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600 213 Yaxing in the Nov. 10, Nov. 25, Dec. 3 closing out a three volume can be
almost equal Yang Xian, a three-day closing price constantly on the move,
respectively, 2.88,3.11,3.26, I 12 buy 8 to 332 months, 110% profit,
3, three line level volume calorimeter
This is yet another volume to first-line shape, in three consecutive trading days, the
main force to control the volume level in the same, while the stock price has moved in
on. I did not do this stock, so do not keep K line graph, we can open the K line graph
to see.
600 718 Neusoft Group on January 22, 23, February 2 out of three straight revenue
amount equal to almost three Yang Xian, closing price, respectively 12.18,13.27,13.93,
if the February 3 to intervene stocks, you can profit by 25%


Yi Yang tactics (9 )------ amount of pit tactics

The trend in the stock, we often find some of the stocks in the released quantity is an
ability, and the immeasurable down, and then La Huidao immeasurable amount of
energy platform in the vicinity, Er Gu Jia lowest point quantity can also Tongbu
reduced Dao minimum, forming a volume of pits, This is the main form of funds Xi
Pan, when Xi Pan breakthrough capacity to the end of platform, is the best buying
The concept of amount of pit tactics: reduce the amount of synchronization can occur
after the amplification, the amount and price of the end of Bottom into resonance.
Volume hole resonance occurs, that the main force for the planned Xi Pan, planned
Xipan the main, funding for the main advantages of such a quantity of pit
breakthrough platform is fast sniper point. Here are my tactics according to the
amount pit, buy two shares.
000,151 of the shares into the November 18, closing out a huge amount of turnover
reached 13.18% of the Yin Xian, in the closing price the day of the formation of a
volume of 4.12 to platform, and then began to decrease shrinkage, decrease after two
waves, in December 29 saw the adjusted low of 3.37, turnover is also simultaneously
reduced to 0.77%, the amount appeared in resonance with the price, and then back to
platform near limitless, January 22 strong unit volume up to break 4.12 platform, I
bought 4.16, 25% of profits,


The operation amount of pit tactics in mind, the low amount of energy must be
formed and the price of resonance.
Yi Yang tactics (10 )------ tactics high-volume column

High-volume and quantity of column tactics to break through and decision-making
platform overcast volume difference is that high levels of columns in K shown as a
line graph or crossing a particularly large amount of volume to be able to line
mutation of K, then the rising process, always does not exceed the amount of
high-volume column can be formed when the amount of energy platform in the
amount of traffic to the performance form was isolated, indicating a high degree of
control disk main funds, which have some of the gains the stock later.
1, Yang Xian-chu, high volume
600064 Nanjing Hi-Tech, in January 16 and 19 to close out the two huge amount of
Yang Xian, Yang Xian single day, the day before reached 4 times the amount of
energy, and 11.48 and 12.03 in the form of two calorimeter platform I was up in
January 19 to 11.93 to buy a 30% profit


Second, high-volume column Yinxian
GRG 002 152 11 12, closing out a massive amount of 4.49% turnover Yinxian, the
day before the date of turnover is 7 times, and the formation of a volume of 21.5 yuan
to platform, I January 22.25 14 to buy 40% of profits

Yi Yang tactics (11 )------ step tactics
Map in the K line often see such a trend, that is, the amount released to form a
quantity of stock to platform, I begin to pullback, started climbing up again after the
heavy volume of traffic to form a new platform, again callback, but callback rate fell
to the first volume can only platform Department, on the rebound, and a breakthrough
platform for the formation of the second volume to form upside, this is the meaning of
the ladder Yang tactics heavy volume in the form, here are the two main callback
funds planned Xi Pan, when the stock can break through the second volume platform
is the best sniping points short.
000 026 FIYTA income in the October 30 11.9% out of a big turnover Yang Xian, the
day up 9.02 percent at 4.47 yuan to the formation of the first volume of a platform and
then start the callback, the lowest point reached by more than 385 callback 10%,
adjusted to 3.85 recover, and can break volume of 4.47 yuan platform and 1 Dec.
turnover once again received a more than 12% of the Changyang, the formation of the
second volume in the 5.30 yuan can be a platform for 10 December hand rate of over
12% again to close out the roots and start a small Yangxian callback, only adjusted to
4.71 yuan while being supported, once again upside, I 7 January to 5.35 yuan to buy,
in the February 4 again in 6.15 Yuan jiacang buy 40% of average earnings
Yi Yang tactics (12 )----- operating time

