Introduction to MS Access 2007 by rjj75795


									                            Introduction to MS Access 2007

Starting Out

   −   What is Microsoft Access?
   −   Basic Terminology
   −   Opening Microsoft Access
   −   Interface Overview
   −   Closing Microsoft Access

Using the Getting Started Window

   −   Overview of the Window
   −   Navigating Through the Window
   −   Creating a Database from a Template
   −   Creating a Blank Database

Using the Quick Access Toolbar

   −   About the Default Buttons
   −   Adding Buttons
   −   Removing Buttons
   −   Customizing the Toolbar

First Steps

   −   Planning a Database
   −   Creating a Database from a Template
   −   Creating a Blank Database
   −   Using Database Objects
   −   Setting Navigation Options

About Records

   −   What is a Record?
   −   Navigation Tips
   −   Adding Records
   −   Editing Records
   −   Deleting Records
   −   Printing Records
Creating a Table

   −   About Tables
   −   Creating a Table
   −   Entering Data into a Table
   −   Formatting a Table

Customizing Tables

   −   Understanding Field Properties
   −   Adding a Primary Key to a Table
   −   Indexing a Field
   −   Inserting, Deleting, and Moving Fields
   −   Importing a Table from another Source

Formatting Tables

   −   Formatting Number Fields
   −   Formatting Text Fields
   −   Adding Field Descriptions
   −   Changing Field Data Types
   −   Adding Captions

Controlling Table Data Entry

   −   Setting a Default Value
   −   Setting a Required Value
   −   Creating and Using Input Masks
   −   Creating and Removing Table Relationships

Referential Integrity

   −   Using the Relationships View and Ribbon
   −   Types of Relationships
   −   Establishing Referential Integrity
   −   Enforcing Referential Integrity
   −   Testing Referential Integrity
   −   Using Cascade Delete and Cascade Update
Managing Table Data Entry

   −   Using the Table Design Ribbon
   −   How to Validate Data
   −   Creating a Lookup Field
   −   Modifying a Lookup Field
   −   Creating a Value List
   −   Modifying a Value List

Creating Queries

   −   What is a Query?
   −   Creating a Query with the Wizard
   −   Using Design View to Modify a Query
   −   Using Queries

Basic Queries

   −   Review of Queries
   −   Creating a Query
   −   Sorting a Query
   −   Filtering a Query
   −   Hiding Fields
   −   Using AND OR Operators
   −   Use of IIF Functions

Multiple Table Queries

   −   Creating a Multiple Table Query
   −   Creating a Calculated Field
   −   Using the Expression Builder
   −   Using Queries to Summarize

Advanced Queries

   −   Creating a Parameter Query
   −   Using Parameter Queries
   −   Creating Crosstab Queries
   −   Using Crosstab Queries
   −   Using Make-Table Queries
Management (Action) Queries

   − Append Queries
   − Delete Queries
   − Update Queries

Sorting and Filtering Data

   −   Using Find and Replace
   −   Sort Ascending or Descending
   −   Toggling Filter
   −   Using Selection Sort
   −   Using Advanced Sort

Viewing Data

   −   Using the View Menu
   −   Using the View Icons
   −   Using the Tabs
   −   Closing Individual Tabs

Printing a Database Object

   −   Using the Quick Print Icon
   −   Using the Print Menu
   −   Using Print Preview
   −   Using the Print Preview Ribbon

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