Chinese cultural influence in the world by fdjerue7eeu


									Chinese cultural influence in the world
   The impact of Chinese culture, the world is enormous.
   Hegel is the famous 19th century German philosopher, who in his autobiography, a
great philosopher in the recognition, and he created the "law of positive
and negative co-dialectical logic" is derived from the Chinese
"Book of Changes" inspired. And in "Lectures on the
History of Philosophy", the praise, "I Ching", said:
"" I Ching "contains the wisdom of the Chinese
people." It is said that the Western philosopher who later lamented that his
biggest regret in life is China is not completely and thoroughly the "Book
of Changes"!
   Lenin pointed out: "To inherit the cause of Hegel and Marx, it should be
a dialectical study of human thought, the history of science and
technology." Lenin here is not only a respected philosopher Hegel, also
shows that the traditional culture of the the important role of modern technology.
   In the natural sciences, the Chinese culture still has charm. Famous British scientist
Joseph Needham was once monumental "History of Science and
Technology of China," well known worldwide. He was not only fond of
Chinese culture, but enthralled, the British Virgin and Caius College Cambridge
president post, in the study of Leibniz's binary system of Mathematics and
Chinese "Book of Changes "The inter-relationship between
the" Book of Changes "to a very high rating, he said:"
We see him (Leibniz) on the algebraic concept of language or mathematical language
is also affected by China, just as " Book of Changes "indicate
the arrangement of the binary system as well." At the same time, the
images of his Book of Changes for the practice alchemy very cordial, in the
"History of Science and Technology", the special provision of
12 hexagrams and accept a message, "Kinship deed, "said Dan
and Dan outside the surgery and other chapters discussed. Joseph Needham, in their
own practice, Chinese culture come to this conclusion: Ancient Chinese Science and
Technology is a rich gold mine.
   ?In the arts, Bauhaus 20 years early in the 20th century, the China Taoist doctrine,
there have been interest, but also puts Taoist philosophy, applied to the teaching and
design practice. Swiss Bauhaus artists Eaton is the most important teacher, his main
achievement was to design and launch of the Bauhaus preliminary course. The
primary purpose of this preliminary course is sleeping inside of each
student's creative potential liberation. John Eaton of Chinese traditional
culture and Western science and technology combined with the practice in their
education, the introduction of the Taoist philosophy and Taoist Qigong practice. Eaton
to the students about the Chinese Taoist philosophy, often quoted,
"I" and "Dao large, big, big way, people are great.
Domain there are four, and one of Habitat Yan. Personal law, the land law days,
Heaven Road, Imitation of Nature "a class of words. Require students to do
professional training, have to hone your body and will, support means body stretching,
breathing control and meditation. Eaton require students to study Chinese landscape
painting, mountain painting students, drawing water, tree drawing, ask students to use
the Taoist philosophy of observation and interpretation of the world. Drawing lessons
on the human body, Eaton has introduced a bold philosophy of Lao Zi, he does not
require anatomically accurate, but requires students to explore and inventiveness in
the interpretation of the various models put out of position. Eaton has often been cited
I "has the advantage that, without the thought of" point of view,
to help students master the theory of architectural space. Eaton is to pay attention to
student's personality, the tendency of the spirit into the performance of
students who tend to rational structure of those who tend to reproduce the true three
types, namely, the guidance to be different. This is clearly derived from the Confucian
"Education              without          discrimination"             and
"individualized" thoughts.
   Once vibrant culture of ancient Egypt, having gone through the ancient kingdom,
Middle Kingdom and New Kingdom of glory, finally subsided in the 11th century BC
in the Nile deep in the hinterland of the desert; has been the rule of law to establish
the two river culture, experienced the Code of Hammurabi, after winning, staggering
walk four dynasties, although there was a new dynasty of Babylon, ZTE, but
eventually kill each other in the 5th century BC, the Euphrates and Tigris in the sunset
room; once in the Mediterranean light the fire of the ancient Greek civilization and
culture, having gone through Crete - the brilliant Mycenaean culture, the prosperity of
the Greek city-states, Alexander's empire between East and West, finally
three times in the 2nd century BC Macedonia after the war, sink like a stone in the
Aegean; built on the basis of ancient Greek culture, ancient Greek culture to flourish
in the Roman culture, in the glorious for thousands of years, completed the task of the
Mediterranean heritage of civilization, the barbarians are The looting, the 5th century
AD from the scene, although delays in the Eastern Roman Empire, but has a blend of
oriental culture, the Byzantine Empire.
   ?The same strain of Chinese culture, 5000 years after the inheritance relationship
maintained with great accuracy. Yellow Emperor invented clothes, boat, car, also
known as the Yan Emperor Shen Nong, "chop wood, plow, and rubbed
wood Lei, Lei Nou interests, to teach the world." Taihao's also
known as Fu Xi invented Reticulum, but also for gossip, gossip than tie knots
progress notes for the method. Chi said that "gold as weapons",
is the inventor of the earliest metal smelting ... ... Pacific during all of these material
and spiritual civilization achievements, we are all brothers have different contribution
to the nation.

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