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									Clothing store promotional slogan
   Nike (Nike) slogan: try.
adidas advertisement, Adidas slogan: Adidas sportswear: Walk the World, I look at the
Li Ning slogan: Anything is possible
Giordano clothing slogan: Sui Yi Xia Meng! Love, that is dedication! To bring you
the world of color!
Shanshan suit slogan: Shanshan suit, do not be too casual.
Pierre Cardin slogan: promoting men's boutique, an exhibition
men's style! Pierre Cardin here! International brands ---- Pierre Cardin!
Italian modern clothing slogan: calm manner, casual way to go! Modern boutique,
new feelings, status symbol! Cool! Handsome! Italian modern clothing
Engaging manners, develop their Italian pride! Cool! Handsome! Italian modern
Luzon ------ even more of your grace! Luzon brand clothing
Lan Wei children ------ gentle amorous night, sweet warm dream. Lan Wei children
Crown Royal is not unique to shirts. Eastern Prince Edward shirt
Put money into a photo card is like the embrace of the sun, the feeling of inner
self-evident! Gold photo cards Winter
Remodeling your childhood mother! Fuga brand clothing
Whether you look how, "Lands'End" bathing suit
always makes your liking, perfect shape. Lands'End swimwear
Reviewing the past, more than a thousand kinds of fashion design; see eras, there are
new elegance! Fuga brand clothing
If you are have a pair of birds, there will be no winter! Double feather down jacket
Enjoy advanced, led the trend! Good clothing brand clothes
Make you a lover eyes beauties! Good clothing brand clothes
When you are looking for high quality, you will find good clothes! Good clothing
brand clothes
Silver Fashion, international brands! Silver brand fashion
Wearing Iraqi equipment, free people do! Iraqis brand clothing in Hong Kong
----- Silk every day with great accuracy! Every day, silk clothing brand
Bin Columbia winter coat, movement from here! Bin Columbia sportswear
Goods than the public at home, we know the "Golden Goat" the
best! Golden sheep clothing brand
Target recovery times "really comfortable" and "real
comfortable" style charm the world! Really comfortable wool lining
Normal wear wake up, gentle enough! Woke division sweater dress
Waves crossing the fashion, Banjun the wind and waves! Waves crossing the card
Merlion ------ reliable red flag! Merlion clothing
Mystery of the polar bear polar bear brand winter cold
Not seek the status of the emperor, but to grace the Son of Heaven! Emperor card
Senior men's clothing the emperor, chic all in one! Emperor brand clothing
When a return to the prince, easy chic! Prince brand suit
Have a flying bat, flying plenty! Flying bat brand jacket
Proudly, Kolon clothing! Kolon clothing brand
According to state-run old is gold or gold according to relying on jail! Jin Zhao brand
From the EGL, romantic ---- cherry flower! Japanese sakura Down
A smile plus a "Jason", you will have all. Jason brand
Mobile suits, suits in the Big Brother! Mobile Suit
Mobile Suit ------ draw inspiration heaven and earth, cutting the city image. Mobile
Heroic Junshuang, floating eagle fly. Gone with the Wind Eagle clothing
Chic can not do without floating eagle, eagle floating make you more handsome.
Gone with the Wind Eagle clothing
Gone with the Wind Eagle flying, heroic Junshuang. Gone with the Wind Eagle
Snow Dream Mile, gives you life-long warm! Snow Dream Mile brand clothing
Go to Snow Dream Mile, 潇洒走一回! Snow Dream Mile brand clothing
Xiaoxiao Sasa Snow Dream Mile, "half year" has style! Snow
Dream Mile brand clothing
Xiaoxiao Sasa Snow Dream Mile with each new year with style! Snow Dream Mile
brand clothing
Leading brand of men not far from you, and his charm, all the more difficult to resist!
