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Closer "The Arts - appreciation of the Italian men's showcase
(2008-08-07 13:51:15)
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                                    Dalian University of Technology Institute of
Clothing text / tumu Yun
Florence not far from a small town Emberly (EMPOINI), first came to Italy to stay
here. When I arrived at midnight very local. Have seized the opportunity 10 hours, I
do not know how Shuidao in bed, woke up only after that, open the dark green wood -
a quiet and peaceful scenery everywhere greeted, his mouth early in the morning
smelling floral air, tired body seemed under the influence of the sun, a little bit of
restoration of the energy.
But do not look down upon the town, a few small commercial streets criss-cross (a
layer of a store, 2,3,4-level homes are local residents), regardless of size, no one will
have a fine display to attract your eyeball, even a few square meters of shops, it does
not mean the stocked beautiful high windows to be the most beautiful characteristics
of the goods to the art show. Renaissance Florence, the birthplace of the bustling
business district, is the world's boutiques, roaming in the historic city also
enjoy yourself with the Mediterranean sun, has a mood with a showcase of exquisite
joyous skipping along ... ....
MONTEZEMOLO, was made the senior men's brand from Florence,
(Figure 1 Figure 2) has been committed from the Italian history, culture, explore the
design inspiration. From the elegant window-full can feel the unique taste of Italy fine
manufacturing and a series of match. Left and right window is relatively, small in size,
no big scenes and props set off complicated, but the heritage of the brand but by black
and white photographs on display on the wall out of frame interpretation. This is the
type of goods led display window style presentation. Goods more than chaos, in a
stable composition in the search for details of the changes. A closer look, all dressed
male category everything: suits and shirts, ties scarves, belts, suspenders, shoes,
hats ...... interpretation of the two windows of two products were subject line, from
suits to casual consumers gave with the clarity of the concept of transfer of the brand
culture neat appearance.
When night comes, every shop window lights were lit up, those familiar with the
brand are not familiar with the visual impact on my nerves. Italian brand
MASSIMODUTTI, Spain's Inditex, one of the famous brands, especially
by the European white-collar favorite, the window display in the city with a unique
style atmosphere, you can see where each piece of merchandise will be classic and
modern style blend perfectly. Big window, the "hero" and
elegant taste vividly in front of loving, high-powered telescope, rolls of drawings,
winning trophies, fine propeller and Impartial armor collection ...... clever use of those
props , are all elegantly conveys the brand of modern life and dress the perfect
harmony of ideas. (Figure 3 Figure 4) side windows is still a kind of two-type model,
but the presentation stressed that the brand's traditional hand-advanced
customization, props ladder carefully placed on the product of two colors, sizes spool,
tape, books, scissors, buttons, fabric, shoe last form a triangle composed of
momentum, but showing a tranquil atmosphere. Background screen is a navigation
map, cleverly installed hangers, hanging, "the hero" of the
jacket and strap, non-science atmosphere blowing, so attractive showcase for rich
people to stop and associations, whether they is the hero who does? (Figure 5 Figure

And ZRAR windows designed as presentation style of these windows are all
story-based scenarios. Appeared in a local plot, depicting the cultural connotation of
the brand concept of the brand story or theme, allowing viewers to produce endless
association, was unable to stop the plot to attract, provoke a great desire to buy.
(Figure 7) ZRAR Men's window on a white sofa, black and white electric
guitar and the black album and scattered shoes, belts, sunglasses messy place, creating
a musical space uninhibited, clever pop music with the theme of young love convey
the main products of the black and white, big black bags release the youth fashion
casual atmosphere. The other side of the window is also straightforward to tell us that
in an environment of 27 degrees, wear what is most fashionable and comfortable, still
emphasize that white tone, white bar, sofa, club, the window of the three appeared in
the spring and summer season bit handsome fashion show, to the bottom of the viewer
with the moving heart. (Figure 8)
Window like the movie trailers. Has its own different brands in different stores selling
point, because of their different consumption level positioning determines the content
and form of different windows. People through appreciation of the window, you can
get a lot of product information, fashion information, fashion information, stimulate
consumption and unconscious longing for a better vision of life. It can be said of
cultural content, pleasing the people of this age window is a mirror of life and culture,
then create a better attitude towards life, the positive belief in direct spiritual window,
it is our role not just confined to the display of goods it? With the vision and
expectations of the window, came the most commercially vibrant city - fashion capital
of Milan.
This is the mecca of the world's fashionistas. Top men's brands
are known, the source of inspiration for designers. Here, each side of the clothing
business street Road store, have to do our best to showcase with their own clothing
style, brand culture blend to or romance or novel or elegant gesture in front of you,
everywhere can feel the atmosphere of fashion . Just look at these stores from the
outside decoration, it has been able to enough people stopped, and then brought back
the desire to buy. Both artists, the famous fashion designer, or the general public, and
watch his dress, or a sports car roaring past the handsome guy, girl or the street
smoking, it seems that all the Italian people have a natural taste and elegant habit.