Kai Shao Yiyang methods of operation time, disk time, and only the profit to buy
1, the operation time
Yi Yang tactics because all of the buying points, all after the break in the amount of
energy platform, so retail investors, the operating time should be selected in the index
rise, the best time to buy two:
(A) the end of a downtrend, the index start up when the anti-body.
(B) the index broke the 20-day moving average, 20-day moving average began to
move upward from the down time.
Chose this time because the decline in the index, the stock price tends to form a false
break, then chase the main funds easily confused by false break, fall into the trap of
long, resulting in the loss.
Investors more sensitive to the disk can appear in the index was down when
short-term hot spots in the hot plate in the operation, such as the 2008 stock decline,
the emergence of the agricultural sections, the Disney concept of a strong earthquake
relief stocks in both plate is the short quantity can rapidly enlarge to form a quantity
of energy platform, then break up, out of the very substantial gains.
Second, the timing of the master disk to buy
Platform capacity can be formed, not all of the stock will break up, so be sure to pay
attention to buy, a breakthrough the day should be more than 3% increase, the amount
can not be too low, intraday stock price must be above the average price in Japan .
Time-sharing plan in the following two lines, white line is the price of the day, the
yellow line is on the average price line, white line of breaking the day must be run
over the yellow line, if the stock price above the average price down from the day
below day average price line, rebound average price up by the Japanese line
suppression, are often false breakout. The best time to buy that day on the average
price is close to the line, so you can buy at a relatively lower price, of course, if the
upward move up quickly after opening, but with a large foot the bill, they may
consider chasing.
Third, only the profit stop
In stock action, no one can be 100% successful, so be sure to set stop-loss buy,
meaning sun stop teacher given 3%, I used to stop the operation closing price is below
the amount of energy platform for the next day, the amount can not back platform, to
stop out. Earnings only for profit, Yiyang Teachers are doing only three antennas
profit points to close below the three antennas on only the profit, gain too high for the
stock, meaning that teachers use the sun two days closing price fell 7% in the high
The following only the profit out. I operate sometimes shares rose particularly profit
by 10% only.
When the air volume and price quote - stock analysis
xuntong125 amount of price space - the analysis of stock
1 price
Can be seen from the sort, 'price' is the first of the four elements,
which include the following meanings:
1) First is the inherent value of individual stocks, it involves fundamental analysis,
because the price of individual stocks is ultimately determined by its fundamentals.
But here to emphasize that the value of investment in individual stocks and not simply
to present the results of Heroes, results only represent the past, but not tell the future,
the price and value are two different concepts. The equity investment in the future of
art exactly. When good results when stocks are often already ahead of the market
speculation, the price reached its all-time high, and its performance will continue to
do to maintain it? This requires well considered, carefully conducted industry analysis,
financial analysis, in general, to maintain long-term, high-growth stocks is very small,
mostly gathered in monopoly industries, special resource industries, for. Domestic and
foreign listed companies in the current context of financial fraud common to conduct
financial analysis to a professional standard Caixing.
2) followed by the individual stock prices in the market price system currently in
place. We can market all of the stock price roughly divided into high-priced areas, in
the area and the low price area. We aim to see what stock is currently in place, from
the probability point of view, the current share price, the lower target, it increases the
greater the space.
3) the control objectives related to trade individual stocks to trade stocks with the
price of distribution, to see the location of target stocks and, of course, even with the
industry's own individual stocks often very different, specific analysis to
specific circumstances.
4) the history of the control target price of their stocks stocks current location, this one
can say is the most important technical analysis itself is based on historical experience,
we reached a conclusion on the probability but not necessarily, the most important
historical experience Of course, from individual stocks themselves. Generally
speaking, stocks from its own current record high prices, the recent high of more
distant, it increases the greater the probability of natural, but once the breakthrough
record high, it also shows that individual stock or a fundamental change in market
conditions, to adjust inherent understanding of the individual stocks time.

