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					Degree in Science degree with distinction
Master can be divided into two general master's degree and Master.

Master】 【General

According to China's relevant provisions of the Master of Education in
order to foster the teaching of general and scientific research-based, mainly the type
of degree-granting Academic degree.

Currently, enrollment by the Academic Degree disciplines into philosophy, economics,
law, education, literature, history, science, engineering, agriculture, medicine, military
science, management and other 12 categories, 12 categories and then the following
divided into 88 one subject, 88-level subjects are subdivided into more than 300 the
following two disciplines, as well as their own admission, established more than 760
units in two subjects.

Common Entrance Examination for Master of mainly early reunification of the
National Graduate Entrance Examination (the "examination"),
is admitted, was graduate student. Graduation, if the course work and thesis are in line
with the provisions of the Ordinance places will receive certificates and diplomas.

Master】 【

Master of all of us for perhaps very strange, but said MBA, MPA is familiar. In fact,
MBA, MPA is the professional degree in two categories. At present, China approved a
master set of 15 categories reached.

Professional master's degree include: Master of Business Administration
(MBA), Master of Public Administration degree (MPA), Master of Engineering (ME),
Master of Laws (JM), Master of Accounting degree (MPACC), Master of Public
Health ( MPH), Master of Agricultural Extension, Veterinary Master, Master of
Education degree and so on. Earlier this year, has added a Master of Arts, Sports
Master, Master of Landscape Architecture degree 3.

Master is a form of graduate education. According to the State Council Academic
Degrees Committee of the location, the professional degree for degree with
professional background and training high-level expertise in a particular occupation.

Master of Education in learning style is flexible, can be divided into two types of
service study and full-time study. Simple distinction is this: recruit service workers to
part-time degree-based learning tests are usually conducted every year in October,
called "national service officers graduate school entrance exam,"
the "exam"; enroll full- system of examinations and
professional degree students at the beginning of each year "National
Graduate Entrance Examination unity" (the "exam")
held together.

【General distinction between master and master】

Culture in a different direction

▽ general master education to foster teaching and scientific research-based, mainly
the type of degree-granting Academic degree;

△ Master's degree is a professional background in order to cultivate a
particular high-level expertise and professional settings.

Admission conditions are different

▽ ordinary applicants do not need to master a certain number of years of work

△ Master asked applicants have a certain number of years of work experience, most
professional master's degree candidates also required in-service personnel
subject to the appropriate management unit or consent, or even recommend such units

Entrance Examination in different

▽ Common Entrance Examination for Master's only the beginning of the
"exam", while the examination is outside the professional
examination by their own admission units proposition, marking.

Master's Entrance Examination △ 10 The "exam"
and the beginning of the "exam" two opportunities, candidates
can choose, and that the two national-level examination of the professional
examinations, but also by their own admission units proposition, marking .

Different school difficult

▽ ordinary Master of the National Graduate Entrance Examination (exam) is
completely representative of strict easy out. According to statistics, in 2005 the
number of Graduate Examination 117 million in enrollment only 32 million, taking a
ratio of 3.7:1. Peking University, Tsinghua, Fudan and other prestigious universities,
as well as micro-electronics, information science, biological medicine, the world
economy, international financial and other popular professional, as many applicants,
acceptance rates lower. It is understood that a number of prestigious popular
professional even taking the ratio 70:1. Some second-tier professional school popular
discontent year after year. Therefore, the difficulty depends on the candidates
registered for school and professional schools.

Master's Entrance Examination △ 10 The "exam"
and the beginning of the "exam" two opportunities, candidates
can choose. These two national-level examination of the professional examination, is
the recruiting unit of their own propositions, marking. Difficulty of different
professional enrollment vary the relative difficulty of some popular specialties. For
example, in 2004, Shanghai Fudan University, Jiaotong University, MBA Finance
admission to junior colleges and universities around the proportion of 6:1; Master of
Laws in 2004 national enrollment rate of less than 10%. In addition, the
"exam" and "exam" is not as difficult as
"examination"          candidates      far   more      than     the
"exam" candidates, the examination competition intensity are
naturally large. However, the "exam" Although the examination
is easy, but the taking of more value when the applicant's work background
and experience.

Learn in different ways

▽ General Master: full-time study. Generally 3 years.

△ Master: half full-time, academic 2-3 years.

Different study costs

▽ general master plan for the state admitted (non-directional, directional) the master
shall enjoy free tuition by country treatment. Admission to the State plan
(commissioned training, self-financing) of the master, must pay, usually 8,000 yuan /
year, different professions are different. For the self-financing students, poor students
and other candidates can apply for student loans or commercial loans country ease
pressure on school fees.

△ master class fees vary greatly according to different professions. For example,
MBA tuition fees to a dozen or even several hundred thousand dollars, while the
engineering master's fees are generally 3-4 million. Professional
master's degree student loans generally can not apply to the state.

Diploma issued in different

▽ general master degree and diploma awarded at the same time.

△ majority of only Master degree certificates granted, no diploma. But there are
exceptions, such as MBA, Master of Laws, Master of Clinical Medicine, Master of
Architecture, presented on the same degree and diploma.

In general terms, "examination" of Health to                  take
"dual card", "exam," students               take

Recognition of different

▽ General Master: As a full-time Master of the regular university graduate with a
degree, dual degree certificate, so the community's approval of such
graduates is very high. However, when the company will also take into account in the
recruitment of full-time Master's weaknesses: a theory of light, lack of
experience. Especially for Master and Undergraduate completely different direction,
and from the job seekers without relevant experience, companies will be reluctant.
Suggested that such students through internships, part-time or vocational certificate
examination to enhance their competitiveness.

△ Master: MBA entrance exam to participate in January could get two certificates,
but only a degree of Master of Engineering present evidence, therefore, market
acceptance of the professional master's degree a little different. Of course,
with the master species in recent years been increasing the number of candidates has
risen every year, so sentiment driven market effect, its recognition and employment
status is also gradually increased, many companies are no longer demanding academic
certificate, but more concerned about the degree certificate their gold content.