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									China Mobile changing situation
June 1 of a swift rise to the concern of the industry. China Mobile on May 31 cadres
of the General Assembly in the Group Headquarters, Wang appointed party secretary
of China Mobile Communications Corporation, Chairman; Yue-Ren, general manager
of China Mobile Communications Corporation. Major media have used
"coaching change," such terms to describe the incident, said the
industry is most of all in the expected, either internal staff or the mobile industry
experts have told reporters that this is the normal laws of business development.
It may be difficult to forget the Wang in various forums passionate speech.
Undeniably, Wang was in office this 6 years, China Mobile to create a fabulous
performance, as the scale of the world's mobile users carrier.
However, in the process of creation myths, China Mobile has also suffered some ups
and downs, phone Jurisprudence, forced closure of SP channel, 3G terminal
cooperation, gave the slow movement had a negative impact, and in the course of its
business expansion in another frequent friction with other industries.
Faced with this complex situation, the new leadership to move can create a new group
Li Yue's leap
In the telecommunications industry, Li Yue definitely be regarded as a senior expert.
He graduated from Tianjin University with a Master of Business Administration and
the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Doctor of Business Administration; former
deputy director of the Tianjin Posts and Telecommunications, General Manager of
Tianjin Mobile Communications Company; so far has more than 34 years experience
in the telecommunications industry.
Better known for his move in two contributions: first, under his leadership, China has
created a mobile after a decade in the world's largest, highest quality
mobile communications network. Second, his monograph, "Centralized
Management: Telecom Management Innovation Way" management
innovation called the experience to move the system summary. In fact, Yue-change in
mobile network management system, in its led, China Mobile since 2000 a centralized
network of business and centralized Zhichengwangluo Construction: From 过去
more to implementing the decisions Fensan Xing Gong Si management, to the current
group and provincial levels to focus resources company focused management.
This year, the long-term back-end network in charge of the construction of LI Yue-yue
home front, in charge of legal affairs department, marketing department, data, and the
Ministry of Aspire companies become more familiar with the entire
company's operations, lay the foundation for its overall management.
According to media impressions, Li Yue was very good reputation in the industry
outside, warm frank manner with the modern enterprise management style, so to
move within the provincial bosses in the "Recommendation" in
the top.
If you want to interpret the dominant style of Li Yue, can its "central
management" thinking Cut. He suggested that the high efficiency, low cost
carriers become an urgent task to move, and the "central
management" through the realization of operational facility centralized,
standardized operating procedures and operational support information, can respond
to many challenges in the move.
Li Yue's "centralized management theory" comes
from the reality of the environment and telecommunications companies on their own
understanding of the law.
For the external environment, in his view the present era of telecom market in five
revolutionary changes have taken place, and these changes are becoming the change
in the mobile context and the biggest challenge. First of all, telecommunications
competition between enterprises in the telecommunications market has become the
Maifangshichang; second, Jishu progress on the one hand the new business after
another, on the one hand it is directly caused Dianxin industry structure and
regulatory Zhengce place Shichang changes lower the market entry barriers; No. 3
telecommunications industry, the Government has undergone major changes in
regulatory policies, and actively introduce private capital, encourage enterprises to
full competition, breaking the monopoly; Fourth, the telecommunications industry
entered the era of low prices; Fifth, constantly opening up new markets, growing
international market integration.
For the internal environment, Yue-Ren Wei, in the tradition of the telecommunications
companies have been in accordance with the specific functions of organizing
production, the lack of telecommunications enterprises in Biaozhun Hua Guan Chuan
Ye Wu Liuchengtiji, Shide process, business and Xitongnanyi expansion, high cost,
new product Tuichuhuanman. The traditional fixed-line production of a single
deep-rooted management, business networks and numerous regional network
separation, not end to end automation of operational management support. The
traditional organizational model has led to the telecommunications companies can not
achieve economies of scale.
In order to adapt to the new environment, Yue-advocate of high efficiency, low cost of
centralized management, and repeated his argument that the words: low-cost,
large-scale, mass production, pipeline, economies of scale, as if within a range of
"industrial revolution."
If such a centralized management of the "revolution" in the past
made in Yidong attention 成就, then Miandui today's complex situation,
with Li Yue as it core leadership group to achieve in moving the Yici Nengfou
transition? In fact, there are three major challenges now and in the horizontal
movement in the Yue-front.
