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Congratulations Jinjiang


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									Congratulations Jinjiang
A hot spot in the region continue to write the legend, Chinese legend.
Ding Wu number listed, which is a listed Jinjiang after following the Anta private
First set foot on the hot city, 2004. See a county-level city rolling wave of the brand to
do, learn from the boom, virtually severely infected, wrote "terrible city,
crazy boss" "hot Jinjiang," such as a report and put
forward the "Jinjiang Secrets of the Past" "Jinjiang
enterprises to how far" question. Cause strong repercussions in the local.
Now, five years later, this land is still hot, but then the passion still slightly jerky
business has now become an important force in sporting goods ind ustry, and connect
to the successful listing, which is the local government of Jinjiang strategic planning
and active support (early Three years ago, the local government has proposed listing
on the slogan) of the results, but also Jinjiang enterprises to the inevitable result of
working hard and learning.
July 2007, Jinjiang's leading company Anta successfully listed in Hong
Kong, was 33 times earnings, raising funds of more than 30 billion Hong Kong
dollars, greatly encouraged by the enthusiasm o f Jinjiang listed companies. However,
the subsequent downturn in the domestic stock market and the global financial crisis
spread to many programs listed companies hesitate Zhu Jinjiang not before, in June
2008, special-step listing of the international break through the barrier, despite
spokesman Nicholas cheer came to the scene, special steps Listing
"debut" or poor performance, the stock closed at yesterday to
3.79 Hong Kong dollars, than the issue price of 4.05 Hong Kong dollars shrink
Into 2009, despite the current global economy is still by the fans, but the stubborn
Jinjiang people still forward, 361 degree re-writing the successful listing of the
Jinjiang business legend.
In 2004, I and Mr. Ye met with the person, not a good speech, but the eyes Shining.
He listened to Mr. Ye inflammatory conditions say that almost do not speak.
In recent years, the development of 361 degrees made an amazing, Jinjiang
enterprises in this region has been fairly healthy ecosystem, Jinjiang torrent still
bravely forward.
Congratulations Anta Ding Zhizhong, congratulations No. 361 Wu Ding degree.
Jinjiang hot
Text / correspondents to China
Jinjiang's highlights were some incredibly awkward.
In this piece only 649.32 square kilometers of land, even CCTV south for 3
consecutive years worked tirelessly, media promotion will be held here.
Here the experts held lectures, training courses all hot. If all of a sudden, there broke
out a learning boom, attracted scholars from various quarters after another, preaching,
Tuition, FAQ.
Here's enterprises may be a pop star with addiction, the stars lined up to
here is almost coming. From the sport's Wang Nan, Fu Mingxia, Liu
Guoliang, Sun Jihai, Li Yongbo, to the entertainment of Nicholas Tse, F4, Edison
Chen, Louis Koo, Andy Lau, Chow Yun Fat, Jet Li, etc ... ... these stars exert all
efforts for their respective brand endorsement beating the drums.
Just a few years, Jinjiang seems to run out at once, but the effort also blinked, it was
hot. Many business full steam ahead, toward the market, forming a powerful
momentum. Jinjiang is definitely hot spot.
Brand stream: disdain for the world
No wonder, in 2003, Jinjiang enterprises CCTV ads cost, advertising revenues
accounted for CCTV 1 / 10, while the CCTV sports channel is Jinjiang become a
"shoe channel."
Jinjiang why so crazy on celebrity advertising, could there be crazy Why?
Jinjiang actually quite rational, they know what they are doing. Jinjiang people in the
huge advertising investment, and good advertising effect. As the largest production
base of shoes, Jinjiang footwear industry in a few short years, the birth of a dozen
national brands, the brand grow at an alarming rate. For example, the three companies
by the domestic Hing Sports brand "XTEP special step", since
the market started to get a "China Top Brand", in just over a
Why are so unswervingly follow the Jinjiang Group business branding?
In the past, Jinjiang's products have been called it "made little
foreign goods." The so-called "domestic small foreign
goods", that is, people with Jinjiang Overseas Chinese's location
and well- informed information, modeled on Hong Kong and Taiwan and foreign
products " 依 葫 芦 画 瓢 " in the seller's market
economy, coupled with a relatively closed environment of the mainland, Jinjiang
products have rage. However, with the formation of a buyer's market, and
China continues to open, "small foreign goods" gradually lost
its appeal to consumers, Jinjiang enterprises passed their prime.
