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					Close to nature, into the French village naked

Close to nature, into the French village naked

1. Published in June 2003 <Concert> son s <good
day>, according to a friend's experience studying abroad in France
was compiled
2. Declined to article for any commercial purposes without permission. If reproduced,
please indicate the source, signed: Guangzhou Pig


(1) counseling in Chinese, get a special award
   March 2002, I completed a study of the procedures in France, became the
University of Lyon, France, International Tourism Management, a Chinese student. A
poor family and the high tuition fees forced me to look for every part-time
opportunity to earn tuition. May the day, I am "Lyon economic newsletter
reported that" the family saw a recruitment advertisement of Chinese
instructors, Monday, Wednesday, Friday night, working 2 hours, 50 francs per hour,
require fluent in Chinese, male or female . I hesitate to rush candidates. After a series
of tests, I was Jenny's Chinese counselor.
   ?24-year-old French woman, Jenny, is a computer programmer for Lyon Stock
Exchange, previously worked in Hong Kong, the Chinese know little simple. Jenny is
the environmentalists, hobby tourism, environmental protection volunteers regularly
participate in activities organized by the world. Jenny is a keen interest in learning
Chinese, she felt her environmental work in Chinese advantage. Jenny quickly learned
some commonly used Chinese everyday language. One day in December 2002, we
went to Lyon to visit the museum exhibition, including a "Women and
cats," the nude painting, depicts a woman to rescue an injured cat, out of
their milk, to wash cat wound story. Jenny Jiao interested in viewing for a while,
happy to say: "It's nature's good fortune, the painting
fully display the beauty of human nature." Suddenly, Jenny Schmidt said:
"Wei Ge, you know the French nude Village it? "
 ?To France, I reviewed the French customs of information, the know all about the
village naked, but did not elaborate specific information. Jenny explained to me -
France has 1.5 million objects advocates, there are 160 Nudism Clubs and 83 resort
objects. The largest, most famous is Le Cap d'Agde. Most tourists here
from France, Germany, Britain, Italy, the Netherlands and other countries, as well as
Eastern Europe and other European countries, but also Asians. Nudism people who
admired the original state of nature is their respect for belief. That any non-natural
things should be abandoned, concrete action, is not any clothing covering the body.
Therefore, in the celestial camp naked little people do not face the embarrassment.
Although I feel new and exciting, but soon the curious feeling that the traditional
concept of annihilation, economic tensions can not be there, I expect to travel.
   April 2003, France entered a climate mild weather in spring, travel-loving French
people often choose this time away on holiday. Jenny preparation paid annual leave,
invited me to her companion. I was nervous economy, decline that would not have the
time, Jenny smiled and said: "Wei Ge, before we agreed Well, you taught
me to speak Chinese, I want to reward you. This tour is my reward to you . you know,
and this time leave the village to go naked, do not forget, you are an international
tourism management school students, but there's a good place for tourism,
can you remain unmoved? "
  ?Jenny's words make me move the heart, but I hesitated. Nude village?
Jenny, as you put it so wonderful? I go there suit you? Jenny seems to see through my
mind, shrugged, made a wry face and said: "Business Objects is a return to
basics, pure thought a good place to go there are men and a woman ... ..."
in Jenny's agitation persuasion, I accepted the special award Jenny.
        ?(2) strict carefully, check into the business process is also complicated than
   April 12 morning, Jenny Benny driving her red car, drove more than 300 kilometers,
more than 9 am, we came to the edge of the Mediterranean in southern France town
Adeg angle - the world famous Adeg Camp Point objects, which is world-famous
French nude village located southeast of the town.
   ?Road on both sides of the fields, grows into a film into a piece of strawberry, Yi
Keke bright red strawberries in full bloom in the green vine, several unknown
wildflowers swaying in the fields, I rolled down the window, looking at the flowers
flower flutters through the clouds, greed breathe fresh air filled with strawberry flavor,
Dunjue delightful, very comfortable. Jenny turned and glanced at me, said:
"how, where scenery good? Not yet entered the village naked, you have
drunk, right?"
