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Customer Relationship Management (Customer Relationship Management, CRM) is a
continuously strengthen communication with customers to continuously understand
customer needs and continuously improve the products and services and improve to
meet the needs of customers in the continuous process. The use of information
technology includes the enterprise (IT) operation and Internet technology to
customers of Integrated Marketing, is a client-focused technology business marketing
and management to achieve. Customer relationship management and customer focus
is communication, business management is customer-centric, rather than the
traditional product-or market-oriented. To facilitate communication with customers,
customer relationship management can provide customers with a variety of
communication channels.
Right customer relationship management applications from business-to long-term
customer Chongshi management idea notion that Customer is the most important of
the assets and business of information Zhichi system must be in Ji customers to
information under the ownership of the development requirements. Successful
customer ownership will produce a competitive advantage and improve customer
loyalty and improve their profit margins. Customer relationship management methods
focus on the key elements of 4p also reflects the various cross-functional marketing
system combination, the focus is to win customers. This marketing focus from
customer needs and further transferred to the customer and ensure that enterprises
remain on the appropriate time, capital and management resources directly focused on
these two key tasks.
Western industrial sector continued to use the various tools and methods of industrial
upgrading: process, finance, IT and human resources, the current progress to the core
of the fortress - marketing and CRM is the industrial countries of the
customer-focused marketing of the overall solution program. At the same time, CRM
popularity in recent years due the rapid progress of IT technologies, especially
Internet technology, if not to the Internet as the core motivation of technological
progress, CRM implementation will encounter resistance particularly, can be said that
the Internet is CRM accelerators, specific applications include: data mining, data
warehouse, CALLcenter, personalized browser-based service system, etc., the
application of these technologies along with the rapid development of CRM.
CRM concept into China for several years, literally means the customer relationship
management, but its deeper meaning there are many interpretations. The following
excerpt of CRM, several foreign experts of different definitions of CRM, by these
definitions allow us to have a preliminary understanding of CRM.
First to propose the concept of the Gartner Group that: the so-called customer
relationship management is to provide comprehensive enterprise management
perspective; give enterprise customers better communication skills, maximize
customer profitability.
1, CRM is a business strategy, through the selection and management of clients to
achieve maximum long-term value. CRM need for customer-centric business
philosophy and culture to support effective marketing, sales and service process.
Enterprise provided they have the appropriate leadership, strategy and culture can
contribute to cost-effective application of CRM customer relationship management.
Second, CRM is about the development and promotion of business strategy and
support the technology to fill the enterprises in the acquisition, growth and retention
of current and potential customers, the performance gap. What it can do for business?
CRM to improve the return on assets, in this asset is our customers and potential
customer base.
Third, CRM is the information industry term for an organized manner to help
companies manage customer relationships method, software and even Internet
facilities. For example, companies build a customer database to fully describe the
relationship. Therefore, management, sales staff, service personnel or customers can
access information, meet the customer needs to provide products and services, to
remind the customer service requirements can be informed of customer purchase of
other products.
4, CRM is an Internet-based applications. It is through the restructuring of enterprises
to integrate business processes, user information resources to more effective ways to
manage customer relationships within the enterprise to achieve the sharing of
information and resources, thus reducing operation cost, to provide more economical,
efficient, and thoughtful products and services to maintain and attract more customers,
in order to eventually achieve the purpose of maximizing profits.
5, CRM is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) stands, it is an integrated IT
technology, but also a new mode of operation, which originated from the
"customer centric" new business model, is a purpose improve
the business and new customer relationship management system. Is a business
strategy, where companies win customers and retain customers and customer
satisfaction. Enhance customer relationships through technical means, thus creating
value, and ultimately improve the upper and bottom line profit growth is the focus of
customer relationship management. Of course, CRM system is able to truly play the
efficacy of its application, but also on whether the enterprise really understand the
"customer centric" CRM philosophy, whether implementation
of this concept into its corporate business processes, whether it really increases user
satisfaction and so on.
