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									Chinese companies report: urgent need for reshaping the image of health care
products companies
China Enterprise News 2008-7-3
□ reporter DU / text
From the reform and opening up, has experienced ups and downs in the development
of health products industry today is facing the dilemma of development. After a
decade of steady growth, the industry believes that the health industry in China in
2008 turning point occurred.
Health care products industry faces turning point, in a way that is self-destructive
brand of health product companies created. To fake a scholar known for Fang
reporter's interview that the current health care products market can be
described as chaos, false products, false advertising flooded, can be said that the vast
majority of health care products on the market are no health effects, Almost all of the
health care products are doing false propaganda.
Despite repeated bans false advertising of health products
Health care products industry, the issue of false advertising violations are long-term
criticism, which seriously damaged the credibility of health care products, such cases
abound, take a look at some well-known brand advertising violations:
February 2005, melatonin ad was banned in Hangzhou. January 2006, melatonin ad in
Taizhou, Zhejiang alleged deceptive, misleading consumers, the local business sector
has come forward to halt and fines.
In 2006, the Shanghai Gold partner Biological Technology Co., Ltd. released
"melatonin" health food advertisements on suspicion of illegal,
Wenling City, the Bureau was again halted.
January 2008, Henan, Zhejiang, Ningxia Drug Administration departments out New
Year's         first   ticket:   "Golden         Pair"     and
"melatonin," was convicted of two illegal advertisement.
Rely on advertising bombardment, "melatonin," the name in
river north and south, known inside and outside the Great Wall. But melatonin almost
every year advertising violation occurred.
2007 CCTV "3.15" exposed the party behind the black curtain
of medical advertising. The most striking is the exclusive possession of secret
Possession of secret Pai Camellia in the ad said: "The possession of secret
Pai Camellia, 3 box smoothing pregnant." But the media survey found that,
in fact, the so-called secret exclusive possession of Camellia is the "Herbs
slimming tea" in the transfiguration. The possession of secret discharge of
oil is really just who was receiving the trademark, it is not a product name. The fact is,
throughout the advertising, are designed around the concept of Tibet made.
"Advertising Act" clearly prohibits the use of experts, doctors,
patient name and image to do that. However, in possession of secret discharge of oil
in the ad, not only medical experts, and even groups of people, the theories, but also
exaggerated the original weight and blood lipid health functions.
Exaggerated, do not meet the actual situation countless advertising, these ads
seriously mislead consumers. Investigate and deal with the relevant departments and
the media to expose this false advertising though the situation has changed, but still
not fundamentally reversed. Health Care Products advertising is a "Wild
Fire can not burn in spring."
For this situation, the Fang in the interview with this reporter, said that the
fundamental reason is the lack of regulation and disclosure. Some media do not do not
only expose, but to earn advertising fees for health care products to do false
propaganda. Researchers not only come out to tell consumers the truth, but evil deeds
and bad manufacturers. Government management of health products junk lot, rarely
to punish false advertising, even if penalties are only a few thousand dollars fine,
cheat consumers make a few back, no avail.
Fang Fang, whose real name is China, by Michigan State University Ph.D. in
biochemistry, worked in the University of Rochester Department of Biology, the Salk
Institute postdoctoral fellow, research in molecular genetics, revealed dozens of the
scientific community, education sector, the media and other academic corruption.
To rely on false advertising promotions
Unsustainable development
Health care products false advertising, exaggerated the effect, of great confusion,
many consumers have been misled. Reasons for this situation, Fang told this reporter:
"This is a lot of reasons. Health care products that target the people most
concerned about health problems, claimed efficacy of a variety of diseases, claiming
that absolutely no side effects, claiming that is the latest scientific results, or the court
ancestral recipe, very easy to confuse people. "Fang said further analysis,
there are other factors also led to the prevalence of health care products: such
as" tonic "of cultural traditions, health care products used to
replace the traditional tonic ; afraid of mental illness to the hospital, health care
products to be sick by eating cure, disease-physical; gift-giving habits, many people
buy their own health care products not to eat, is used to gifts, think this thing from the
very fancy high, it is sent to health, any decent.