  ?The car left the town 20 minutes Adeg angle, blue sea presented to my eyes, a
rabbit from the ground and pounced Strawberry Road, Jenny emergency brake avoid,
as I do not watch, head on collision in the window. Jenny Minzui smile:
"What a naughty cute little bunny! Sorry ah, you do not hurt
you?" Suddenly, I saw the road in front of a huge rectangular signs, painted
Silhouette of a man and a woman dancing naked pictures next to the French words
"celestial" word.
   "Ah? Nude village," I was surprised out loud.
   ?Jenny is very serious, said: "Wei Ge, correct to say that the celestial
camp. This is a very pure place, very strict with tourists. Could not drive into the left
anterior Fang Yigong miles there is a parking lot, where is to provide a parking space,
parking we go there. " Good car, we mixed among the tourists in a variety
of colors, walking a kilometer away to Le Cap d'Agde. I jokingly say:
"Jenny, look at you Shumenshulu, the way you seem to be a frequent
visitor here?" Jenny wink, smile and say "how? This is very
strange? Do not forget, I was Environmentalists also object admirers, here is my
favorite place. "
  Le Cap d'Agde to the big gate, a hat, wearing dark green olive tone of
security personnel is very polite, but very firm told us: "Miss, sir, you have
access to Le Cap d'Agde area. If you are not objects advocate, please stop!
   ?Jenny pulled out a light purple Le Cap d'Agde membership card,
membership card after the security check, brings us to the next
A room, through the X-ray examination of the backpack we carry. Then, give us a
cover of "qualified safety inspection" of the blue card. Jenny to
the gate of the "celestial camp Shroff," handed him the blue
card, to pay two hundred francs, bought two tickets. Ticket lady gave us two red silk
ribbon, and two cover designs printed with two leaves of "object code
camp tour." Jenny is very quick and neat in silk ribbon tied to an ankle, I
would learn the way Jenny, clumsy feet bare office in the Department of silk ribbon,
Jenny laughed, said: "silk ribbon is a passport to Le Cap d'Agde
It can prove the legality of visitor access, or security personnel will not be released.
You can also line the wrist. "
  ?"OK! We can go up." Jenny told reporters.
   Really want to enter the village naked, and I would pace back and forth some queue
- China's "Evil," "men and women give
and accept not pro-" traditional concepts such as
In my heart began to churn intense, I even thought of such a problem - if I met here
who are familiar with how to do? Jenny saw me look trance, like sleepwalking
general, ridicule, saying: "Hey, you're not going to leave the
  ?Air of ease of travel around looking at people, I am aware of his gaffe, they
recovered to cover up like murmured: "Bibi boarding procedure is also
complicated." "This is the celestial camp provides each visitor
must follow the regulations all the formalities. any link can not be omitted.
"Jenny smiled at me winking.
       (3) detailed rules, any sexual activity prohibited in public places
  ?About 20 meters into the camp, a row of deep purple is built into a log house,
which from time to time out of the small groups of naked men and women, old and
have small, there are also yellow, white also black, a his calm, easy walking. I glanced
at the nude far, his face boiling hot, and Jenny did not notice my awkward demeanor,
laugh, and asked: "Wei Ge, how do you it? Not used to it?"
I'm even more shy. Jenny hand stopped me and said: "It was
camp locker room, each person must enter the celestial camp where stripped all his
clothes. Go, we go there."
   Wooden house, the lintel, and marked the man, woman portrait images. Jenny into a
house marked with the female pattern, I entered another house marked with the male
pattern. The house has a 50-year-old man has been stripped of clothes, sunscreen is to
smear him, saw me come in, he took the initiative in English greeting:
"Hello! Is the first time you come?" I said: "Sir, is , I
was the first time. "a man laughed:" I first came, it bound like
you. Now, I come here once or twice every year, here is fantastic! "to judge
from his appearance, He should be in Malaysia or the Philippines. Apply sunscreen he
finished, humming an unknown song out of the room.
