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					CTPM Total Productive Maintenance
Time and place: 25-26 April 2009 in Shenzhen
Training costs: 2000 yuan / person (including teaching fee, documentation fee, lunch)
Students object:
1. Company chairman, president, vice president of production, production director,
2. Equipment management engineers, equipment maintenance engineers, production
management engineer;
3. Director of cost and efficiency improvements, maintenance supervisor, plant
4. TPM promote the backbone, the backbone to promote lean production.
Course Description:
TPM originated in the U.S. "preventive security", after Japanese
expansion and innovation, the company formed a "comprehensive
production management" (Total Productive Management, TPM), and great
success in Japan, resulting in the implementation of the open parts of the world years.
Present, including Samsung, Lg, Ricoh, Procter & Gamble, Volvo, etc.,
thousands of companies around the world have successfully made into TPM and
shocking results.
Through training, students should master the following knowledge and abilities:
People, equipment, production management of harmony and unity;
For enterprises to achieve four objectives: 0 of disaster, failure 0-based,
non-performing 0-based, waste 0 of;
Modern equipment management to raise efficiency of equipments as the basic
objective of the implementation of TPM management is to achieve this goal more
mature management. The training in an effort to plant management and site
management system, learning and mastering the TPM management and the
methodology as the core content management for enterprises realize the
modernization of equipment, scientific and lay a solid foundation for sustainable
Course Outline:
Ⅰ. Successful innovation - TPM Introduction
TPM booming Status
TPM Definition and 8 pillar activities
TPM's 7 STEP system
TPM features and 3 big ideas
TPM's four major objectives and achievements
TPM into 12 stages
※ TPM success stories to share at home and abroad
● TPM key to the success of the production center
- The commencement of self-management TPM
The importance of self-management
Collaboration with the security operation
The relationship between waste and self-management
The basic conditions of readiness
Expand 7 STEP self-management
Operation of the quality of the
※ share examples of activities
● self-management the key to success
Ⅱ. TPM "0" STEP activities
TPM "0" STEP launch sequence
TPM "0" STEP to conduct a content
TPM "0" STEP method to carry out
TPM "0" STEP necessary tools
TPM "0" STEP essentials
Managers how to design a high standard of 5S
How to maintain a high standard of the results of 5S
Five Kanban Management effectiveness
Field exercises
Ⅲ. Visualize and visualize the order of
The principle of visual management
Visual Management Guidelines
Visual management techniques
Visual improvement in the management
Visual image to watch
Ⅳ. Unreasonable LIST excavation site inspection check points LIST
Check Category unreasonable LIST
How to design an unreasonable search management LIST CHECK SHEET
Do not unreasonable management LIST CHECK SHEET
Development of countermeasures and to develop maintenance management
benchmarking book
Lead instructor Description: Yue teacher
"(Machinery Manufacturing Economy double degree), graduate training
site management Korea, Korea Institute of TPM expert training KTPM business
graduate, known as the practical implementation of the first person to domestic TPM
Modern       electronic   equipment     and     Technology,     Shenzhen     Samsung
Telecommunications Department of Management Innovation, TPM Promotion Office
chief of South Korea KTPM member of the South China Telecommunications
Satellite classroom guest lecturer, visiting professor at Zhejiang University, MBA
class president, Korea Institute KTPM representative of China.
Main findings:
◇ Production Principles and practice of self-management manuals ◇ 90-day war
the limit cost challenges
◇ Visual Management Manual (a comprehensive visual management) ◇ QC 8
ingenious way
◇ ◇ office services more efficient manual safety innovation activities for 30 days
◇ ◇ new QCC group activities to improve the proposal
◇ TPM group activities, field manual and diagnostic system ◇ practice managers
◇ TPI target decomposition Management ◇ MP initial management of the
implementation of the Manual (Construction Supervision)
◇ ◇ hands-on implementation of zero-defect quality management 5S management
◇ ◇ restaurant equipment management practices TPM TPM
◇ ◇ TPM activities of the eight pillars of the Fifth Discipline staff
◇ full visual factory management
Directed into the plant part of the enterprise: Hisense Group, Cologne Group, Midea
Group, Skyworth Group, TISCO Group, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air
Conditioning, Great Wall Computer Shenzhen Enda circuit, Shenzhen Jinfeng
technology, full-ting day, and Kunming Shipbuilding, Samsung (Tianjin), Samsung
(Hungary), blessed technology, OCT property, Jiuxin Paper, Zhongshan Xinyi,
Jianlibao, is the sea group, Friends of furniture all in Chengdu, Dongguan star
electronics, Jiuxin tools, Guangzhou Cheng reached the footwear industry, Shanghai
VFD, Dongguan, injection molding machine, LK Machinery, Huaqiang Sanyo,
Wenzhou Huafeng Group, Dongfeng Liuzhou Motor, Kunming Iron and Liuzhou
Cigarette Zhejiang Huali, Ekou, Qiushuiyiren clothing, Shifu Te lighting, Changsha
intelligent machines, Changzhi power, Shunde Special Transformer, South Korea CJ
Biology, Kunming Shipbuilding, Shantou Ultrasonic PCB, Xi'an aerospace
engines, East master science and technology, East power transmission equipment,
aviation and two groups of 103 plants, Huawei Technologies, Midea Group, Chaoge
textiles, Hao grams of furniture, up to Robust, ultrasonic CCL, Shanghai Automotive,
China's oil, VTech Electronics, Founder Computer, Jilin ethanol, the world
into an electronic, Zhi Gao air conditioning, Valin air conditioning, Qingdao Beer,
beer dragon, Shanxi Province electricity, Hualian Porcelain, Dr. Rexroth Wuxi
Genencor John Crane Tianjin Science and Technology.

Registration】 【Meetings
1. Training cost: 2000 yuan / person (including training fees, handouts, etc.)
2. Registration Tel :0755-83813301 Fax :0755-83813302
3. Duty phone: 13632566840 Miss Li lily lee
4. Contact E-mail:
5. Registration: Phone Registration -> complete the application form
-> Training Confirmation Letter issued
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