6, customer relationship management (CRM): To improve the core of enterprise
competitiveness and to achieve competitive victory, the purpose of rapid growth,
foster the development of customer-centric strategy, and on this basis Zhankai of
including judgments, choices, strive for, the development of He customers need to
keep the whole business process; an enterprise customer relationship focus, by Kai
Zhan Yan Jiu systematic of customers, through the optimization of enterprise 组织
Tiji and business processes and improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, increase
business efficiencies and profits Shuiping of Gongzuo practice; also business
relationship with clients in continuous improvement of all business processes, and
ultimately electronic, automated process operation objectives, the creation and use of
advanced information technology, hardware and software and the optimization of
management methods, solutions combined.
7, CRM Customer Relationship Management is the abbreviated form of the customer
relationship management. The main meaning of CRM is the customer detailed
information on in-depth analysis to increase customer satisfaction, thereby enhancing
the competitiveness of enterprises as a means. Customer relationship is occurring
around the customer life cycle and development of information Guiji. Customer
relationship management is the core of customer value management, through the
"one to one" marketing principles, to meet the different needs of
the value of individual customers, increase customer loyalty and retention, continue to
contribute value to customers, thus enhancing overall corporate profitability.
It is not just a software, which is the methodology, software and IT Capability, is the
business strategy.
In the country, began to pay attention when an enterprise customer relationship
management, they often also accompanied by a business process of adjustment, by
introducing advanced marketing management concepts, systems and processes can
draw automation tools, an enterprise's strategic goals.
Customer relationship management tool called the CRM software, to implement
certain risks, more than half of the enterprises in the implementation of the system
after a period of time the software shelf.
The focus from the software perspective, CRM software is divided into Operational,
Analytical two categories, of course, there are two equally important. Operational
more attention to business processes, information records, to provide convenient
operation and user-friendly interface; and analysis of a large number of enterprise
type are often based on daily data, the data mining analysis to identify customers,
products, services, features, and thus to amend business product strategy, marketing
The technical level, from the software, CRM software and hosting type is divided into
two types of preset type, how to address data security concerns, is a hosted CRM
biggest problem, how to convince a mature enterprise core data will be placed in the
enterprise can be controlled outside, is how far Hosted CRM focus.
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in the management philosophy
CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Customer Relationship Management, is
accompanied by the tide of the Internet and e-commerce into China. Oracle was
started two years ago in China, customer relationship management (CRM), market
education and popularization.
The earliest development of customer relationship management are the United States,
in the early 1980s, there so-called "contact management"
(Contact Management) for collecting customer contact with the company all the
information. To 1990 turned into a call center support, including data analysis,
customer care (Customer care).
From the perspective of management science to examine, from customer relationship
management (CRM) marketing theory; from the perspective of solution, customer
relationship management (CRM), is the marketing concept of scientific management
methods through the integration of information technology, software above, to the
popularity of the global large-scale and applications.
Marketing as an independent economic subject nearly a hundred years of history. In
recent decades, marketing theory and method has greatly promoted the development
of industry and commerce in Western countries, profoundly affect the
company's business concept and the way people live. In recent years, the
rapid development of information technology, marketing management and application
of universal ideas to open up a vast space. We see that information technology is
growing rapidly and expanding its function, is science fiction have been written with
the former way of thinking reasoning. In some respects, information technology,
intelligence is being replaced by human intelligence.
In CRM, the customer is an important asset of enterprises
In the traditional management and the existing financial system, only the plant,
equipment, cash, stocks, bonds and other asset. With the development of technology,
began to technology, and talent as a corporate asset. To every means of technology
and human resources emphasis. However, this concept of division of assets is a closed
loop, not open. Both traditional and fixed assets Theory or emerging talent and
technology assets of, the value of all enterprises can be realized part of the conditions,
but not entirely conditions, and its integral part is the product to achieve the final
stage of its value, also the most important stage, at this stage of the leader is the client.