Women look to France to Italy, Men's items. Yes, in Italy, Men's
window display of the design definitely be called a blend of fashion and art. By
Napoleon Hill Road, St. Andrew Street in the composition of the four famous street in
Milan's most famous shopping district in the gold corners, it is
concentrated Gucci, Prada, Versace, Ferragamo, Louis Vuitton , Hermes and other
famous big names, many of them or the brand's flagship store, I once again
being attracted to those beautiful windows, the fine does not stop before the window
of the former. Those well-made goods in elaborate display exudes charm after so
vivid and fresh, as if endowed with life, committed to convey the brand message.
Hermes brand luxury brands in the world, the public has been
"condescending", not only because it produced the
world's first leather, but also in promoting its brand connotation. 100 years,
the product mix among history, art, culture, spirit and original content, so Hermes not
only go all out to participate in the development of the cause of handmade arts, crafts
more efforts to ensure that Hermes could represent the future of professional
standards . Hermes also be dynamic as the global presence to every corner of the
lifestyle and the creative concept of continuous distillation, in the exchange of
different cultures stirred spark country. This content, through beautiful window, I see
it. (Figure 9) shimmering waves of the sea, a private luxury yacht in the corner
sipping tea, soft music floated, the sea graceful afternoon time. . . . . . . Semi-closed
the window, a leisure chair, put quieter white blue leather handbags and scarves. No
one type models a kind of window, the only European-style tea casually elegant
display relaxed quality of life. Go to the next window, (Figure 10), is still on deck, an
elegant luxury yacht model next to the hero there, was the Mediterranean sun tan skin,
although barefoot, but a blue-gray casual still can not stop pressing the handsome.
Thing that attracted me the most beautiful blue business simple shape kits and towels
with the display of patterns of seabirds combination of work and holiday scenes to
double representation, lead to infinite yearning and indulge in the only natural. Also
confirms the same: to associate the display can not give (works), means failure.
Figure 11 is a narrow window is still delicate interpretation of the spirit of life, the
perfect light irradiation, the visual focus to stay in the blue scarf and leather goods,
the entire window with a clear theme, exquisite production of props and scenes like
Hermes products meticulous exquisite. Figure 12 Figure 13 is also the theme of the
summer sailing display window shows, this is a casual men's brand, not a
Hermes reserved and aesthetic, but rather youthful invincibility sporty. Particularly
within the male model showcase their pants and beach wear pants imaginative
presentation, allowing viewers to smile, because, in the window between the square
inch, as long as you demonstrate the clever, wonderful display, and product themes
integration, and the perfect combination of brand positioning, then anything is
Arcade at the DAAD DANTONE Victoria II is the central area of Milan fashion
consumption, DAAD DANTONE is representative of avant-garde boutiques in Milan,
in a number of major international brands around, its bright lights reflected on the
black and white lining the main basic tone, pig iron and wood interior space of
organic elements is the main theme of the mysterious brown lights hit the cement wall
and the floor, reflecting a piece avant-garde designers. Creative use of materials to
make the window full of fashionable post-modern art of the mysterious atmosphere of
calm acceptance of those who pursue a unique artistic style. Window display is like a
demonstration of contemporary installation art as exciting, commodity concept has
become blurred, but still be avant-garde style and the strange atmosphere Stern
impressed. (Figure 14 Figure 15 Figure 16)

Do not know which walk the streets, one store has not yet completed so far with my
eyes on, Sure, another art of shocking scene occurred! Numerous wooden raw
materials under the careful design to create the composition of simple luxury store
windows, the original Italian first-line brand DSQUAREO! (Figure 17 Figure 18
Figure 19) of wood in the disorder in the orderly display, mirror white steel bars and
stores the logo word decorative harmony of points, lines and surface composition of
the use of contrast material the use of all the other people so excited . And DAAD
DANTONE the same, DSQUAREO also an innovative avant-garde showcase
presentation style type, although not yet fully covered goods store, but the strength of
the brand through the window directly to mind, has been shaken for a long time.
The face of experience economic era, consumer goods and services not only attach
importance to the function to bring their own interests, more attention and receive
services in the shopping process, which was consistent with their own psychological
needs and taste preferences of specific experience. Homogeneity in the case of goods
and services, consumer experiences become the key determinants of shopping.
Experiential consumption has brought to people is not only a simple shopping is a
leisure experience, attention to spiritual joy and touch, to make shopping an
unforgettable journey. Indeed, the elegant and noble MONTEZEMOLO, respect for
life taste MASSIMODUTTI, stylish romantic ZRAR, avant-garde art of the DAAD
DANTONE. . . . . . As T-stage models, one by one I come, get rid of. Every time I see
these photos, the heart has been brought back to the Apennine peninsula. Thus,
between square inch, good design is really a window display,
"Closer," the art, invisible to ignite the passion and desire of
people's lives, solidification eyes, stay the pace, Qinru the human psyche.
                                ?Professional journal article published in the clothing,
"Chinese dress" in May 2008 No.