Jupiter by LisaB1982


By: BrittanyJohnson Period 5

The Basics
• Is the 5th planet from the sun. • 300 times more massive than earth • Named after the roman chief god, Jove. • Also called a gas giant.

Distances and Such
• 778,000,000 km from the sun • .41 earth days to rotate • 142,800 km across in diameter • 317.8 times the mass of earth.

• Jupiter has 17 moons, the same as Uranus. • This is a picture of Io, known as the most colorful object in space. • Io is covered with volcanoes and is one of the most active moons in the universe.

What is it like?
• This is a picture of the Great red spot. • It is actually a huge storm, in which 20 earths could fit. • Jupiter is believed to have a small solid core, but is mostly made of hydrogen and helium gas.

• This is a picture of the scars received when shoemaker-levy9 crashed into Jupiter in 1994. • Shoemaker was a smaller probe from Galileo. • Was also visited by Voyager in 1977

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The End!

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