At the same time, the same pair of shoes, as the foreign trademark affixed,
immediately multiply in value, while the producers can only earn a meager processing
fees. This fact let the business owners Jinjiang greatly stimulated. Not willing to
depend on others Jinjiang entrepreneurs eager to nurture their own brands.
Anta has become a pioneer. In 1999, Anta was hired as the world table tennis
champion Kong Linghui the image of the brand spokesman, greatly enhanced the
Anta greatly stimulated the rapid rise of Jinjiang's business owners, for a
time they have to follow Anta. At the same time, Jinjiang people rely on overseas
markets the financial crisis and weak demand. So since 2000, unwilling to
"passive" the size of the shoe companies have to follow Anta,
Sharu domestic market. At this point the competitive focus on access road
construction, compared with the performance of foreign-based ad campaign.
"Star + CCTV 5 sets of" propaganda model into market success
and failure. From sports stars to pop stars, celebrities from the mainland to Hong
Kong stars, corporate catch- me, put an advertisement than a large, densely these ads
appear on television, outdoor billboards and other types of media together into a
powerful brand torrent, powerful impact on people's eyes.
Just a few years, Jinjiang, there were five well-known trademarks in China and the
Chinese title of famous brand enterprises, 21 enterprises were state inspection
products, in 2003, business, industry and aroused strong reactions (related to a
detailed report, please note "brand articles").
In the reflection of Guangdong Shoes
Ten pairs of shoes in the world, manufactured in China accounts for six; every 10
pairs of shoes in China, Guangdong production of its five; the world one person every
three to wear shoes in Guangdong. However, compared to the development of the
footwear industry in Guangdong is facing a very severe situation.
From the last century 80's, the footwear industry by virtue of processing
trade in Guangdong advantage as the center of Dongguan in the Pearl River Delta to
the formation of a large shoe industry with annual output of nearly 3 billion pairs,
accounting for 60% of national output. However, Guangdong&a mp;#39;s footwear
exports, nearly such advertisements by processing trade "OEM"
exports,     the     only      footwear     industry    in    Shenzhen,   Guangdong
"Belle," a brand was named China Top Brand!
Experts pointed out that the shoes of processing trade in Guangdong
"OEM" export-oriented, well-known lack of own brand,
business is difficult to further improve their competitiveness.
Talent flow: magnetic field effect
ANTA 2000, came to the Miss Hu Zhonghui earlier CCTV reporter, talking about the
boss here, she s feelings: "This boss is very hard, have ambition, ambitious,
and keen with the Pearl River Delta as OEM business process by different foreign is
that companies here eager to build their own brand, and now love to learn.
Jinjiang bosses tend to read only primary or junior high school. "No
victories" is a Taiwanese saying. However, now they are very much
believe in the words, love to fight outside of Canada, "Learning will
Lee Lang (Fujian) Co., Ltd. General Manager Liang-Star Fashion in learning can be
called "crazy", he learning at all costs. He often said that the
sentence is: "If they can learn things to others can provide
Jinjiang entrepreneurs learn not only their own addiction, but a subordinate active
learning. Even more valuable, they often share with each other, Hubanghuxue, talk
about their experiences together and organized exchanges, today to help you organize
a meeting of managers come to me tomorrow, I organized a group of people to learn
from you there.
Learning culture in the formation of one hand the reality facing pressure from
companies - in the rapid growth experienced in general, the enterprises are facing the
further development of the confusion, on the other hand due to an opportunity.
September 2003, Jinjiang City and Peking University jointly launched the
"CEO Seminar", party secretary Gong Qinggai personally led
training of 48 entrepreneurs to learn.
"We are also concerned that these companies had big brothers who will not
comply with discipline, can not persist down." Specific organization of the
activities of personnel exchanges, Jinjiang City, director of the Center Su Yanhui said,
"At first some of the boss really is holding a two-day stay Try the attitude,
but in fact, very few of these students leave. Later, as Anta, 9 livestock Wang, Xun
Xing, Xpress, Sheng Hui also called for home owners such as brothers, their children,
company executives flying to Beijing to attend, the peak taught in seven 80 people,
even the aisles were filled. "
As the 7-day schedule is very tight, some customary habit of sleeping until noon or
lunch break the veterans had to force himself by taking sleeping pills to bed earlier, to
the classroom as their primary focus, as in the interaction of time fighting for the
chance to ask questions.
