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The School of Law postgraduate scholarships by rjj75795


									    The School of Law postgraduate scholarships:
               details and conditions

Stipend and Period of Appointment
Scholarships awarded to full-time research students by The School of Law for academic year
2009-2010 will vary in value. The exact value will be stipulated in any offer made to a successful

For Scholarships that will include an amount to be paid for maintenance as well as tuition fees,
the maintenance amount will be paid in quarterly instalments, after registration for a research
degree. As a full-time registered student, the maintenance stipend is not normally subject to tax.

Scholarships awarded by The School of Law will be for the period of one year initially. Awards
will be renewed for subsequent two years of the degree programme subject to satisfactory
progress, as confirmed by the supervisor(s) of the research student.

Criteria for awards
Applications for the Scholarships will be considered and awarded by the Research Committee of
The School of Law. Scholarship awards will be made on the basis of academic merit, research
potential and the ability to complete the project.

Applicants for the Scholarships offered by The School of Law must also have been made an offer
of a place on the to research (MPhil/PhD) degree programme in The School of Law by the time of
the application deadline.

Additional benefits
A research student in The School of Law will be allocated a shared workspace, a networked
computer and personal storage space in the School on request (to be made to The School of
Law’s Postgraduate Research Student Administration Office after registration).

Research students in The School of Law are allocated a yearly allowance of £40 for
photocopying. Those students who do not request to have their own workspace in the School will
additionally be allocated a yearly printing allowance of £40.

The School of Law offers its research students the opportunity to apply once a year for a
Research Support Award of £300. The Research Support Award is intended to offer additional
financial support to research students attending international conferences (usually in which the
student will be presenting a paper). The School of Law very much encourages applications for
this source of financial support, with applicants eligible to apply once registered as a research
student in the School.

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