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           Has never been as busy as yesterday, has never been as tired as yesterday.
Whole day, the pace did not stop. Not want to stop, but go too fast, inertia 使然.
Seems completely contrary to the information in a well-meaning advice - Alert small
details ruin your health: hungry only to eat, drink until thirsty, tired, rested, sleepy and
went to bed, anxious to be discharged.
           Feeling of fatigue is not something one or two days, and busy giving me the
pleasure to enrich. Rapid pace can often make life easier, so I do not have more time
to consider life in numerous confused and difficult. I love it, used to the rhythm. But
just yesterday, I have to admit, I'm tired.
           9 am to return from Yingkou, 11-point home, busy mom to honor her father
with a meal to accompany the commitment. Mom to accompany her father until 1:30
lunch, send them my way home, a tired feeling hit over the whole body, upper and
lower eyelids stop the fighting. I know this is the night before and our students
badminton class president and his party played in the late Yingkou results. Be happy
the day before did not replace today's fatigue. I strongly hold the name of
the spirit of the steering wheel, thinking to myself that we must find time to look good
rest, to their own physical point of electric charge. However, a timetable and not live
in the eyes flicker: 3:40 to send the son of makeup; 5:40 then her son; 6:30 to send his
son to play; 7:30 staff received training class; 9:00 pick her son . None of the things I
can give up, I promise I have the responsibility I have to complete all of the schedule,
but each can have a moment's hesitation.
           ?What is gratifying is that I like about completed all the arrangements. Here
most of my mentioning that I take my staff in the end of the day "to build
Wolf team training camp" training, I and the company's human
resources manager for a small P holding flowers standing in front of them and each of
them embracing personal passion, when once again my heart was touched. See their
moist eyes, tears of excitement, I choked up, I want to say I want each of you with a
sincere hug. Feeling, is beyond words to express. When the sales department of the
LIU office to share with you, I was invited to stand on the stage, looking at the
audience of staff, could not help the issue of own voice: "This scene deeply
touched me, because I also experienced This baptism of the soul. Today, I gave up at
home watching the Olympics closing ceremony of the time, gave up playing time with
his son came among you. because I know you spent a meaningful life extraordinary
two-day, as if through the impact of numerous depths of the soul to experience the life
of countless moved to accept the feeling, so this moment I have to be with you. Many
times in life choices, thank you chose the Hyatt chose me . Today, I solemnly promise,
in the coming days, I will cherish more you pay, thank you for your choice, whether it
is bitter sweet that we come together, I love you! "I am excited about the
choking of the words complete, although some incoherent, but their expression in the
answer and certainly I have seen. Looked at them without a weathered face, further
strengthened the company to enlarge and strengthen the faith, have their company, the
company will go solid and long-term, I have such a positive hard-working team pride.
           Threw himself on the bed, the time is already 10:30, and physical fatigue
can not stop the excitement, I still immersed in the day's busy and

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