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									Cooperation Agreement template text messaging
Cooperation Agreement template text messaging

Party :_________(_________ network http://www._________)
Company B :_________
SMS platform for the use of public rental housing to _________, Qiuzu, office plant
rental and resale shops to buy, sell such inquiry service, enhance mutual
benefits ,_________( hereinafter referred to as Party A) and _________ (hereinafter
referred to B), the spirit of friendly cooperation, mutual benefit, friendly consultation
by both parties, decided to _________( Party) of _________ network platform to
provide rental housing, Qiuzu, office plant rental and second-hand shops house to buy,
sell mobile phone inquiries such as Short Message Service, and reached the following
First, co-number
PHS Telecom Mobile :_________; Unicom :_________; :_________。
Second, the rights and obligations of both parties
(1) Data processing:
Party building, maintaining good _________ rental network web site dedicated to
updating the content, so the attractiveness of the content, management, and safeguard
data, provide to Party B is responsible for real-time real-time data. Provide Internet
users ? See the network access information.
Party A Party B to provide integrated data network to provide Internet users view the
information channel and SMS channels, to achieve the following SMS features: the
general public view the contents of _________ Net, you can phone, send the co-PHS
number, get cell phone and the PHS to return the SMS message to check the
availability and the housing needs of those who provided contact telephone number
and brief message.
(2) the authenticity and legality:
Party responsible for site construction, renovation, and is responsible for the
authenticity of website content and false information against illegal content.
Party with the fight against illegal and false information.
(3) Web site and promotional messages
Party responsible for the site promotion business, but do not constitute the necessary
Party on the content of propaganda message, but does not constitute the necessary
(4) sites and SMS consulting and after-sales service
Party responsible for _________ network technology solutions services. Party is not
responsible for SMS services and its work. But the Party has on the text messages
Meeting and correction to the right.
Party B is responsible for the content of the SMS service cooperative work. Party B is
not responsible for the site construction, maintenance work, but B has the right of the
site and the correction to the proposal.
(5) co-ownership of objects and data
, During the period, Party A shall then data and other domestic operations sp providers.
Party A Party _________ rental network owned by all.
B network with other housing information to cooperate. Party B then the data may not
be used for other profitable projects.
(6) payment and messaging platform title
Party B has the obligation to pay; Party B has the technology platform upgrade,
maintenance obligations, but does not constitute the necessary duties. SMS B B
platform are the property of all.
Party the right to make payments to the rights of Party B, Party B the right to request
co-operation between the two sides issued a "mobile value-added
services," the detailed service statistics reporting obligations and Mobile,
China Unicom, telecom billing list. Party on the issue statements and Count
inventories, except under the force majeure. However, Party A Party B issued
information requests, to give a reasonable explanation and answer. Party shall not
SMS related technology platforms and units to any other person leaks.
3, Party B free rental server and data management methods and Party B license name
and license number B Regulations
(A) Party B server and data free lease principles: Party will include data on its Web
site free of charge at the B server, storage, trading relations, and does not constitute
transfer of ownership relations, the sole purpose of the feasibility of bilateral technical
(B) Party B free lease data management methods:
(1), during the period, Party B site specifically for catalog and enough space left.
Party B is responsible for server anti-virus and maintenance upgrades.
(2), during the period, Party B will provide network access for web page updates.
(3) Party can maintain the confidentiality of their data, the backup job. Party on the
Party's personal website on intellectual property protection. However,
except for bilateral cooperation in the data. Party in the privacy of their own data,
backup, server B can not invade, and peep in any business and confidential technical
(4) Party B shall not be altered without Party permission to remove and use
_________ rental network content and data. Otherwise, Party B damages the
corresponding economic loss.
(5) B conditions Disclaimer: As a powerful hacking, fire, earthquakes, political unrest
and other irresistible factors, B is not responsible for the economic loss to the Party
and responsibilities.
(C) authorize Party B "_________ Company "name and license
number icp Regulations
(1) the scope of authorized B :_________ net, only for the purpose of the title Party
_________ network and network management.
(2) Party names must _________ line marked as "the person in
charge", and affirming the person in charge to play as the contents of
sub-laws to bring criminal and economic disputes.
(3) Party A shall then "_________ Company "name and icp
license number for the other, the resulting dispute is not responsible for B and B
corresponding economic loss compensation.
Fourth, income distribution
Revenue income is divided into Mobile, China Unicom, PHS plate. Approach
proceeds divided according to income ratio.
(1) Information rate :_________ RMB / section; monthly users _________ / month
Article (_________).
(2) into income ratio: Both parties cooperate on the actual revenue generated by the
project, net of fees and charges on behalf of operators, the Party 50%, 50% B, each
for taxes and other charges, the final amount of revenue to mobile , China Unicom,
telecommunications subject to Party B's settlement list.
(3) Settlement date: the end of the month
V. Cooperation period
_________ Years _________ months from the date until _________ _________
_________ years _________ months ended, if no objections after the expiry of the
two sides, then continue to renew the cooperation agreement. Agreement for a
minimum of one year.
6, Disclaimer and other responsibilities
(A) of the Party's exemption application
Disclaimer: By carefully identifying, still unable to identify the authenticity of the
content, but should make a Disclaimer on the site; website attacked by hackers. SMS
B takes legal dispute Party is responsible not help.
(B) Party B Disclaimer
(1) SMS: quality of the user of the phone itself, the phone does not support Chinese
characters, wireless network access failure, due to attacks by hackers Party website.
(2) charges: Mobile, China Unicom, telecom billing system delay, error.
(3) Service: Phone failure of marriage counseling service, illness, travel, rest and so
cause the transition in the time interval of service problems.
(4) earthquake and other natural disasters, riots and political unrest, fire and other
accidents result SMS platform hardware, network and other problems.
(5) Party website legal disputes (limited to site the authenticity and legality) of the
Company not help Party B is responsible.
7, breach of contract and agreement to lift the handle
Non-compliance: In the second part ? "Rights and obligations of both
parties" and in the third part of the "Party B free rental server
and data management methods and Party B license name and license number B
Regulations "and the fourth part of the" income distribution
"on the other serious non-profit situation and the emergence of illegal,
constitutes a breach of contract.
Breach of contract processing: The two sides have the same right to cancel the
agreement, such as to cause a certain amount of responsibility for each other and the
economic losses, should compensate the other party to take remedial measures and the
corresponding economic loss. Found cases of serious breaches, both sides have the
right to refuse to provide such data, network access and icp license number, text
messaging platform and other tough measures. However, measures taken, should
inform the other party one week in advance.
Terminating the deal: If there is no breach of contract situation, but the intention to lift
one another, should inform the other four months in advance, otherwise the economic
compensation by the unauthorized party to cancel the agreement.
8, matters not covered in this Agreement, the principle of equality and mutual benefit
both parties through consultation.
Party A (seal ):_________ Party B (Stamp ):_________ company
(Signature ):_________ (signature ):_________
Phone :_________ Phone :_________
Fax :_________ Fax :_________
_________ _________ In ____ month ____ day ____ month ____ day on
Signed signed :_________ Location Location :_________
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