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									College in

  ?As the Ministry of Education and Shanghai directly under and build into the
"211 Project" of the national key university, Shanghai
International Studies University has a comprehensive post-secondary, undergraduate,
graduate, adult education, online education, students, and all of the teaching system
and research institutes. Available under the English Language Institute, the
International Trade Administration, Journalism and Communications, Japan cultural
Economics, Law, Oriental Language Institute, Western Language Institute, the
International Cultural Exchange Institute of International Education, Russian
Department, College of Translation, Graduate Division, Celebrities such as economic
Humanities Department. The school has 26 undergraduate majors (English, Russian,
German, French, Spanish, Arabic, Japanese, Persian, Korean, Thai, Portuguese, Greek,
Italian, foreign language, international economy and trade, finance, law, international
politics, educational technology, journalism, radio and television journalism,
advertising, information management and information systems, business
administration, accounting, Chinese language), 19 master's degree (in
English Language and Literature, Russian Language Literature, French Language and
Literature, German Language and Literature, Japanese Language and Literature,
Spanish Language and Literature, Arabic Language and Literature, Foreign
Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, Comparative Literature and World Literature,
international relations, international trade, science, business management, educational
technology Journalism, European language literature, Linguistics and Applied
Linguistics, Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature, Diplomacy, and
translation studies), and nine doctorates, one a doctoral, a postdoctoral , a National
Humanities and social science research base, a national non-universal language
undergraduate training base, 2 national key disciplines (English, Russian) and the
three key disciplines of Shanghai (English, Russian, Arabic). At present, the school a
total of more than 1,100 graduate students, more than 5,300 undergraduates, more
than 1,000 junior college students, more than 900 students.
  ?On the outside of highly personalized and feature departments. Among them, the
English assumed the Shanghai Institute of English test counseling and a variety of
scoring, as well as the Shanghai government contractors part of the activities of
various major international conference and translation work. Administered by the
College attaches great importance to students at school to participate in social practice
and academic activities over the past four years, with 15 students to go to 瑞士圣伽
伦 students to participate in the World Economic Forum. The new Academy of
Sciences JCWIN magazine comes as the mass outside of the most influential, the
largest circulation of student publications. Japanese Culture School of Economics in
similar professions and disciplines, teaching and scientific research significantly, a
Japanese training talents in Shanghai and the country's main bases. Western
School of Greek language is the only undergraduate teaching in China language,
Spanish, Italian and Portuguese are also unique in Shanghai undergraduate teaching
language. In short, the foreign departments, the scenery is fine!

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