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   Bangkok Chain Hospital Public Company
   Limited                                                                                 440 Wheelers Farms Road
                                                                                           Milford, CT 06461 U.S.A.

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                                Wright Quality Rating:DBA11                                 Key Data

   Bangkok Chain Hospital Public Company Limited is a Thailand-based company                Ticker:
   engaged in the hospital operations and healthcare services. The Company and its          KH
   subsidiaries operate six private general hospitals: Kasemrad Bangkae hospital,
   Kasemrad Prachachuen hospital, Kasemrad Sukhapibal 3 hospital, Kasemrad                  2010 Sales:
   Rattanatibeth hospital, Kasemrad Saraburi hospital and Kasemrad Sriburin hospital. It
   provides inpatient and outpatient services with 24 hour emergency services. It has
   medical center, which specializes in providing medical care, such as heart surgery
   center, catharsis lab center, cancer center and lasik and eye center. It also            Major Industry:
   operates community-based clinics, which serve mainly patients under universal            Miscellaneous
   scheme, as well as personality and health improvement services, such as wellness
   center, cosmetic surgery center, and others. Its subsidiaries include Rattanatibeth      Sub Industry:
   General Hospital Company Limited, Saraburi Wetchakit Company Limited and Sriburin        Medical Services
   Medical Company Limited.
                       Stock Chart                                 Officers                 Country:
                                                         Executive Chairman & Chief         Thailand
                                                            Dr. Chaloem Harnphanit
                                                                                            Thai Bahts
                                                              Chief Financial Officer &
                                                                  Phaibun Nakhosiri         Fiscal Year Ends:



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