   ?Around me Miaole Miao, see no one come in, immediately took out his
"code of the camp" to read. Code in French, English, Spanish
control printing, which read - 1, Le Cap d'Agde does not allow single men
to enter, but the elderly and single women are free to access. 2, year 3 times in this
more than sightseeing, Le Cap d'Agde can apply for membership card. 3,
you must learn, practice open mind, let your body naturally exposed, and the other
side, peacefully and naturally look naked. 4, you must maintain basic courtesy, to
avoid a move to make disturb others, or to harass other guests. 5, do not create
pollution, if you carry pets, but to pay attention to animal waste, so we can have a
high quality holiday environment. 6, you are free to shoot any scenes business in the
region, if the body image capture must seek the consent of the other. 7, celestial
bodies is prohibited in public places operating any sexual ... ...
   ?Reading the code, my heart calmer, and stripped the clothes, when stripping off
underwear, I still feel a little embarrassed, not off it. I put the backpack out of the
wood house. Naked Jenny has been waiting outside.
  Although I have been thinking of doing a thorough preparation, but the first time I
saw the beautiful Jenny carcass, my breath tight up immediately. I found the attention
of all passers-by to see me, I am even more unnatural, sudden, Jenny shouted at me,
"You quickly put the stuff off it!" I looked at other people, and
suddenly, to understand everything - we are all naked, and I was wearing underwear,
seems neither fish nor fowl. I immediately took off the underwear, we issued a
knowing good laugh. Jenny calm look at me, concerned said: "Wei Ge, you
forget Apply sunscreen. To, I can help you cast." Jenny said as he took out
from the rucksack sunscreen, I immediately received had sunscreen, said:
"Miss Jenny, do not bother you, or I do it myself!"
  ?We will backpack storage to a storage room used specifically wood house. The lady
gave us an elliptical nature of the plastic card number is 0162, Jenny is a skilled
plastic cards to the bare feet of red silk ribbon in Office plug. At this point, I realized
that there is a small ribbon pocket. I marvel at celestial camp so deliberate and careful
consideration. I noticed that keeping the whole room service lady is naked.
        (4) scenic sanctuary of soul
   The roads winding through the dense shade, inlaid with colorful pebbles. Walk in
the gravel track, there is a whole body itching feeling. Different colors from time to
time visitors approaching, we talk about easy laughs. Although close to noon, but here
is not hot. Warm sea breeze gently moved my bare body, I had a stroke was trembling.
Hidden, and there are several hawking handicrafts, wooden house. Wood carving,
stone carving, painting and other works of exquisite scenery, everywhere; wooden
house walls, beams, stone foundation, there are a variety of birds and beasts, exotic
flowers, painting, dizzying, attracting another wave then another wave of tourists stop
Watch. I quietly looked at the visitors, they feel comfortable, the surrounding of the
opposite sex and there is no deliberate attention, it seems that gender differences have
disappeared here. Jenny has its eyes on a "goddess of the forest"
and Root took out a plastic card to the service 0162 Miss read, the waitress
immediately to Root packaging, the packaging on the 0162 figure was then placed in
a Root big bamboo basket inside. Jenny told me that there will be a special attendant
to Root sent to the storage room, take time to re-pay Root.
 ?Suddenly, the jungle came a deep melodious soothing music, we more fortunate to
walk 10 minutes to an empty shade, 12 flash headdress wearing, body text of the
French girl with a floral pattern, is a jump kind of dance called Legong. More than 70
visitors are enthusiastic about the view. In front of people blocked the view, Jenny
climbed a stump, looked like she was standing firm, I immediately lifted her hand.
This is my first time so close and naked contact with Jenny, Jenny who's
fragrance mixed with the fresh smell of the woods, I hit into the heart. Jenny plump
beautiful carcass, but also gives me imagination. I immediately aware of their
thinking, "pollution" of the celestial camp atmosphere,
immediately "forced" their full attention to the Legong dance
Gently beautiful young girls dancing, where the ups and downs pretty carcass
wandering, dreamy. I feel some itching ears, thought Jenny was joking, I purposely
did not look back (in fact, I have a little afraid to look back, I'm afraid his
gaffe) At this point, a tall slender girl clutching a bouquet of flowers nude , walked in
front of me, in every male visitors left ear, and every woman the right side of temple
visitors planted a flower. I turned and looked at, then he noticed his left ear also plug
up a flower. Jenny's golden hair is also more of a flower. Jenny told me the
meaning of inserting flowers welcome.