Graceful clothing
Casual charm, graceful style! Graceful clothing
Create popularity, displaying the spirit of unrestrained pride! Graceful clothing
Casual chic and unique style! Dengya card suit
Fashion suit, European style, a in the body and grace! Dengya card suit
Deng Yaxi with grace and help you board the successful way! Dengya card suit
Green grasshopper, trendy name clothing! Grasshopper brand clothing
Elegant, chic Leite Meng! Leite Meng brand clothing

Boss hair is your ideal choice! Boss apparel licensing
Kasilaide brand sportswear at the stadium on the sewing. Kasilaide sportswear
"Cotton" to help you go all out to challenge. Caton brand
If the "make Seoul the United States" can not change your
image, you wear or what they should not go on the streets. To make Seoul the U.S.
"Hatexiana" means business and success. Hatexiana suit
Advocates of modern pajamas. United pajamas company
You quietly, before putting on a "more universal" Law of
Justice and then go out! More knitting & P
If you like to listen to someone else to speak, 约翰史蒂森 the name certainly has let
your ears hear the story before. 约翰史蒂森 clothing company
Show off your elegant style! Chanel suit
To us here, you will truly know a woman's heart. Jansen Clothing
Lan Wei ----- child gently amorous night, sweet dreams warm. Lanwei children
Understand the taste of you, must select mature and comfortable dress! Italy Set
Bulaidele Brand Swimwear: fashion and walk the beach with you. Bulaidele brand
Put "Jansen", you seem to put on a smile. Janssen Clothing
Spend a little money, you will understand why so many people love
"Kelaniete" the. Kelaniete clothing
This as a global quality standards. Manhattan Clothing
"I attend important occasions to wear it." Daiber clothing
Bluebird grace, Blue Jays style! Bluebird brand clothing
Full of national characteristics of Japanese kimono. The worker-peasant clothing
Also simple plain clothing casual Qing Yi. The worker-peasant clothing brand
New out of fabric, casual washing is not deformed. The worker-peasant clothing
Dual-purpose clothing, the Spring and Autumn Safe. The worker-peasant clothing
Sewing fine, high quality material. The worker-peasant clothing brand
Most of those models in the ads stand? Levi'sAction Slacks Pants
Only his wife knows the difference between Hanes and underwear. Hanes T-shirts
Soft, comfortable cotton underwear ---- of course selection. San foriced cotton
Mining under the colored cotton, it always bright. San foriced cotton clothing
Color, elegant, charming. The worker-peasant clothing brand
Tin Fu Ying ------ the "hat" to take people. Surplus tin hat fu
For the public good value for money. The worker-peasant clothing brand
Rich stretch, weight, Safe. The worker-peasant clothing brand
Simple and plain, sports apparel. The worker-peasant clothing brand

Despite Tigers leopard hole, as a single line of pretty gold sheep! Golden sheep
clothing brand
Office stifled the young, stylish dress you should follow that course? French suit
uniform shirt
Kapok of material, suitable for soft touch, with charming embroidery, even more
peerless grace! Vietnamese embroidery dress
Make you slim and slender! India to open his breast dress
Curvy, very Xiaojiabiyu of modesty! Indian silk dress
Hello, cotton shirt has a cool touch that feeling! India blended flower dress
Natural soft beauty, as if wearing veil of mystery! India Shazhi dress
Light, soft, generous style, show your personal style! British dress
New one himself, the European fashion! Rich brand clothing
French romantic and comfortable atmosphere! Rich brand clothing
Variety colorful ------ Yadi's! Yadi's fashion brand
Everything should be coordinated from head to toe, Wee bok brand clothing and shoes
to do this. Wee bok clothing brand
For eyes look, "wearing" Love built clothing! Love build brand
"Eagle," where soaring, you should follow the trouble. Eagle
Garment Company
Model of personality style. Eagle Garment Company
39 cold can not stop, dressed in gold according to the cold totally disappeared! Gold
photo cards Winter
Queen to show their elegant, soft, gorgeous grace! Queen brand clothing
Xiong Wei triple insulation, more warming and more flexible ...... Xiong Wei Garment
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