The development of TD is to move the primary challenges that the industry has
become a consensus, but perhaps the greatest source of pressure to move.
"TD is a top priority, although no specific consideration of the goal, but 3G
users, at least one-third of the world to have one. While also promoting the TD
International to LTE evolution, but this is not the move that they can complete and
require departments to promote collaboration. "a move of anonymity told
reporters insiders.
It should be said, to move to the mainstream of TD has made great efforts. In the
Barcelona Mobile World Congress, strongly urged Wang 4G standard integration
times, trying to get rid of the standard isolation TD. In the mobile unremitting efforts,
the global telecommunications organization finally established in October of this year
4G standards advocated by China Mobile TD-LTE 4G is expected to become the
ultimate standard.
But compared to other 3G standard industrial chain, started relatively late in the TD
industry is also far from smooth sailing. In the end, the China Mobile has launched a
line of the TD, on the card, customized mobile phones, e-books and other products
dazzling, but the market reaction is not as expected so hot. Meanwhile, China Mobile
and Apple's cooperation will have no substantive progress.
TD industry support to the move to create and control a new opportunity for the
industry chain. But even without the construction of TD heavy industry, according to
their own understanding of internal and external environment, China Mobile is still
3G whole industrial chain to the expansion of the terminal, operating systems, new
media, store platform, e-commerce, electronic payments, community, games fields
completely. However, recently, the competition with Tencent in the field of flying
letters, or in the field of mobile payment and triple play, the mobile have encountered
some problems, giving rise to the second challenge of the moment: "Cross
the difficulties."
"Do not become a pipeline to move provider." This is
Wang's most worried about things. 2005, Wang took office, the mobile
voice market is gradually saturated state, and data value-added services is growing
rapidly. Wang lost no time in putting forward "Mobile communications
expert" to "Mobile Information Expert" transition
line, and to achieve an average annual growth of 20%.
However, in the industry view, at least in the 3G business level, in moving the
business involved is too messy, to no avail. The result is homogenized into
competition with the rival Red Sea, scattered resources, loss of 3G services
Not long ago, news that China Mobile suspended in 2009 the main push of the mobile
payment business mode RF-SIM, the Consortium led the NFC mobile phone payment
13.56MHz is win. CUP competition and failure may result in the mobile can become
the dominant mobile payment business, the prospects for cooperation with Shanghai
Pudong Development Bank and the space will be relatively dark and ambitious move
to pour in on the cold water.
"Need a clear understanding to move to the 'cross' in
business development, with other industry key Qiye equal Hezuo to be
successful." In CRC-Pinnacle Consulting Zong Jian Xue Xin told reporters,
"from Dianxin of IPTV to China Mobile's RF -SIM mobile
payment services, these cases tell us, 'cross' business
development, capital and can not decide on the initiative of industry, only with the
'cross' the key to the industry it may be truly effective business
cooperation to promote business development. current stage, the mobile phone
payment services and triple play business critical enterprise has made it clear that the
China Union Pay and SVA Group, how the interests of these key enterprises in the
distribution agreement, is the current move 'cross' business
development in the most problems to be solved. "
The third challenge comes from the same industry competitors. Moving from the
relevant departments and released earnings data, mobile and other carriers in the gap
is narrowing, financial growth is slowing down.
According to 3G users in China in April this year, the number of statistics, as of the
end of April in China's three major carriers, mobile 3G users 8403000,
China Unicom 3G users to 5.5 million, China Telecom 3G users to 6.05 million, the
gap is not between the three large, including China Unicom and China
Mobile's 3G subscriber growth was down there also.
In fact, as early as 2009, China Mobile's earnings performance has been so
observers aware of the turning point in Here - August 20, 2009, China Mobile
announced the first half of 2009 performance, which only move in the second quarter
net profit to 28.099 billion yuan over last year, down 8.8%. This is the first time since
1999, China Mobile net profit down there. The same day, China Mobile Chief
Financial Officer (CFO) Xue Taohai performance of the company held in Hong Kong
conference, said the move can not be maintained in the long run the margin now. In
the last month of 2009, new mobile users in mobile market share fell to 50% less than
the first.

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