"Peking University for us to open another one door o f wisdom, let us see
more, larger platform." Fujian Yake Food Co., Ltd. General Manager
Chen-day award so far on this event grateful.
Jinjiang people who have "not lose the input array", the event
has inspired their enthusiasm for learning. Jinjiang talent exchange centers capitalize
on the trend, the demand for entrepreneurs to continuously employ well-known
scholars to give lectures, the latest and most advanced business ideas into Jinjiang.
Since last year, the experts further escalation of the Academy lectures (expert) big
lecture hall and intelligence forum, held annually in the first half and second half of
the first, entrepreneurs, listening tickets become common practice.
"Education can only represent the past, learning to be representative of the
future, continuous learning is the core source of competitiveness." Trousers
sales year after ranking first in the nine-Mu Wang Group Chairman Lin Congying said.
Last year, he participated in the "Beijing University class
president," learning, general manager and vice president this year, also sent
to participate.
These crazy driving entrepreneurs to learn the entire Jinjiang intelligence flow, and
the formation of large magnetic field effect. "A long time, what to do here
flow? A talent, a Chilean. Jinjiang this place so there is no location advantage,
resource advantages, but talent flow, intellectual flow, wisdom flow." Chen
concluded that days prize.
Business Flow world: people come Jinjiang
"In the past, Cantonese, Wenzhou play a leading role when the people
across the country are active in Jinjiang, figure, when they are learning to observe.
And now, star turn of the Jinjiang people." Jinjiang no secret of a business
community Their ambition and confidence.
To the footwear industry, for example, currently in the region more than 3,000
shoe- making enterprises, with 10 million yuan more than 250 above-scale enterprises,
of which nearly 30 companies over 100 million yuan, 60% of products sold in
international markets, is the system an important base for shoes and sports shoes
major international tourist origin. Accessories from shoes, shoe tree, shoe soles, heels,
shoes lining, light bulbs, rubber mixing, blow molding to packing boxes, are
professional manufacturers, Jinjiang, a social division of labor, self-supporting group
collaboration integrated production has truly become a "Chinese Shoes
In the recently concluded sixth China (Jinjiang) Shoes Fair, Italy, the United States,
Japan, Korea and other 40 countries (regions) and more than 20 domestic provinces
and cities in more than 15,000 industry gathering in Jinjiang, passenger traffic up
more than 70,000 people, 4.17 billion yuan contract transactions. Jinjiang in the Expo
brand and international brand contests.
Jinjiang brand products have begun to roam in the international market. According to
statistics, the city has nearly 100 enterprises in Russia, Eastern Europe, the Middle
East, South Africa, set up more than 50 countries and regions, more than 200 offices
and sales outlets.
June 2003, Jinjiang shoes professional market "Jinjiang Street"
in the EU countries, the Hungarian central Asia Center. In this street, there are six
Jinjiang brand, all-doing sports shoes, they are: Anta, Sam Hing, globe, Philharmonic,
Buick, Always the Winner.
In the domestic market, is active in the figures of 100,000 people in Jinjiang. Anta
shoes, nine grazing Wang trousers, jackets 7 Wolf, Yasuji music sanitary napkins,
tissue paper heart with India, SBS Zipper, kiss shrimp, French fries and crown Fuyuan
star cloth hood over 10 brands such as similar products in the country's
share of the market tops first in the country.
90 in the last century, first in Guangdong businessmen "Northern
Expedition", followed by radiation Quartet Wenzhou goods, while Jinjiang
Civil war is now. Even more frightening is the rise in Jinjiang, not individual
enterprises, but one by one industry group!
Jinjiang six industrial clusters
Industrial clusters is closely linked to large industrial enterprises and relevant support
agencies in the gathering space and form a specialized division of labor, industry or
product support, frequent flow of information and knowledge, sharing of
infrastructure and marketing network of business cooperation and competition system.
After the formation of industrial clusters, tend to greatly enhance the agglomeration of
production factors on the attractiveness of the region, thereby enhancing the overall
competitiveness of industrial clusters.
At present the formation of industrial clusters in Jinjiang, a larger cluster size, or
product in the domestic market share of higher industrial clusters have six, they are
competitive in the market area of the traditional processing and manufacturing
industries stand out, showing the strong competition strength and vitality.
