Direct selling and pyramid selling_ the difference between pyramid schemes in disguise by fdjerue7eeu


									Direct selling and pyramid selling, the difference between pyramid schemes in
Direct selling and pyramid selling, the difference between pyramid schemes in
One difference: whether to sell their products as the basis for business operations.
Direct marketing to sell products as a source of earnings. Illegal pyramid schemes
Zeyi pull the head or by selling counterfeit or profit-making products Zhicijiagao pull
people disguised profit, or simply no product.
Difference between the two: there are no high entry fee. Direct selling company
salesman without paying any high entry fees will not be compulsory subscription
products. In the illegal pyramid scheme, participants by paying high entry fees or
required a certain number of products first, subscribe to pay high entry fees disguised
as a condition of participation, to encourage unscrupulous people to join to make a
profit pulling. The company's profit is the main entry-fee, it was a
disguised financing behavior.
The third difference: whether to set up outlets. Direct selling enterprises to set up shop
open shelf or counter, marketing personnel are directly contracted with the company,
its practitioners act directly accepted norms and management companies. Operators of
illegal pyramid schemes through the development, organizations engaged in non-store
network or "underground" activities.
The fourth distinction: whether the remuneration according to work. Direct marketing
companies who are willing to work hard to provide practical opportunities for income
generation, not a fortune overnight. Each sales staff can only pay according to their
personal computing sales, the company set aside funds from operations, unified tax
after the company paid directly to their designated account does not exist, the offline
relationship. Illegal pyramid schemes through high returns as bait to attract personnel
engaged in disguised pyramid selling activities, the participants in the on-line
membership fees or from off the assembly line to extract the so-called performance
The difference 5: Are there any exit, return guarantee. Direct marketing companies
may be based on individual freedom of choice will continue to operate or out,
companies in return for providing protection. The agreement is not illegal pyramid
schemes usually force the return or returns are very harsh, consumers have purchased
the product difficult to return.

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