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Navigation feel a long night, the clouds outside the windows, at the foot of the sea are
hidden in the darkness, the stars only occasionally accompany this lonely iron birds,
but also light our journey of learning. I think maybe that is the Big Dipper. Most
people fell asleep, perhaps only for sleeping like. I there are always difficult to sleep,
perhaps too many, we close together, always makes a vague sense of oppression, but
also too chaotic or Xusi Xu had to keep the music listener machine seems to mind or
not quiet, and can not quiet to accept all. The total length of the night sky is really
difficult to understand, the number of Han Xing lonely chlamydia through the
Dong Fang Yuxiao when, after a tough night journey of the passengers face life a little
bloom. Close to Sydney airport, and to face a small test, fill out immigration report
card. As the shortage of English, do not understand the exact meaning of some of the
elements; in Jiashang Bijiao strict laws in Australia, right immigration articles of
Xianzhihenduo, hesitated a moment Mo Show; and because we in Australia Tingliu
very long time to bring a lot of daily necessities, Before the law in accordance with
Australia despite rigorous screening of the items, but still not sure on some articles.
Some discussion, no conclusion. In fact, compared to the Australian Customs Service
or the people-centered, for sure, you may rest choose uncertain option, which means
you go the red channel, face random checks, if it forbids the common items (such as
ham , and some allowed to bring immigrants), it is generally detained for trouble, but
can quickly access the green channel, but may also be subject to inspection, if found
to limit items have high risk of fines. (Restricted item list) later in Western Australia
was reading the report, said a settlement of Chinese people in Australia 10 years love
the father of Chinese ham ham bring some food from China, customs officials upon
entry to the show initiative situation, officials sympathetic to his situation, but still
detained according to law ham, also paid tribute to his honest behavior, be was made
the legal and human unity. See here, think their choice of the boundary, not only
But even though there was no such experience, but the actual occurrence of a
gentleman, for your sincerity of. Honest nature, or make sure your options are still
selected, their self-confidence, honesty may also impressed officials of the red
channel, see your hard at work ready to unlock the bag, actually saw wave released at
random, of course, provided that they have to honest, law-abiding citizens. Later, on
the understanding of Australia found in Australia Faith plays a very important position,
is very respected by the people's personal qualities, but also determines
personal life, career, self-cultivation aspects, buy a house, rent, loan, etc. You should
see credit history, arrears will have very little credit history, dishonest person rebuffed
In Australia there are many encouraging examples of honesty, then we are ready to
return home and stay in Sydney a few days, the kind of tour guide gave us about his
own real experience. During the first vote in Australia, he is in Hong Kong on holiday
and comes during the SARS epidemic, did not go to the Australian Government set up
a polling station in Hong Kong. Back to Australia after the agency received a letter
from him three choices. First, the court; the second is a reasonable explanation; Third,
accept the fine, he then sent a reply letter to them, tell them, At that time, during the
SARS epidemic, to his wife, children's health and safety, he chose not to
vote . Soon received a reply, the Electoral Commission officials believe that the
reasons for his reasonable penalty exemption, also paid tribute to his honest behavior,
and that he was the right choice. Have shown that some universal values has also been
recognition of the East and West, we advocate is one of the eight wing honest, can be
described as mind in about that.
9 am Sydney time, down to earth with the Australian land. An old and young
continent, familiar and unfamiliar land. Know from the books long ago Australia was
"riding on the sheep's back country", as well as the
prestigious Sydney Opera House. Standing on this land, or the feeling of this country
know very little. Since we are only here to stay 8 hours, waiting for the flight to fly
Western Australia, near the airport can only glance at the exotic. Airport is very clean,
very modern, service attentive and polite, turbulent atmosphere of city traffic sense,
perhaps the shadow floating light stroke, and no very special feeling, we return to
Shiyou passed up here, three days of contact feeling really is the implication of
international culture and modern city atmosphere, elegant and unique atmosphere,
originality of the plan, impressive.
Wanted to use this short time to see the sea, a question originally had nearly an hour
away from here, were dropped and continue to wait at the airport. At the information
desk, when we used broken English with a female staff member pure conversation,
thought she willingly let us direct that the original Chinese, we then rushes to its
attack, warm in heart, home of the most pro-people, time seems off too fast. Here
from time to time hear the authentic dialect, terminal gate, several Air Staff sitting
next to us rest, we took the initiative to exchange pleasant conversation, they asked
our tour price, take a warm invitation to return Southern Airlines passenger.
When we stepped out of dragging heavy luggage Perth Airport, Western Australia,
also reached the purpose of our study places. Business School Xu Yuanzhang and
Australia Friendship Association, Mr. Allen has been waiting a long time, Xu
Yuanzhang speak perfect Mandarin so that we feel at home, Mr. Allen was driving a
car with a trailer and luggage sent to our hotel, we shake hands unless, after six
months of each other and forged a profound friendship, and constantly touched our
hearts. Even when we fly back Perth airport last glimpse porthole, a sincere friend,
Xiuwaihuizhong, the atmosphere, elegant Paz for their tears.
       2, first met Western Australia
Western Australia has the world's most beautiful beaches and coastline,
coastlines, surrounded almost the entire Island. The beach is part of life in Western
Australia. Western Australia's north is the charming Indian Ocean,
spectacular marine life, endless white sand beaches and warm turquoise waters,
spectacular, rugged northwest region of ancient landscapes, you can experience
through time and space feeling.
Pass in the west coast of Australia, is the capital of Western Australia. Quietly as a
bright pearl in the Indian Ocean lie the embrace of the Mediterranean-style climate to
make its spring eyeful lush green trees and fields are green, like being back garden,
clean the road in the sea breeze blowing all day the Buddha, the present plain do Cang
shallow reef color, spotless clean, fresh feast for the eyes, read the best waves as the
sailors, highlighting deep, atmospheric style; unique construction, slope, tile, white
walls and an independent compound, vigil along the road, set off at full homes thicket
of trees and flowers and good garden a coastal city.

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