1. Footwear (see article reports).
2. Textile and garment industry. Jinjiang existing more than 3,000 textile and garment
enterprises, over 10 million yuan of annual output value of 233, over more than 30
billion yuan. Chinese Famous Brand 2 (SBS, 7 wolves), a Chinese brand (Qipai). 9
Mu Wang trousers known as "the first pants." In 2003, the
production of underwear known town of Shenzhen and Shanghai was awarded the
"China underwear town" title. In addition, it has Hua Min, Xun
Xing, Yu Ying, Bin Hui and some other well-known clothing manufacturers of raw
materials to form a relatively complete industrial chain.
3. Architectural ceramics. 680 existing enterprises, annual production value of 7.0
billion. Production outside the wall of which 65% of the national total, glazed tiles are
basically monopolized the national market. Ceramics Jinjiang one of four major
production bases across the country.
4. System umbrella. Concentrated in the East Stone Town. 80% of exports of finished
umbrella to more than 100 countries on five continents and regions, exports rank first
in the global market share of 38%.
5. The food industry. Annual production value of nearly 30 billion yuan, accounting
for half of total output value of food in Fujian Province. Including candy production
accounts for 18% of the country, Jinjiang City, this was the "National Food
strong city" title.
6. Toys. Concentrated in the area Anhai. Annual production value of nearly 20 billion
yuan, and Shanghai, Guangdong Chenghai saying toy production base.
"Terrible" city "crazy" boss
Text / correspondents to China
It is these business owners Ganpin, love spell, the spirit and relentless pursuit of
Competition, has made of the eternal vitality of Jinjiang engine.
"This is a terrible city."
"This is a terrible city." Half past 4 am, Mr. Ye open the curtains,
looked out the window light is still overflow Summer Falling Star, he issued a
heartfelt sigh, "It seems crazy to every business in the brand, each
company learn at home are crazy, Jinjiang really a fertile land. "
Mr. Ye is a well-known experts in the marketing plan, from the earliest service Qipai
clothing, to help Yake V9 is now in the rapid rise of more than one year alone, he had
already served four Jinjiang customers, so he assessment here is " fertile
soil "is appropriate. Although Mr. Ye do not believe that corporate
branding Jinjiang great research value, but he was this piece of land to attract active.
"These are entrepreneurs who have a fascinating quality, they have
boldness, courage, confidence, born with business in mind, but they often Baotuan
trying to conquer each other maneuvers, they hard-working, ambitious."
He so evaluation.
Jinjiang's hard work and perseverance really amazing, they were called
"people who can not sleep." Lang Lee Liang-star boss said:
"People are very passionate people here described, Jinjiang people are
crazy, all of them can not sleep."
"We do not feel a day security."
Is more than two in the morning, and the boss of Chen Tian Ya-off award after talking
with reporters, days, not without pride in their business area's new film to
see the commercials - this is a main shoot led by the Zhou Xun's new
Olympics ad film.
He would leave at 5 o'clock, 8 o'clock flight to catch flight to
Beijing. He said that if It's over, he would come back that night.
"I belong to those who own the tough, so I asked staff, we are the people
who work for fun." Chen-day award said, "We do not want
early access to retirement centers, we have to fight."
While relying Yake V9 became a hit last year, sales turned up several times, but Chen
would like to get more awards day is a crisis. "We are insecure person,
every moment has a strong sense of crisis, the better the more afraid you do wrong
things, because once an error on the wrong badly."
"We do not feel safe day. Because of the development of foreign
counterparts 100 years, they have gone through a lot of great crisis, defeat, war, and
all sorts of uncertainties. We did not even failures, success has not been successful to
accumulation of the experience, so our most painful is that across the 100 years of
history. "
In this regard, a good friend Lee Chen-day award Lang's boss Liang-Star
observant: "Yake up now though, but the Jinjiang, Qua nzhou, the food
industry began to stir. Success but make it more clear."
"Positive living", Liu Yong Jin
In Jinjiang, such as Chen Tian Award has a strong sense of crisis in the hard work
almost everywhere. Liang-Star is often a kind of waits for no sense of crisis:
"I often feel that they are standing on the edge of a cliff, because we have
had some success, but also have failed before, so now more a sense of urgency. If Lee
Lang developed rapidly in the past several years to improve up, up next is even more
difficult. "
He cited an example, like ads, do so now more and more enterprises, the more stars
the more, please, in the past invested one million yuan can get significant results, and
now will have to invest several million dollars will be have the effect as before.
