since then used the money to dress themselves, then on a fish is
no longer competing with their brains to think there are several approaches, do not
need to wait for you to go home do not wash your clothes, do not worry about your
home for the elderly who are sick, and relatives who birthday party, from the bar,
from a long time I hope you proud of your great love for just this, just this very love
you, come together, the to live a few years, you will not see this woman heart rate,
your wife is not so naive as pure before? Not easy to meet before? Do not let your
heart before? Perhaps tossing tired, tossing in a circle in the end you find that you are
you and your wife walked the streets of repeated only for the men concerned,
marriage is a stage, with whom should play to potential Maili Qi somersaults
performance, in a sense also destroyed a woman, complained of not only your one,
not perfect, and divorce is a change in terms of background on the woman, who will
love it can also look forward to it day and night, people always want too much, and
who can not be successful in a life of frustration on this, but there are a few people
willingly accepted that we feel helpless? I would also like to know how long to love a
person can love, 20 years of marriage, and it was extra-marital murder, after all, an
uncertain future of online dating is that you do not forget to be playing with fire. Let
me now marriage has been languishing effort, in pain, I go from here.

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