In a product-centric business model to the customer-centric business model
transformation case, many companies began to customers as its important assets,
continued to take a variety of ways to implement the enterprise customer care to
improve customer satisfaction of the business and loyalty. We see the world more and
more companies make such a concept, such as: "what customers
think," "customer is God", "supreme
interests of its clients," "customer is always right"
and so on.
Customer care is the center of CRM
At the beginning, companies providing service to customers as a support for their
specific products. The reason is that some products require periodic repairs and
maintenance. For example, household appliances, computer, automotive and so on.
This customer service are largely considered to be an integral part of the product itself.
If there is no after-sale service, customers simply will not buy company products.
Who has done a good after-sales service company in its market on an upward trend.
Conversely, those who do not pay attention to after-sales service company whose
market is at a disadvantage.
Customer care through all aspects of marketing. Customer Care, including the
following areas: customer service (including product information to customers and
service recommendations, etc.), product quality (should conform to relevant standards
for customer use, to ensure safe and reliable), Quality of Service (refer to the process
of engagement with business customers experience), service (including after-sales
inquiries and complaints, as well as maintenance and repair).
Variable in all marketing, customer care attention to the different stages on the
transaction, creating a friendly, encouraging, and efficient atmosphere. Significance of
customer care the largest of the four actual marketing variables: product and service
(which is the core of customer care), communication, sales incentives and public
relations. CRM software for customer care module fully into the relevant marketing
variables which make customer care the very abstract issues through a series of
relevant indicators to measure, to facilitate timely adjustment of corporate strategy on
customer care, enabling customers to produce more enterprise high loyalty.
Customer Care aims to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty
Some very authoritative international research institutions, through in-depth
investigation and study were obtained after a number of conclusions that,
"to increase customer satisfaction by five percentage points, the result is
the company's profit doubled"; "a very satisfactory
Customer satisfaction with their purchase intention of a customer six times higher
than the ";" 2 / 3 from suppliers to customers because of their
care providers is not enough ";" 93% of the company CEO that
customer relationship management is the business success and more competitive and
the most important factor ";
As the product life cycle of business as customers is also a life-cycle. The more
long-term customer retention cycle, enterprises, the higher the relative return on
investment to the enterprise profits will be. So very, very important to retain
customers. What kind of customer retention, how to retain customers is the company
raised an important issue.
Thousands of enterprise customers, business customers so much they know about it?
Do not know customers can not distinguish between customers. What measures
should be taken to segment customers and customer segments should be taken on
what form of market activities, what level of care means that we can continue to
cultivate customer satisfaction, which is the face of traditional customer relationship
management challenge.
Application of the benefits of CRM to the enterprise
Successful application of CRM system, it will bring about a significant and
measurable benefits. U.S. independent IT market research firm ISM (Information
Systems Marketing) sustained application of 13-year follow-up study the impact of
CRM to the enterprise, the implementation of CRM by a large number of follow-up
survey of enterprises obtained a detailed and quantifiable benefits list, which CRM
system to prove that the funds, time, human input is justified.
1. The first three years in the implementation of the system, each sales
representative's total annual sales growth of at least 10%. Was able to
obtain such benefits, because the sales staff to improve work efficiency (for example:
more time to visit customers and the implementation strategy), more productive work
(for example: the sales staff more attention to valuable customers, a better
understanding of customer demand to improve the quality of their sales to visit).
2. In the implementation of the system's first three years, the general
marketing and administrative costs reduced by at least 5%. Because companies and
marketers can target customers more targeted release the information they need to
select channels of communication without having As previously, to a large number of
expensive print and distribute information to all existing and potential customers, as
the traditional way pertinence, necessarily extensive cultivation, high cost.