 ?Suddenly, the music replaced by boosting the high percussion, young girls then
danced the dance of Sudi. 20 to 12-year-old boy walked in naked, and young girls
danced the dance together. Sudi dance imitating the primitive home life, action,
mainly in the buttocks and lower extremities, with a "crazy" in
the wild, open range of motion is very bold ... ... visitors solemn expression, breath
rate, concentrate on the view. Suddenly, the young men lift up their hands one by one
girl, put them over your head, young girls as a compact leaves, twisting limbs,
changing the various beautiful shapes, visitors intense burst of applause, flowers have
thrown the central dance floor .
  "Wei Ge, often in front of me bring you the Shangri-la China, I see here is
worse than than paradise, better than paradise, you think so?" Jenny
jumped down from the stump, overlooking in my ears Edge said softly. Although I do
not entirely agree with Jenny, then, but I nodded.
    ?(5) back to nature, magnanimous soul forever undefended
 ?Noon, we used the meal in the wood structure houses part-time CTS rest after more
than two hours, came to the magnificent scenery of Ulu Watu (Silver Beach). Beach is
very wide, white sand crystal, gleaming in the sunshine light; gentle blue sea,
countless seagulls flying in the distance tumble. Naked people in small groups to
focus on the beach, enjoy the sun, sand and sea, including father, mother and child,
family, all naked to play together, couples Erbinsimo pairs of sweetness, but also
looks kind of like brothers and sisters play each other. Jenny and I take no one to find
a sun umbrella, lying on a bamboo chair, leisurely enjoy the blending of the wine
strawberry soda. Distant rocks, there are several "armed" and
rescue personnel, overlooking the sea where the visitors, dressed in their village in the
nude look is so "different", but they gave up playing in the
water of the visitors deep sense of security.
     We are not far in the opposite under the sun umbrella, a pair of gray-haired elderly
couple. Potbellied husband, wife, wrinkled, and two others are dedicated to playing
cards. Usually seen in the streets if the old image of this, maybe my heart will be
more than one vicissitudes. But this time, I feel that they and other characters celestial
camp sites, together constitute the most natural picture. Jenny may see my inner life,
laments: "In the celestial camp, there is no distinction between rich and
poor, nor the concept of beauty and ugliness, all poised. Everything here is in the best
of nature. It Do not worry if your body fit, body is slim, smooth skin is ... ...
  Looking at the people playing beach swimming, I would also like to swim in the sea,
stood up and began to stretch out. At this time, a brown skin girl came over to invite
us: "Miss, sir, we would like to organize a water polo game, will you join
me?" Jenny 1 to the spirit, immediately took me run to the water body.
More than 20 different color, different ages of men and women gathered in the
shallow sea water. I found several people, also like me and know how to water polo
rules, but we still interesting abundant. A 60-year-old to grab a water polo is like
playing children generally, happy grin. I accidentally slipped in the sea, Jenny was a
scream, a life-saving personnel heard this from the reef on the sea jumping, fast
running. I hastened to his feet, waving arms, shouting: "I swam the Yellow
River, I did not do!"
  ?Time slowly passed, we are a bit tired, they gradually to take the beach. Jenny and I
walked the beach, went to the forest shower. Shower is also a wood house, there is no
distinction between men and women, no doors, visitors have been inside shower,
came rushing water sound.
  I involuntary stopped. Jenny looked at me puzzled and said: "how? You
what they think of? You do not mind, where the shower has no door, undefended, but
have never had any accidents." Then she meaningful, said: "In
fact, the human mind can in fact be defenseless - as long as each other in good faith
between people magnanimous ... ..." crossed my mind, a glimmer of light,
wistful, said: "Jenny, can not think of you become a philosopher
  ?"In this wonderful pure place, in order to not become a philosopher, I am
afraid that is immune it?" Jenny looked at me naughty smile, smile,
revealed a kind of traumatic charm ... ...