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Author: O. Henry
Soapy fussy lie Madison Square bench, tossing and turning. When wild geese in the
night sky hoping for singing, the lack of seal fur woman double her
husband's gentle intimacy, cable than in the middle of the street on the park
bench restless, Fanlaifuqu, people will understand, winter just around the corner the.
A dead leaf fell on the thigh than cable, it is Jiekefuluo Baptist card. Jack, a
permanent resident of the Madison Square very polite, the advent of the first year, the
total Yaoda hello. At the crossroads, he card to the "outdoor
buildings" Messenger "north wind", so they have to
prepare residents.
Soapy realize their own determination of the time, the Finance Committee
immediately Single organization to resist the approaching cold, so he fussy tossing in
the bench.
Cable vision than the winter is not the highest, he did not want Cruise in the
Mediterranean, nor think of the South to the sun sun is sleeping, I did not think to
Vesuvius Bay adrift. He dreamed of as long as three months on the island to be
enough. A full three months, food to eat, a bed to sleep, there are like-minded partners,
and from "North Wind" and police harassment. Than on the
cable, this is thinking too of the greatest aspiration.
Over the years, hospitable Blackwell Island prison has been the cable home than in
winter. As good fortune than his ticket to New York each winter in Palm Beach and
Riviera, like cable than have to flee the island for the annual event to make some
necessary arrangements. Now it's time. Last night, he slept in the old
fountain in the square of the bench, with three Sunday newspapers were pad in my
jacket and ankle wrapped, covered thigh, failed to withstand the cold of the attack.
Thus, in his head, island son has an immediate and sharp images to emerge. He cursed
the name of those charities established urban poor people's generosity.
Cable than in the eyes of the law is more generous than the benefits. He can go to a
number of areas of a municipal-run relief agencies run a wide range of organizations,
he can go eat mixed, mixed live, just to get by, but to accept charity, the soul of the
Cable and proud than this one people speaking, is the unbearable torture. From the
hands of charitable organizations to accept any one benefit, the money certainly do
not pay, but you have to suffer the humiliation of the spirit to return. As Brutus Caesar
treated the same, everything 有利必有弊, to sleep on the bed charitable organizations,
served charge people to take a bath; eat a piece of bread charity, must first clear
picture of the origin and personal privacy. Therefore, it is better when a guest of the
law also much better. Although the law Untouchables, the rules, but at least not
unduly interfere with gentleman's private affairs.
Once decided to go on the island, claim it than to proceed immediately into reality. To
fulfill his wishes, there are many simple ways, the most comfortable luxury of a
restaurant than to eat one, then, admit that he has no money, unable to pay, so they
quietly and without fanfare been handed over to police. All the rest up by the
discussion on the magistrate to deal with.
Soapy left his bench, Duochu Square, Broadway and Fifth Avenue across the
intersection of the flat patch of asphalt paved road. He turned to Broadway Avenue, in
a brightly-lit cafe stop, where the grapes accumulate every night, and the protoplasm
of the best silk products.
Cable than to his vest under a button from the above said confidently, he had facial
repair, coat also has enough style, his neat black tie is Thanksgiving, a woman gave
him the church. Prior to the dinner table is not as long as he was suspicious of the
success belongs to him. His upper body exposed on the desktop will not let the waiter
suspicious. Cable than thought, a roasted duck is easily describe - again a bottle of
Chablis, then camembe cheese, a small cup of black coffee and a cigar. 1 U.S. dollar a
cigar is sufficient. All told, the price should not be too high to avoid being too severe
retaliation cafe; However, to make him eat the dinner trip to the winter shelter
contented, carefree of.
However, the cable has just entered the door than the feet, head waiters eyes would
fall on the broken his old pants and shoes on. Strong Xunji pushed his palms were
turned quietly escorted out onto the sidewalk, to save his arm and narrowly escaped
the fate of the poor duck behind the atrocities.
Soapy left Broadway. It appears that by eat a coveted pass to the island, this approach
is not work. To go to jail, have to another think coming.