3. In the implementation of the system's first three years, is expected to
improve sales success rate of at least 5%. Because the sales staff the opportunity to
identify and choose more carefully when, early to give up the good opportunity to
concentrate on the chance that a high success rate.
4. In the application process, each business is worth at least 1% increase in profit
margins. As the salesperson can carefully select those customers more closely, these
customers the same discounts as the focus on value-oriented sales and the sales staff
tend to be less discount.
5. Customer satisfaction rate increased by at least 5%. Because those who can get the
information faster to customers, get a better service to customers and those willing to
build relationship marketing and sales officer was able to provide our customers feel
more satisfied.
Is based on measuring the benefits derived from:
1. Sales to customers every day reality of the time spent more - to ascertain the
interests, needs into account in calculating the daily sales service call phone or face to
face with the reality of the client contact time.
2. Sales representatives to pursue the improvement of the number of customers -
please remember that most sales representatives are more willing to call with real
customers, and develop relations with them. However, the future new customers are
increasing. To ascertain this, the need to calculate the per person, per week, monthly,
quarterly sales representative contact number of new and old customers.
3. Sales manager and customer contact and sales representatives on customer
problems and increase working hours together - training sales staff is crucial.
Managers seem to never have enough time. To ascertain this, sales managers need to
consider the calculation of daily contact with new customers and sales representatives
to discuss the time and the time for customer issues.
4. To increase customer service - Customer service is a leading company and those
who have not known companies identification. To ascertain this, the need to calculate
the time to solve customer service problems, and because the error message error
caused the number of customer service.
5. With customers and clients who expected to become the link in a timely manner
enhancements - to ascertain this, should be calculated and is expected to become
customers and customers who contact the interval of time and send the information to
give them the time interval.
6. Each sales representative for the increase in monthly income - as automation saves
a lot of time, in order to ensure that therefore can sell more effectively, careful
management is needed. However, increasing monthly income for each sales
representative is still the most important benefits of CRM. To this end, need to
calculate the monthly income of each representative than the increase in the basic
7. Overall performance improvement - ISM has worked in a company, sales manager
for CRM system based on the use of competition among the sales staff. The result is
amazing. Sales lead to healthy competition between the overall sales performance
improved significantly. To ascertain this, calculate the total sales force about the
increase in monthly sales.
8. Your company's name in your customers and clients were expected to be
in front of the frequency will increase - the so-called "Out of sight, out of
mind" is very detrimental to your sales efforts. Calculate what the sales
and marketing personnel to customers and clients were expected to be the number of
communications sent.
9. Increase customer satisfaction - to ascertain this, consider using a survey on
customer satisfaction ratings, and rating the results posted for all employees.
10. Increase communication within the company - with more staff devoted customers
and potential customers in the field of time, to ensure effective communication
between staff needs are increased. To ascertain this, can be solution to calculate the
local, regional and headquarters offices to provide and access information between the
time spent.
Customer Relationship Management Glossary
CRM (Customer Relationship Management), the customer relationship management.
This concept was originally proposed by the Gartner Group, and in the recently
popular in the enterprise e-commerce. CRM, the main implication is through detailed
information on the customer's in-depth analysis to increase customer
satisfaction, thereby enhancing the competitiveness of enterprises as a means, it
mainly contains the following aspects (short 7P): Customer Profile Fenxi (Profiling)
including the customer's level of risk, hobbies, habits, etc.;
Customer Loyalty (Persistency) means the customer a product or a business degree of
loyalty, persistence, changes, etc.;
Customer profitability analysis (Profitability) refers to different customers consume
the products of the edge of the profit, total profit, net profit, etc.;
Customer Performance (Performance) refer to different customers according to
consumer product categories, channels and sales division sales target location;
The future of our customers (Prospecting), including customer number, category, etc.
The future development trend means for the customer;
Customer product analysis (Product), including product design, relevance, supply
chain, etc.;
Customer sales analysis (Promotion), including advertising, publicity, promotions
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