Study also growing competition, the business owners in general education Jinjiang is
not high, some know- how to realize the main on its own. But now, they are kept on
such a crazy study has directly affected the enterprise culture. Anta Miss Hu originally
from Beijing, has just begun do not want to come here, but here for a long time, was
deeply infected with this atmosphere, and then return to Beijing but some can not
stand on, and some lost. "Between entrepreneurs here, between the
enterprise, are learning." She exclaimed, "This is a suitable
place to work."
Here is a paradise for adventurers. In the interview, just a few days, it's
deeply felt. These companies appear Jinjiang formed by a group of lunatics, they can
endure hardship, hard work, they do not lack wisdom, cause they work for the happy,
they seem never-ending quest is to win, constantly to win the final to win. Chen-day
award with the words they are "the survival of a group of active
"A person's stage of development of different, not the same
realm. Like us, have 10 million yuan, 100 million yuan, or 10 billion business, we
merely different figures. Why do we have to strive and work hard? Is to be accepted
by the community. This is our values. "
Liang Wang's remarks revealed the Jinjiang Star brand Clusters real driving
force: it is these business owners their Ganpin, love spell, Competition and sweeping
into the spirit of unremitting pursuit of the eternal vitality created Jinjiang engine.
Perhaps the evaluation of the outside world always makes such as smoke and mirrors.
Let us approached them and listen to how they see themse lves, see Jinjiang, and
thinking about their enterprises. We believe that if you listen carefully, you will
discover a wealth of life on them own wisdom and wise philosophy. Although they
still have many shortcomings and deficiencies, but they did in active learning, in
fighting hard, despite the many enterprises in Jinjiang will disappear over time, but it
shares the spirit of Jinjiang people will eventually come together and strong torrent,
more enterprises will continue to push forward.
Liang-Star: Honesty side to be accomplished
Why is the Jinjiang?
Why do successful companies Jinjiang? Mainly people's culture and spirit
of Jinjiang. In knowledge, culture, and other cities than here, but why would so many
brand Jinjiang? To answer this question can not be divorced from Jinjiang culture.
Jinjiang enterprises all over the world are now looking for talent, but there are a lot of
professional managers is not going to stay here. On the surface a bit more harm than
good, but Jinjiang is to consolidate the advantages of such a culture, we can not lose
our edge stuff, this is our values and spiritual - while absorbing new blood, new blood
must share our values and culture Otherwise, we would rather not.
There is one Ganpin Jinjiang, studious, and innovative. 90% of the world's
people are to enjoy life, and we are enjoying career. Jinjiang early as 100 years ago on
abroad and everywhere in business, forming a business culture. Jinjiang, a kind of
unyielding spirit of the people are not willing to wage and willing to be the boss.
Faith-based side to be accomplished
One stage of the development of different, realm are not the same. Why do some
companies have done much everyone still strive and work hard? Is to be accepted by
the community. This staff figured out the honest, not worthwhile to do things that are
immoral, or you will stay no less than people, will be difficult to achieve great
So I want to change our corporate culture, one word: sincerity. And not just a slogan,
but also to fully understand the whole company, transforming the company and each
employee's action guide rod. As my office hanging on the wall saying:
"popular bidder market." Only "honesty"
really is good business. In good faith treatment of employees, customers and
consumers, which may suffer from short term, but in the long run to maximize the
harvest to you.
Culture is not a day can be formed, and to instill a long time to learn day by day.
Cultural unity, and to mobilize all wisdom, so that all people can not sleep, you can
feel a sleep. Of course, I could not sleep for others can take incentive method, the
method of personality, the system approach. In short, the focus of the different stages
of promotion are not the same.
Want everyone to severe
Internal management of the family system, we believe it should carry forward the
courage to speak of culture. One person is not a good thing, sometimes you want
something more without more, do not get things more easily. We say Ganpin outside
to stimulate all the potential, but internally, especially within the family, to win
support for their own personality, to have the ability and charisma - that is to be
naturally formed, not by authority of the pressure out of .
Family system as long as the property clear there are still many advantages. Such
advantage is that we can work together to fight father and son soldiers, as long as the
system perfect, smooth mechanism, family systems what wrong with that? As to
whether the smooth implementation of them, in fact, this is not a problem unique to
between brothers. For example, the manager who will have the same problems.