  ?2, volume
  ?Analysis of the volume is second only to price analysis, in fact, as a short-term
movement of market prices, even more than the value of trading volume of price
analysis, Why? Because many times behavior of the market is not fully rational, the
stock price fluctuations around the fluctuations in the value of the stock itself, but not
limited to the value of their shares, stock trading, and not only now but also the future,
because of this a characteristic only of the shares so touching charm. Especially in
emerging markets such as ours, the stock price artificially strong sense of control, but
we need to increase the volume of attention. Because the recognition of a price or not,
needs to be reflected transactions:
 1) when the market price higher degree of approval often smaller volume. The
smaller the volume, the more likely to become the bottom of the sign, but it requires
the observation units to determine the recent adjustment, of course, the larger the
volume adjustment reduced the more reliable, but there is a premise here, the price at
this time must stop new low.
 2) when the market price the greater the differences, the volume often continue to
enlarge or sudden enlarge. Substantially enlarged volume usually occurs in three
locations: the market price through low shrinkage sideways and overturned, the break
up of key prices, the rise after a certain time after the trigger market sell-off. The
heavy volume of these three positions is iconic, easy to grasp, but other locations are
mostly heavy volume wire fraud, to be cautiously treated. In general, the volume, the
more main activity of which can explain the market, and our task is to observe the
price movement after the volumes of the direction and intensity analysis of the pros
and cons and make decisions in our favor.

3 pm
Time is also a technical analysis of the important factors to be considered, because:
1) when the market price movement in a region to maintain longer, then the market
will be more focused on the cost price of the region, when the effective break up or
down when the price range, the greater the significance of it. The so-called
'horizontal how long, how high vertical' is mean, and similarly,
how long horizontal, downward, then will be how deep.
2) When the stocks fell less time spent, and sharper, indicating the adequacy of the
power stocks fell, after a brief rebound will continue to bottom. But here again the
analysis in the circumstances to observe the stage of the stocks down, if the rapid
decline in the early fall, so should avoid the main; However, if the stocks have gone
through rain Yindie, the re-emergence of the acceleration collapse, is often an
important sign of the bottom will occur, this time amplified if the reverse
phenomenon of the huge volume, most cases are short-term dark horse no doubt.
3) When the stocks rose less time spent, but the larger gains, it is the future nature and
speed of adjustment should also be greater, but the fundamental factor here to
consider changes in individual stocks. In general, the strong Always the Winner, so
the stock will always give investors enough time to escape, but at this time to closely
monitor the volume change, if there is more than 25% of daily turnover, or immediate
withdrawal, to keep must bear the fruits of victory, after all, fat has been eaten, the
remaining bones Slag point, leaving no harm to others. If stocks rise sharply after the
volume has no significant, or even after a large volume of low turnover often high, the
unit hopes to become a long-term Ushimata great.
4) stocks up or down on the way, the longer it takes, the smaller the price fluctuations
are often a symbol of the stock is not active, and its subsequent fall or rise in most
cases the process will be relatively slow, and up, down a small degree, to change this
situation occurs almost only the sudden increase in volume can be achieved.
4, empty
Air is that prices may rise or fall in the space:
1) to analyze the stock price up or down first historical reference to a record high
price and the lowest, and to the golden section to verify the theoretical.
2) When the individual stock prices hit a record high or low, the need to
re-understanding of the stock.
3) individual stocks short-term ups and downs of space can refer to the
stock's recent form, and to form the basis of theoretical analysis. Generally
speaking, high and low points will be important to constitute a resistance and support.
4) the accumulation of volume is also on the stock position of great influence, with
special attention to the location of sudden increase in volume and price promotion on
the direction and promotion speed.
5) The moving average line system for the share price, to attract, support and
resistance role of attraction in the price system, the farther from the moving average
when the more effective, and support the role of resistance in the stock price
adjustment, the more effective the greater the time. This is the price ups and downs of
space to judge an important tool.

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