Smart companies understand China's health culture and health culture at
the same time to grasp the psychology of consumers, advertising catering to their likes.
This behavior in a short time to the operating businesses of health care products
brought great economic benefits, but it is undeniable that with the exposure of fraud,
health care products image plummeted in the minds of consumers. Many health food
advertisements viewed as itinerant warlock lies.
In fact, the Chinese health products, especially medical and health care among the
long period of social condemnation. In 2006, Qingdao, to the beauty salon, a woman
breast augmentation, less than two days after the operation time was surprised to find
that the injection of "man breasts" even walk to the arm,
resulting in a hidden beauty industry for nearly 10 years fraud cases surfaced, and
instantly the image of the medical health industry pushed to the freezing point on.
This is the notorious "Amazingel incident." The industry
believes that, "Ogilvy & Mather set event" can be
seen as medical and health products industry, a prelude to turning point. In 2007,
Xi'an Food and Drug Administration in the local sample of 20 species of
antidiabetic medicine products, also found that adding countries such as
glibenclamide against random drug ingredients added. This series of security
incidents, has aroused the Chinese holistic medicine and health product safety
Currently, most health care was a smash hit has become a thing of goods, were retired,
active in the market are only a few, such as melatonin, wife detoxifies Nutrilite
products such as old. Merchant deeply felt, more and more difficult to do health care
Reasons for this situation, an important reason for this is health food business operator
and damage to their brands, has proved difficult to continue to rely on false marketing,
advertising, false advertising and exaggerated the effects of other factors, finally put
an end to their own future.
Strengthen the regulation and corporate self-regulation
Is the way the development of health products
Experts pointed out that the threshold of our approval of health care products too low
and the lack of monitoring makes it impossible to control the quality of health care
products, it can not effectively supervise management of health care products market.
Beijing Union University, Institute of health food that Professor Jin Zonglian, health
care products companies to make false and exaggerated long promotion, the most
important reason is that industry management has loopholes. Professor Jin Zonglian
that the current health care products market in China for almost difficult to
supervision and management. Relevant provisions of the lack of specific operational.
Health care products enter the market irregularities often sheltered by local
protectionism, industrial and commercial administrative and technical supervision
departments of the regulation is practically invisible.
Fang told this reporter: "building systems most in need to solve is how to
strengthen management, increase efforts to crack down on false propaganda. Zuo to
the absolute prohibition of health products can cure or no side effects of advertising,
false advertising should be severely punished, fined thousands of dollars not get away,
but should confiscate all the illegal gains The Combination to large sums of money, so
do false propaganda factories close down. "
Insiders pointed out that health care products from the business philosophy and
strategy have called for change. In the operations should be more intensive in the
theaters channels from cost control, while enhancing self-regulation, minus the cost of
unnecessary intermediate links, to achieve the shortest possible process to achieve the
purpose of lowering prices too much water, so that people can get benefits. From the
strict quality control, set the industry civic awareness, to restore the credibility of the
industry crisis.
Health products industry, sustainable development, the important point is to
self-restraint, self-improvement. Changes depend on advertising and even false
advertising to survive the situation, truly establish its own brand image. Fang told
journalists since 2001, he revealed to Jane in Austria, represented by the so-called
nucleic acid, "nucleic acid nutrition." He said that a
bio-chemical knowledge of the people know that DNA is no health value, but
unhealthy to eat more. But health care products manufacturer, said nucleic acid into a
panacea confused, and many researchers find to defend it, to do publicity. Although
we have been to expose it, but Jane has not been any nucleic acid Olympic blow, but
every year in the CCTV, "3.15" do show a positive ad. Jennifer
Austrian media recently it came to secretly add ginseng nucleic acid glycosides and
other violations not specified components, and because many people eat while
Jennifer got gout Austria diseases such as nucleic acids, nucleic acids, but Jennifer
still has not been investigated Austrian deal. It appears that self-standardized health
products on a sustainable development path is still long way to go.

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