A boss to do is humble, dare to face the reality, good at summing up its own
advantages and error, there is no problem. A person's character determines
his fate. You can not just give you a powerful person, want everyone to severe
Good adventure, good at "conversion"
Enterprises to take a certain risk is worth it. As long as business owners know that it is
worthwhile to know your business is not ready, or blind ads will be dangerous to vote.
On the other hand, we want to unconventional development, should be either under
normal play, reverse thinking, we should not read a lot of people, or people are likely
to succeed, and how can you copy?
I like to look for opportunities to give enterprises extraordinary development, it does
taste a little gambling. We are also not successful, we have a great ideal Jinjiang
business, not just want to earn some money, otherwise it can not now form a chain,
and brand Clusters. Sure is to shuffle the future, this industry every year in the shuffle.
But competition is always a good thing, Jinjiang brand cluster is a good thing, if not
Pepsi Cola competition, it will develop so fast? Impossible.
I have learned is that the boss is to be good at conversion. I have to think about when
watching television business things, the things in life. Enterprises at different stages,
the role of the boss can change is the key. Transfer, however, he'd be
finished. Enterprise development to a certain stage we must to set strategy,
accomplish them, rather than stare details, this time can not be both a coach when the
player has had.
Chen Tian Award: mind the most important
Brand of no return, is a Red Shoes
I think the pop star is the lowest cost transmission. I'm 10 Zhou Xun as a
beautiful woman, as seen Yake think Zhou Xun in the lead on the lens, so not to lower
the cost down and spread it?
Please star in question, at least as reflected in Jinjiang enterprises is a positive attitude
towards life, this is a good thing. It reflects the good Jinjiang enterprises to better
think about doing a good attitude.
Enterprises to build brands is of no return, it is a red shoes, put on jump the way it
should die, but do not have a global brand can escape this. From Pepsi, Coca-Cola of
view, advertising is not a little wrong, but one thing, celebrities, advertising, planning
is the key.
Please so many stars is not very blind? Seems. But I have not heard of advertising to
make a star of death, but rather heard about a home business is dying, but after doing
the advertising has done extremely well, even the addition of six production lines.
The face of true self, Baotuan conquer the world
Survive in the pressure is good. Well-known companies here every day, so everyone
wanted to do good, so woven together by enterprises in Jinjiang city. No victories
were originally Jinjiang, now with learning will win.
Jinjiang is more respect for our technology. Heard a talent we all try to steal, have a
professor to lecture everyone is willing to talk with him. So, the mentality of a good
boss here. I often review the meandering paths, while subordinates are in the
following listen to me. Say such things out of nothing I am sorry, this is our business
Jinjiang a spirit and attitude. Courage to face the truth, this attitude is very important.
We often help each other between. I said I would like to invite sports stars Li Yongbo,
360 Sports Goods Co., once the small total call immediately to Yongbo. We wish each
other well with each other, not just their most cattle, so that other people have to die
Success comes from the accumulation of the future needs of science
Business here is very stable, not how much further to the goal, not all day like a gun
and red, we do not take such a risky move. Jinjiang enterprises often accumulated
some time, and then began to explode, and then accumulated, and then detonated, step
by step, the root kizha very stable.
Sometimes success can be replicated, and sometimes can not be copied. Now we are
increasingly cautious, not to say silly detonated about a case, successful, companies
began to crazy, no! We are a more rational enterprise. Enterprises must first believe in
science, V9 serves decent product can not be after the next serves decent? To
investigate, there must be data. Yake V9 just to get a ticket, it does not call success,
the brand is not always successful.
Enterprises like car driving on the highway, general manager of a driver, must not
sleep. Open to the highway if you go to sleep after the car does not crash strange!
Enterprise          "Enterprise"                 is         a         word
"person", who had no one to remove companies. So who is the
first factor, people-oriented, to train people, it is more difficult.
Significant waste of money, or success of the project important?
I usually still very shrewd man, but in the last push Yake V9 has only one goal in
mind, that is to ensure the success of the project. Some people say that we wasted
some money, advertising playing aggravation. But you say that was a waste of money,
important, or rivals to win important? Like war, is an important few people die, or win
a major? This is a strategic issue. Our strategy is to win, to ensure the success of the
project to ensure that the main objective to achieve, or can not be achieved all other

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