In the corner of Sixth Avenue, brightly lit, compact plate-glass window display of
goods within a particular attractive attention. Soapy picked up a pebble, go to the
windows smashed. It turns swiftly: from, the lead is a police officer. Soapy stood
motionless standing, hands in his pants pocket, smiling in front of brass buttons.
"Where is the man that ran it?" Police officers angrily asked.
"You do not order this thing with me about it?" Sobey said the
number of somewhat sarcastic tone, but very friendly and orthogonal with luck with
the opposite sex as he does.
Police did not treat as criminals than the target cable. Who destroyed the window will
not stay at the scene and the law of minions and chatted with him slip away long ago
friends. See half the street outside the police have a personal drive a car is ran, then
waving the baton and caught up. Soapy felt this was hate, only shuffling and re-start
wandering. Once again, he miscalculated.
Across the street, there is a less visible, the restaurant, it can fill the stomach, and
spent much money. Bowl with its rough, the air is poor, soup Danru water, napkins
thin silk. Cable is a curse than wearing shoes that exposed the identity of the pants
and stepped into the restaurant, God bless, have not been looked down upon. He went
to sit at the table, eating a steak, pancakes, fried bread circle and pie. He then candidly
reveal the truth to the waiter: he never exchanges the money master.
"Now, Kuaiqu Jiao police," Sobey said. "Do not let
the gentleman waiting."
"Do not look for the police," the waiter said, creamy voice was
like butter cakes and an eye as if Manhattan was an aperitif of the cherry.
"Well, Ah Kam!"
2 waiter neatly pushed him hard, cold pavement, the left ear the ground. Soapy bit by
bit difficult to climb from the ground up, as if folding ruler to open as a carpenter,
then Paidiao clothes dust. Arrested a desire to just dream, that child is too far away
island. Pharmacy before the two doors apart, stood a police, he smiled, then walked
down the street.
Soapy walked five blocks later, to arrest the gas is back. This is an extremely rare
opportunity arise, he thought almost certain miles. A dress simple but likable young
woman stood before the window, stare at the full display of interest in the shaving cup
and inkstand into the fan. The two yards, a big guy leaning on the police tap on, and
looked serious.
Soapy plan is to dress up as a nasty, nasty "troublemaker." The
object of his elegant and refined, there are a dedicated police officers in sight, which
made him to believe that the police's hands grabbed his Shoubang how
pleasant the taste of Ah, the island's small comfort zone through the Winter
will be guaranteed.
Cable than the righting of the church ladies gave him a bow tie, pull the shirt cuff to
pull, the hat later Yixian, crooked that he almost came down, sideways Xiangna
women suffer will be the last. He glances at her, clear voice, hum ha ha, Xipixiaolian,
the little hooligans are doing all the despicable acts performing too lifelike. He looked
askance and saw that the police are tightly fixed on him. Young women a few steps
away, then indulge in watching that shave Cup. Cable than with the past and boldly
approached her, and cited his hat, said: "Ah, Bideliya, you do not want my
yard to play it?"
Police are still tightly pegged. By the light of the young woman who simply Shouyi
Zhao, equivalent to have to travel to the island comfort zone. In imagination, he has
felt the comfort and warmth police station was. Young woman turned and faced him,
holding out a hand, caught Soapy's coat sleeve.
"Certainly, Mike," she cheerfully said, "If you are
willing to spend money to buy me a beer, then. Either the police old Chouzhu I
already spoke to you sooner with."
Young women like ivy clings to the big oak tree as he was. Soapy walked from the
police side, endless mind dejected. It seems predestined, he of the free.
One to turn, he cast off the companion and ran. His breath went to a place far away.
Here, night lights are the brightest, the most relaxed mood, the most reckless oath and
the most light opera. Ladies were dressed in furs, gentlemen dressed in overcoats, in
this biting cold of joy in walking. Soapy felt a sudden fear, may be a terrible fall upon
his magic to make him exempt from arrest. That idea made him tremble with fear. But
when he saw a policeman in front of the lights in the theater in a big way on patrol, he
immediately groan of "disturbing public order" is only for
life-saving straw.
