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                          DEPARTMENT OF MISSOURI
                            GENERAL ORDERS NO. 3
Series 10 - 11                                                                               September, 2010
                          (To be read or distributed at a regular Post meeting and filed)

1.      The next meeting of the Council of Administration will be held at the Capitol Plaza Hotel in Jefferson
City on Saturday, September 25, 2010, beginning at 8:00 a.m. All members of the Council, as well as
Committees and Chairpersons, should make every effort to attend and be prepared to report in accordance
with the agenda which will be provided prior to the meeting. Room reservations must be made through the
hotel by calling 1-800-338-8088 no later than September 9, 2010. A flat rate of $81.00 (plus tax) has been
given to the VFW. Please be sure to tell the reservationist that you are with the Missouri VFW State
Homecoming group to receive this rate. Banquet reservations can be made by completing the attached
reservation form. Dress will be black tie for line officers; black tie and formal attire optional by all others.

2. The 2010 Big 10 Conference will be hosted by the Department of Ohio October 15 – 17, 2010, in
Columbus, Ohio. Those wishing to attend should contact Department Headquarters for information on
registration and events. Room rate is $99.00 per night. The cut-off date for early reservations is September
21, 2010.

3.      The annual trip to the National Home for Children will be October 22-24, 2010. We are asking every
post to provide a tentative headcount to the National Home Chairman so she can reserve a block of
hotel rooms. Cost is $175.00 per person. Traditionally, posts have paid for the cost of their commander and
guest to go on the trip. We’re asking that you continue this custom. See attached National Home Flyer for
additional information. This is one of the most important and enduring programs supported by the VFW. The
deadline to sign-up is October 1, 2010. For further information, contact Nancy Cowan at (314) 323-4481 or e-

4.      National POW/MIA Observance Day is September 17, 2010. Your Post should make every effort to
hold a ceremony in recognition of our POW/MIA’s.

5.      All Posts are encouraged to have some form of program on September 29 to celebrate the founding
of the Veterans of Foreign Wars

6.      The 2011 Membership campaign is now underway. All 2010 members are urged to renew as soon as
possible. Dues Reminder Notices were mailed by National Headquarters to all 2010 members during the
later part of June. The next dues reminder notice will be mailed in November. Note: National adjusted year
end membership numbers on July the 17th. The adjusted prior year totals on Memstats will be used
for All-State and All Department and National programs.

7.      The National By-Laws and the Missouri All-State Program require the Post Commander or a Post
Representative attend all meetings called by the District Commander. Post Commanders should familiarize
themselves with Article II sec. 218 – Officers: Duties and Obligations and ensure they are meeting their
General Orders 3, Series 10 - 11
Robert Wonnell, Commander
Page - 2

8.        Posts that have alcohol consumed on their premises (sold or given away), the following section of the
National By-Laws and Manual of Procedure apply! Any Post not in compliance is subject to suspension.
          Sec. 709 - Control of Units - “Any Post owning and/or operating, directly or by reason of a holding
company or other entity substantially controlled by the Post or its members, a canteen, clubroom or other
facility available to members or guests must maintain general liability insurance, including, if necessary or
appropriate, liquor liability insurance. Such insurance must be of a type and amount sufficient to protect the
Post and must name, as additional insured’s, the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States and the
Department in which such Post is located.”
9.     Posts are reminded of Missouri Law regarding Workman’s Compensation Insurance requirements:
There are three (3) statutory requirements under Missouri Statute 287.128 and 287.380, and 287.127. All
Post having employees need to become familiar with these laws.

         287.128 RSMo is regarding an employer’s requirement to maintain workers’ compensation insurance
if they have 5 or more employees (part-time or otherwise).

        287.380 RSMo is regarding an employer’s requirement to file a First Report of Injury, upon learning
that an employee was injured, and that the injury required treatment beyond first aid. The employer must file
the report within 5 days to the insurer, and the insurer has 25 more days to file the report with the Division of
Workers’ Compensation.

        287.127.1 RSMo is regarding posting of the workers’ compensation laws & benefits information
poster in a conspicuous location. (The first offense is a misdemeanor, the second offense is a felony)
10.      Reminder to Posts and Districts: The Voice of Democracy and Patriots Pen Scholarship program
needs your continued support. If your Post or Ladies Auxiliary would be interested in (co)sponsoring a
scholarship, please forward $500.00 to Department Headquarters prior to September 30, 2010. Payments
will be accepted in full amount or monthly installments. Scholarships will be paid out over a five year period
to district winners. Scholarship sponsor's name(s) will be listed in the banquet program each year.

11.     Department Headquarters is receiving several inspection reports that appear to have been completed
from questioning Post Commanders and Quartermasters versus inspection of the documents. District
Commanders, the purpose of the inspection is to verify that Posts are meeting the requirements of
the By-Laws and operating within law. It’s important that Inspectors be knowledgeable of the requirements
and diligent in their inspections.

12.   Anyone requesting a Department Officer to attend a function must submit a written request to
Department Headquarters at least 45 days prior to the date of the function.

13.     The following District meetings are announced for the month of September.

 DIST        POST #          LOCATION              DATE            TIME         REPRESENTATIVE

   11         6137             St. Louis         09-28-10        7:30 p.m.            Olin Parks
   12         2184             Mehlville         09-13-10        7:00 p.m.            Phil Pippins

Official:                                                                       By Order Of:
Jessie L. Jones                                                                        Robert Wonnell
 Adjutant                                                                              Commander

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