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									CHEN An Introduction to
CHEN s, December 28, 1967 Born in Fujian Province, China, 12-year-old with
relatives in the United States to study, start studying while working. He has worked 18
jobs, sold knives, sold cars, sold chocolate, when a restaurant waiter ... ... but
he's deposit or zero.
Until 21 years old, CHEN of life experienced the first teacher - the world's
potential to inspire master Anthony Robbins. Since then, his personal expertise, talent
and a strong love was a real release.
Anthony Robin's words, changed the fate CHEN: "The world on
a lot of money in the industry, but not a single industry can match the success to help
others and help others to change the fate of the more valuable and
meaningful." From CHEN of the set of "the shortest time to
help most successful" mission.
He returned to the motherland, to see the rapid development of the motherland so to
see so many people so friendly and familiar with him, he again set the second
objective - "To him all the success in the overseas knowledge learned ,
unreservedly tell everyone to China, I hope more people in China were successfully
mastered the advanced knowledge, in the 21st century world power! "
In 2004, the An-of the country has issued a "sell products than to sell
themselves", "36 successful entrepreneurs iron law,"
"How to be a president to make money", "to
motivate himself as" Superman "," "he is
the a treasure, "" to successfully change the environment
"and" fall in love with your product, "" no
streaking "and other books, published" An-law of the market
"," CHEN of business rules, "" the
leading An-law " and "The Talent CHEN law" and so
on VCD. Each book and VCD are spontaneously salesman, in the state civil servants,
medium and small enterprises in the national collective watch and circulated among
students in large, medium, small to 8-year-olds, 80-year-old great all never had the
heart was shocked and determined to change the shortcomings set the oath must be
His work, his recordings, his courses have been crazy collection. Its unique charm and
wisdom, also with a book, a CD, a radio, a television, a poster has quietly been widely
read in the land of China.
[1] ... ... to believe that he is a treasure to sell products ... ... ... ... successful as selling
her own to find a way, losers find an excuse ... ... winners never give up, give up the
leadership of those who never succeed ... ... is elected the right person ... ... the best
people for free ... ... there must be a successful method of failure must be a reason ... ...
the success is simple, as long as the right way ... ...
These incentives were fighting the language, the first to be business managers and
salesmen all walks of life passed down the wide, where the motives of people practice,
performance is increased significantly.
He gave us, not only the success of systematic and easy to understand way, more
important is to face life and career of the positive and proactive approach, that is the
attitude of love and happiness - how to treat the cause of the attitude of love with love
attitude towards their own products, with love attitude towards his own company, with
love attitude towards his family, with love attitude towards this community, with love
attitude towards their own country.
CHEN s often said: not listening to his lectures, read his book will be successful, but
you must book the concept of class are chunks of your life will change. However,
Shuai Chen and Zhang Jingui not good CHEN Buddha s,
Everything is positive, all sun, all healthy, which is the most unique charm CHEN,
this is the reason why CHEN become a "superstar idol," the
reason you had him on a course on the audience can feel the scene thousands of
star-like face of joy and cheer. However, the Chinese I Ching Chen Shuai Buddha
CHEN President of the Association of Life is not successful, I will put all the success
of knowledge unreservedly dedicated to you!
Love to do business with,
Life with a grateful heart!
The success of his famous quote is: self-analysis → Learning → to the successful
cloning of a successful model → → sum of innovation success
His mission in life -
In the shortest time, to help most successful! Let each person learn to Success in
China, making China in the 21st century as the world power!
CHEN of teacher self-description: "My goal is to help you be more
successful, more quickly achieve your dreams."
I had great desire to succeed, but also constantly looking for successful ways to study
why some people succeed? I read all kinds of books to help others succeed, the
success of many programs to help others, from 17 to 21 years old, I worked
restaurants, sold water purifiers, car, skin care products, phone cards, supermarket
coupons, chocolate wholesale, mail order and other work 18 to 21 years old, bank
passbook in the amount of $ 000.00, in no way a little bit of progress, until I met my
mentor Anthony Robbins, and membership by the continuous growth and learning,
have a chance today to share the message of success.
I am 25 years of research and training institutions set up CHEN earn 10,000 yuan a
month when the office is very small, the company did not copiers; television
interview with me to the company, even the camera is no way to come in shooting, eat
noodles and white sauce spit juice Division continuously throughout the year. Just two
and a half years, I drove the car from the Peugeot 405 to the Mercedes-Benz S600, to
the age of 27 billionaires.
Success in the research of 15 years, I have seen more than a hundred industries of the
world's top masters, has the potential to invite the world's first
master Anthony Robbins (Anthony Robbins), a network of experts in the
world's first Hawei Mai Kay (Harvey Mackay), the world's first
sales champion Tom Hopkins (To ins), the world's first Master of Lai
hereby (Al Ries), the world's first chain of crackers are baked Fields (Mrs.