Cable side-track than on the sidewalk that Poluo like voice, the same as drunken
He jumped, You Hou, also known to do all kinds of tricks to disturb the sky.
Police spinning his baton, twisting with his back to Soapy, to every citizen explained:
"This is a Yale boy celebrating victory in their game with the Hartford
Institute ball, make people eat a big goose egg . the sound is a bit large, but no harm.
We have instructions on the peak, so that they go downtown. "
Soapy unhappy in vain to stop the trouble shouted. Do not the police that he would
never start with it? In his dream, the island seems to be elusive that Arcadia has. He
buttoned his thin coat to ward off the biting wind.
Soapy cigar shop to see one dressed man opposite attempting cigarette lighter. Man
into the shop, the silk umbrella by the door. Soapy stepped into the shop, pick up the
umbrella and carelessly back out. People rushed out to recover the cigarette lighter.
"My umbrella," he snapped.
"Oh, is it?" Soapy sneered; the thief feel on top of a small touch,
coupled with an insult to the crime of it. "Well, why do not you call the
police? Yes, I took. Your umbrella! Why do not you call a cop? Corner there stands
one mile."
Silk umbrella slowed down the owner, cable has followed more than slowed down.
He had a hunch, fate would once again be the same against him. The policeman
looked at the two of them curiously.
"Certainly," said the master silk umbrella, "that is, oh,
you know sometimes this kind misunderstanding ... ... ... ... If this umbrella I was you,
I hope you'll excuse ... ... I picked this morning in the dining room of ... ...
If you recognize that you, then ... ... I hope you do not ... ... "
"Of course I am," the cable said than fiercely.
Silk umbrella of former owner moodily back toward him. The policeman ran Chanfu
panic too happy to wear evening dress a cloak, a tall woman with golden hair through
the side streets to avoid approaching the street two blocks outside the car and touched
her will.
Soapy walked eastward through a rugged due to renovation of the street confused. His
towering rage to suddenly throw the silk umbrella into a pit. He was muttering to
complain about those who wear helmets and armed with batons guy. Arrested because
he was obsessed with the idea, and they are never wrong happens to him as king.
Finally, the cable than to the street to the east, here the lights dim, noisy voices
Ruoyouruowu. He walked down the street to Madison Square, even though his home
is a park bench, but the instinct to go home or take him to get there.
However, in an unusually quiet corner, cable than stopped. Here is an old church, look
quaint, and chaotically, is a building with a gable. Soft lavender light through the
window mapping out, no doubt, is the organist at Lianshu Sunday's hymns.
Sweet music floated cable than the ears, appealed to him, he stuck to the iron railing
of the spiral rod.
The moon in the night sky high above, shining, stood still; few pedestrians and
vehicles; outside our house sparrow chirp few more words in their sleep - in the
moment like the village atmosphere of the churchyard. Organist playing the hymn
struck a pole fell on bars than the chord of cable, because when he has a maternal love
life, roses, ambitions, friends and the purity and innocence of thought and white collar,
he is very familiar with the hymn.
Soapy the sensitive feelings of the old church with the subtle blend together, so that
his soul lurches violently to the wonderful changes. He immediately awakened to the
horror that they have plunged into the abyss, the fallen years, shame, lust, despair,
poor intelligence was exhausted, motivation despicable - all constitute the whole of
his life.
All of a sudden, this new realm of thought that he excited. An Xunji and strong
impulse inspired him to face the frustrations of her life. He wanted to turn himself
dragged out mud, he would conquer his demons once control. Time is not yet late, he
was comparatively young, he wanted to reproduce the then ambitious and determined
to achieve it. Organ's solemn and sweet tone in his heart has caused a
revolution. Tomorrow, look for a job he was going to dry the bustling business district.
A fur importer had once made him the driver, tomorrow to find him, and took over
this assignment. He is willing to be a temporary figure Xuanhe. He should ... ...
Soapy felt a hand upon his arm. He HUO Di turn your back, and saw a police wide
"What are you doing here ah?" Asked the policeman.
"Nothing," Sobey said.
"Then come with me," said the policeman.
The next morning, police court judge announced: "The Blackwell Island,
three months."

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