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									Cloud computing
Cloud computing
Cloud computing (cloud computing, distributed computing technology, one of the
most basic concepts, through to large computing network automatically split into
numerous small subroutine, and then composed by multiple server After searching a
large system, calculation and analysis will be followed by the results back to the user
handling. Through this technology, network service providers can be within a few
seconds to reach deal with tens of millions or even billions of dollars of information,
reach and "super-computer "The same powerful performance of
network services.
The simplest of cloud computing technology in the network services Yijing
everywhere, such as search engines, web mail Deng, users simply enter a simple Zhi
Ling Ji can be Daliangxinxi.
The future such as mobile phones, GPS and other mobile devices can be through the
cloud computing technology, to develop more applications.
Not only do further cloud computing data search, analysis of the function and the
future, such as analysis of DNA structure, genome sequencing, analysis of cancer
cells, etc., can easily be reached by this technology [1].
Earlier large-scale distributed computing technology is "cloud
computing" concept originated
IT specialist Network explained:
"Cloud computing" (Cloud Computing) is a distributed
processing (Distributed Computing), Parallel Processing (Parallel Computing) and
Grid Computing (Grid Computing) development, or that the commercial realization of
the concept of computer science. Many multinational information technology industry,
companies such as IBM, Yahoo and Google, the concept of cloud computing is being
used to sell their products and services.
The term cloud computing may be borrowed from quantum physics in the
"electron cloud" (Electron Cloud), underlined the calculation of
diffuse, ubiquitous distribution and social characteristics. Quantum Physics on the
"electron cloud (electron cloud)", in the nucleus is not an
electron moving around the world experience the same track such as the orbit of
celestial bodies, but the space filled, cloud-like existence, describing the motion of
electrons is not Newton classical mechanics but a probability distribution density
function, with the Schr?dinger wave equation to describe particle at a given time how
much the probability of a location, which with reference to classical mechanics is
entirely different.
Electron cloud has the following characteristics, probable nature, diffuse, simultaneity,
etc. Cloud computing may indeed come from the electronic cloud of the concept,
before this year alone so-called "ubiquitous computing", IBM
has a ubiquitous computing called "Ubiquitous ", MS (Bill)
followed soon propose a ubiquitous computing" Pervade ", is
now on ubiquitous computing has a new understanding of, and now is"
Omnipresent ". However, cloud computing is indeed not a purely
commercial speculation, it will certainly change the pattern of the information
industry, and now many people have to spend a Google Doc and Google Apps, spend
a lot of remote software applications such as Office word processing, rather than their
local machine Installation of these applications, the future who will spend money on
Office software? There are many business applications such as e-commerce
applications, such as write a transaction program, Google's enterprise
solutions will include a ready-made templates, a sales staff simply did not learn they
can do over Netbeanr out. This calculation and the industry trend is in line with the
spirit of open source, consistent with SaaS (Software as a Service) trend.
Now we have this to say, the world is only five computers, one is Google, and one is
IBM, and one is Yahoo's, one is Amazon, and one is Microsoft, because the
company took the lead in the five distributed processing of business applications on a
head-start to lead the trend. Sun, have long said that "the network is the
computer" is prescient.
Adaptive In Organizations explanation
"Computing in the cloud" is one name for services that run in a
Web browser and store information in a provider's data center - ranging
from adaptations of familiar tools such as email and personal finance to new offerings
such as virtual worlds and social networks.
"Cloud computing" is a very fashionable concept, it is neither a
technology nor a theory. Accurately that, cloud computing only describe a class of
difficult issues, because this stage, "Computing and Data"
seesaw balance has changed, that has to "mobile computing, mobile data to
be cheaper than more (Moving computation is cheaper than moving data)
"Data" become more and more bloated, with the economic
perspective, "data" should be "fixed"
down. Imagine, copy 1PiB (1PiB = 1024TiB) data, the cost and storage cost of these
data, the data they change, which led to the "consistency"
problem. Such as search, recommendation and social network such as these
"new" service is very expensive "data",
for example, looks like a simple search request, but relies on a very large size of index
data, processing the output is very small. Input and output data size is far less than the
calculated data processing scale, hundreds of KiB relatively few PiB, a conservative
point of "1: 1000,000."
Better understanding of ratio, but the key issue is data and data within the cloud the
relationship between the "data partitioning problem." Although
the "divide and rule" is an old principle, and distributed
computing has also developed more than forty years, but this point, our understanding
is still shallow.
"Cloud computing" represents a need of the times, reflecting
changes in market relations, who has more large-scale data, anyone can provide
broader and deeper information services, and software and hardware was relatively
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