Coffee Coffee After return to Nanchang and slowly re adapt to by fdjerue7eeu


After return to Nanchang, and slowly re-adapt to life in the past few years is the
development of the best years of Nanchang, economic development, social progress,
human nature is changing. Similarly, in the past few years is the most important in my
life a few years, the age of bigger, in the open field of vision, experience increasing,
gradually sharpening concentric calm. City and people like the two curves intersect
when once again, the need to understand, slowly close again to find common ground.
Perhaps my character has joined the Guangxi's simple, handsome;
Chengdu sly, laid-back; Xinjiang prompt, and the atmosphere. Environment easy to
change people, people can create, let us mind emptied, open to accept the city to bring
the harvest and helpless.
Nothing else to do, turn the local DM, see the following article, at first glance, that is
the talented woman writing the article, written in a cup of coffee, a hundred thousand
turn back, behaved in a hesitant, smell, but to the back, sharp thinking, sharp writing
style not as a woman, especially the "strong political and commercial crude
shelter city," positioning, accurate expression of the city's
character in the shabby side. So I hope that "strong political and
commercial crude shelter city," can be found fresh, honest, atmosphere,
civilization, handsome, to have ideals, passion, pursuit, and have fun alive. Looking at
the city's roads over the spider web-like clouds, such as winding the wire
mess, watching the roads, tunnels, malls such as the maggot-like dense crowd, I often
felt inexplicable fear. Really, we need to "open atmosphere, integrity and
strengthen the country", not "air-conditioned, top man on the
wall." Why not refined some of civilization some, happy number, inclusive
manner? Today, you smile yet?
Reads as follows:
Study: Yang Jin
Coffee, not because of thirst, or drink coffee because (even if some people like to
drink coffee is because these two factors will not recognize).
Coffee, with weather-related, with feelings related to the story than with the coffee
(obviously a cup of coffee, but nothing seems to coffee, this is a matter which file
Sitting in cafes drinking coffee, the best rainy or snowy outside, or at least the night
was dark outside. However, for a coffee expert, these things can not be said to be too
juvenile. Then how should we do? Then we come to a true, to an incomparable luxury
- when we sat drinking coffee, coffee shop, we are suffering from a lost love - the
people we love, somehow he has left us, not acute pain resistance to encroaching on
When we say that we drink coffee in the remark, it is not accurate. We are drinking
coffee, but does not mean that we are in a cup of coffee. We can say that drinking
coffee can also be said to drink our coffee in; we that is, coffee, coffee that is us; we
have and the integration of the coffee; we have not us, coffee is not coffee, and coffee
are just a while we Array waving curl up the heat; trance, we have, and waves of
coffee just the outside from the days of emptiness and sadness hit ... ...
Coffee is all about: in the shortest possible time, to a migrant worker who portrayed
the upper class.
This is why this is strong political and Nanchang, shoddy cities covered coffee
business more than reason. However, in Nanchang, artists and poets are not coffee
shops, ladies and gentlemen do not go to coffee shops, then who is going to coffee
shops do? Fire and chrysanthemums have to root their coffee. They are mostly
descendants of vegetable farmers. The rapid expansion of the city, changed their
status overnight - they became the city people. To switch from vegetable to Nanchang,
a little incompatible, that is not quite believe. The more so, the more wanted to be
offensive in this city. So, they move in this elegant city where the highest - coffee -
Chuang go!
They are the root of fire and chrysanthemums embarrassed in a cafe-like, really a
great black humor, maybe even "Catch" the author of Heller
will be strange enough.
Perhaps this is coffee, the real effect of the operators need.
Let us be deceived coffee, coffee do we use props to perform our show.
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