All T4 slips you have received from employers during

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					Please print the following list and use it as a checklist for items to bring to us to complete your year end.

                                         Items Required                                                 Completed

    •   All T4 slips you have received from employers during the year

    •   All T5 slips (investment income) you have received from your bank, other
        financial institution, investment broker and/or lawyer

    •   All T3 slips (generally mutual funds) you have received from banks, other
        financial institutions, investment broker and/or lawyer.

    Note: these particular slips are not required to be printed until March 31 therefore if you
    have invested in any mutual funds for which you have not yet received a slip, please
    advise of this when you bring in your taxes
    •   All pension slips

    •   T4OAS for old age security

    •   T4AP      for Canada Pension Plan

    •   T4A       for other pensions

    •   All employment insurance (formerly UIC) income on form T4EI sent to you

    •   All RRSP income withdrawals on form T4RSP sent to you by the institution
        holding the RRSP

    •   All RRSP contribution receipts from your financial institution, insurance
        company and/or investment dealer

    •   All childcare receipts

    •   If you moved 40 kms closer to work, all moving expenses

    •   If you have rental properties, all rental income and expenses

    •   All investors statements with your summary of
            o investments sold in the year
            o investments purchased in the year
    •   Remember to include dates and dollar amounts

    •   Investors statements for all funds held outside RRSP’s
            copy of interest paid on any borrowed funds used to invest. A letter from your
            bank would be the preferred back up

            Summary of any business income for year

            Summary of any business expenses for the year with support

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