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									                                         LESSON PLAN

School                         : SMP Saraswati 1 Denpasar

Subject                        : English

Grade/Semester                 : VII/1

Meeting                        :8

Standard Competency            : Expressing the meaning in the short functional text in integrated
                                 with a close environment

Basic competency               : 1. Expressing the meaning of idea in the short functional text

Indicators                     : 1. Writes a short functional text (consist at least five sentences)
                                    about students’ daily activity

                                 2. The sentences using simple present tense

Time allocation                : 2 x 40 menit

Skill                          : Writing

Theme                          : Daily Activities

A. Learning Objectives

   1. Students are able to write a functional text about daily activity

   2. Students are able to improve their ability in grammar especially using simple present

B. Learning Material

                                             Daily Activity

         Justin usually gets up at five o’clock in the morning. He cleans his room and takes a bath.
   After wearing a clothes and praying, he helps his parents. Justin always helps his mother in
   the kitchen. Her mother always cooks for breakfast everyday. Before going to school. He has
   a breakfast at about six o’ clock and then he goes to school by bus, he usually arrives at
   school at seven o’ clock. After school , he has lunch and takes a nap. In the afternoon, he does
   his homework and sometimes watches television. In the evening. He stays at home with his
   parents and studies his lessons. He also prepares the lesson books for tomorrow. Then, he
   goes to the bed at about ten o’ clock.

C. Learning Method
   Work Individually and Discussion
D. Learning Activities
   1. Pre Activities :
              The teacher says greeting to the students.
              The teacher checks the students’ attendance list
              The teacher saying about the topic.
   2. Whilst Activities :
              The teacher gives an example of text using simple present tense about daily
              The teacher explain the use of simple present tense in daily activity text
              The teacher asks the students to write a short functional text that related to daily
   3. Post Activities :
              The teacher ask the students to submit their task
              The teacher ask the students’ difficulties
              The teacher makes a conclusion

E. Learning Sources
      1. Smart Steps (English Textbook for Junior High School page 82 )

F. Evaluation
       Write a short functional text at least five sentences about the student’s daily activity.

G. Score

                                 Explanation                                              Score
           Good arrangement, correct in gramar and spelling                                 8

           Good arrangement, not correct in grammar but good spelling                       7

           Good arrangement, not correcct in grammar and spelling                           6

           Not good arrangement, not correct in gramar and spelling                         5

           English Teacher                                Denpasar,

           Made Dwijayanti,SS                             Ni Desak Gede Rossyana Julia Fajar Sari Dewi
           NPK.                           NPM. 2412

                                           Acknowledged by,
                      The Headmaster of SMP (SLUB) saraswati 1 Denpasar

                                     Dra. I G.A.A. Adnyani,M.M

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