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									DBA Doctor of Business Administration
United Business Institutes
UCB School of Business
DBA Doctor of Business Administration / EMBA Master
Doctor of Business Administration
Course Advisory Tel :021-64174938 13818877226 teacher Wu
Damuqiao Shanghai, Room 108 517
Venue: Shanghai Jiao Tong University 1954 Huashan Road, Xuhuijiaoqu Shanghai
Jiaotong University
? Top 10 European MBAs: the top ten best European Master of Business ninth.
Selected institutions: the International Education Committee (IEC) Website:
? Top 20 European MBAs: MBA business school in Europe before the 20 strong (in
alphabetical order)
Selected institutions: startpagina website: http://mba.startpagina.nl
UBI's MBA Master of Business in Europe and London Business School,
Oxford Oceanside College, Manchester University, IMD, INSEAD and other leading
universities par, ranked in the top ten European Business School (TOP 10 Europe) to
UBI's comprehensive affirmative MBA education in the academic quality
continuing to maintain the high quality of teaching and leadership around the world
agree. The diploma received wide international recognition, with prestigious degree
will your life open wide the door, when applying for immigration, business listing
with priority status and other aspects. School Website: www.ubi.edu
United Bussiness Institutes (referred to as UBI, College Website: www.ubi.edu)
UBI and the famous Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shanghai Jiaotong University,
completed by the Regional Teaching students DBA work, and then approved by the
UBI and the credit hours for these students. Shanghai Jiaotong University students to
take courses in training, will also simultaneously the idea and write doctoral thesis, in
the final by authorized organizations sponsored by the UBI thesis, the order to be
awarded a doctorate certificate DBA.
Ph.D. program: 1 to 2 years to complete.
Master: 1 year to 1 year and a half to complete
Specialty: Strategic Management / MBA program
Attend courses: a total of nine core courses, (not including thesis writing);
Paper requirements: length not less than 3 million words, and ultimately must thesis.
1, development strategy --- China's market economy, the new situation and
Enterprise Development Strategy
2, competitive strategy --- from the Art of War Strategy in Business Competition
3, breakthrough strategy --- China's growth cycle and growth of enterprises
break through the limit
4, management strategies --- strategies for enterprise management of evergreen
5, capital equity investment strategy and strategic --- listing and financing strategies
6, the world economic situation and the position of the Chinese economy
7, decision-makers of strategic thinking and Business Wisdom
8, decision makers and political leadership philosophy EQ
9, rehearsed and strategic decision-making real----
10, China's macroeconomic development of
11, Brand Strategy and Brand Management
12, Confucianism, Taoism, Zen and the management thought
Places to Apply
1, Prepare the following information:
(1) your autographed UBI - DBA application form;
(2) Shanghai Jiaotong University, DBA course graduation certificate;
(3) I copy the highest degree (MBA equivalent master's degree or other
certificate), copy of passport (can pay up) and ID cards;
(4) services company or organization that you seal the work history and recommended
(5) color photos of four two-inch

Course Fee:
    ?EMBA Master entire 70,000 yuan (not including the costs associated to the
graduation ceremony in Malaysia)
    ?DBA entire doctoral 128,000 yuan (not including the costs associated to the
graduation ceremony of Belgium)
UBI-DBA Thesis and Graduation thesis writing and graduation

1, DBA dissertation counseling
UBI authorized by the institutional arrangements for full-time professor of counseling
counseling for all students in writing a dissertation. 2010 student thesis guidance in
July 2010 after.
2, DBA dissertation
Counseling agencies authorized by the UBI arrangements DBA dissertation.
3, Graduation
Last week of November each year, UBI will be held in Kuala Lumpur Grand Pacific
International Graduate DBA, EMBA graduation, all graduates will wear a PhD or
master's degree gowns gowns from UBI President personally issued to
every graduate, or DBA EMBA degree.
4, UBI school graduation Headquarters
The last week of June each year, UBI school headquarters in Brussels, Belgium held a
grand ceremony, UBI Asia-Pacific welcomes the graduates to go to school to
participate in elective, but must be completed thesis and pass defense, the same was
the case of a valid visa from the UBI counseling agencies authorized to participate in
the unified arrangement.

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