I have the reasons for westward expansion

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					Lisa Pennington
Social Studies Instructional Specialist
Portsmouth Public Schools, 2008

I have the reasons for westward expansion.    I have he believed in full political, civil,
                                              and social rights for African Americans and
                                              that those rights should be given
                                              immediately. He also demanded an end to
                                              racial segregation in 1905 with the Niagara

Who has Women’s Suffrage?                     Who has reasons for increased
I have it increased educational               I have hope for better opportunity, religious
opportunities and helped women attain the     freedom, escape from oppressive
right to vote with the passage of the 19 th   governments, and adventure.

Who has the negative effects of               Who has the reasons for problems in urban
industrialization?                            areas?
I have child labor, low wages, long hours,    I have population changes, growth of cities,
and unsafe working conditions.                and new inventions.

Who has examples of big business?             Who has new inventions in
I have railroads, steel, and oil.             I have the telegraph by Samuel Morse,
                                              lighting and mechanical uses of electricity
                                              by Thomas Edison, telephone service by
                                              Alexander Graham Bell, and the typewriter
                                              and adding machine.

Who has W.E.B. DuBois?
                                              Who has new forms of architecture?
I have suspension bridges and skyscrapers.    I have Jim Crow Laws.

Who has laws that made discrimination
practices legal in many places and were
characterized by unequal opportunities in
housing, work, education, and government? Who has the Temperance Movement?
Lisa Pennington
Social Studies Instructional Specialist
Portsmouth Public Schools, 2008

I have a group who opposed the making          I have postwar changes in farm and city
and consumption of alcohol and who             life.
supported the 18th Amendment.

Who has the Progressive Movement
workplace reforms?                             Who has the reasons cities developed?
I have improved safety conditions, reduced     I have Pittsburgh.
work hours, and restrictions on child labor.

                                               Who has the city that specialized in
Who has the rise of organized labor?           textiles?

I have the formation of unions, strikes, and   I have specialized industries, immigration
legislation that was passed to eliminate       from other countries, and movement of
child labor, unsafe working conditions,        Americans from rural to urban areas for job
excessive work hours, and created worker       opportunities.
management arbitration.

Who has Booker T. Washington?                  Who has the city that specialized in steel?
I have he believed equality could be           I have Boston.
achieved through vocational education and
accepted social separation and encouraged
African Americans to accept “separate but
equal” in 1895 with the Atlanta

Who has efforts to solve immigration           Who has inventions in transportation?
I have settlements houses and political        I have cable cars, electric trolleys, and the
machines.                                      gas powered automobile.

Who has mechanization, industrial
development in cities that increased labor     Who has the reasons big businesses were
needs, and industrialization provided          so prosperous?
access to consumer goods?
Lisa Pennington
Social Studies Instructional Specialist
Portsmouth Public Schools, 2008

I have national markets created by           I have rapid industrialization and
transportation advances, captains of         urbanization led to overcrowded immigrant
industry, advertising, and lower cost        neighborhoods and tenements, ghettos, and
production.                                  political corruption.

                                             Who has the center of the shipbuilding
Who has the captain of the oil industry?     industry?
I have John D. Rockefeller.                  I have Philadelphia.

                                             Who has access to raw materials and
Who has the captain of the automobile        energy, availability of workforce,
industry?                                    inventions, and financial resources?

I have Henry Ford.                           I have factors resulting in the growth of

Who has the captain of the steel industry?
                                             Who has racial segregation?
I have Andrew Carnegie.                      I have it was based primarily on race,
                                             directed primarily against African
                                             Americans but other groups were also kept
                                             segregated, and Jim Crow laws were
                                             passed to discriminate against African

Who has the center of the meat packing       Who has interaction and conflicts between
industry?                                    different cultural groups?

I have Chicago.                              I have Indian policies and wars,
                                             reservations, the Battle of Little Big Horn,
                                             Chief Joseph, discrimination against
                                             immigrants, and nativists who believed
                                             immigrants were inferior.

Who has the challenges faced by cities?      Who has the process for mass producing
Lisa Pennington
Social Studies Instructional Specialist
Portsmouth Public Schools, 2008

I have the Bessemer process.              I have Cleveland.

                                          Who has opportunities for land ownership,
Who has the inventor of interchangeable   technological advances, possibility of
parts?                                    wealth, adventure, and a new beginning for
                                          former slaves?
I have Eli Whitney.

Who has a city besides Pittsburg that
specialized in the steel industry?