Debbi Fields) and others to lecture in Taiwan. Tom Hawkins and even break the world
record three-day training.
From no one knew me, to my best-selling book in Asia for more than a few million
copies, these achievements are constantly learning from, and I read an average of
more than 400 to 600 books and been to so many successful programs . In just a
decade, my life has changed dramatically, I am confident that as long as you want to
succeed, and must be, while continuing to take the same action, will be able to get the
same result! "
Character Appraisal
CHEN of the whole of Asia's top speaker - speaking fees per hour up to
10,000 U.S. dollars, Chen Shuai Buddha CHEN Life in a speech at the show was not
successful full, palm following its huge success and inspired countless people to make
progress, breaking the bottleneck to achieve successes.
CHEN authority of the whole of Asia best-selling author - with a 12
"best-selling book", "audio-visual works of
publications," for three consecutive years has been crowned as the top
name chain of bookstores in Taiwan, "the 21st century super-successful
school," " himself is a treasure, "called a model for
today's successful methodology. In the mainland's first VCD
"speeding marketing" is not listed in the country brainer before
the students were ordered by 20 million.
CHEN is top of the marketing masters - the five in the world sales record holder,
27-year-old half-a billionaire through self-struggle.
The first accepted in 2001 CHEN major companies and associations in China for his
kind invitation to a dozen presentations on successful learning, CHEN glamorous
presentation of talent and is the incisive turn of repentance and the unique Chinese
affinity make-the-spot laughter, known Chinese opera show was seriously shocked.
Who heard the speech of site CHEN, whether at work or in life are like a changed
man, the spirit of dealing with people a new look, the whole body is full of positive,
healthy, progressive values and mission in life. Many people affected by CHEN the
effects of standing again; many people re-analysis of anatomy of self, and truly
inspire their potential.
Many have heard the speech or read CHEN CHEN, works of people have deep
experience, CHEN success of the teachers to bring their experience and success of
social phenomena using concise language brilliantly summarized as a philosophy, the
deep eyes of ordinary people vague concept into a kind of popular and innovative
communication language, it is easy to remember avid reader, and can easily be
translated into action force.
CHEN Study of Fifty Years of success in all walks of life visited the world, summed
up the success of world-class school information, integration of the popular overseas
Neurolinguistic NLP, NAC nerve chain, adjust the technique in practical psychology,
covering Marketing, marketing science, leadership, persuasive instructor training,
interpersonal relationships and other fields is to help individual success and team
winning the best information.
He is Asia's top speaker -
Hourly speaking fees of up to 10,000 dollars, "Super Success"
and "Super Persuasion" course fee 4800 yuan per person per
two days, the mainland, "president of training" fees 18,000 yuan
per person for three days, he taught at the Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong each of three
days, "CEO class" tuition fees up to 180,000 Hong Kong
dollars ... ...
The first accepted in 2001 CHEN major companies and associations in Mainland
China for his kind invitation to a dozen presentations on successful learning. His
talent and glamorous presentation of repentance is turning a brilliant exposition, as
well as a unique affinity for the Chinese language, so that show was laughing, known
Chinese opera show was seriously shocked. Inspired countless people to make
progress, limitations, and achieve prosperity.
He is a first person of Chinese Success -
CHEN of the contemporary international following Carnegie, Napoleon. Hill,
Anthony. Robin, the fourth generation incentive success guru, he is the only Chinese
in the world success of an international motivational guru. He is known as the
"master inspire confidence and potential."
He has given a grant to: Compaq, Johnson, ZTE, Siemens, United Automotive
Electronics, 39, AIA, TOYOTA, NISSAN, AMWAY, and many other world famous
CHEN classic quotes:
1. In the past does not equal the future, there is no failure, only temporarily stopped
2. To be successful, need to talk with the winner.
3. Every minute private efforts, there will be double recovery, out in public to be
4. To succeed, not with horses, to ride the horse, instant success.
5. Keep up the same successful result, we must take the same action.
6. Success is repeat simple things to do.
7. Winners are not smarter than you, but most in the shortest possible time to take
8. Successful, do other people do not want to do, others do not, can not do.
9. Just go all out, dream of take off.
10. Leadership is not training people, the election of the people.
Celebrity evaluation
CHEN is to use the law of attraction the master!
---- Worry-free training master
-------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------
"An Chen of the Chinese people are the best!"
--- Gao Ming (the world's first psychological wealth guru)
-------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------
"An Chen of the world's No. 1 salesman!"
--- Anthony Robbins (world's first potential master)
-------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------
"I have participated in the seminar, CHEN of the best."
--- Lai hereby (the world's first Master of)
-------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------
"1-10, I can not give his assessment 10. He was 12!"
--- Harvey Mackay (a network of experts in the world)
-------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------
"In my past 35 years, 3 million students, CHEN of the most
--- Tom Hopkins (the world's number one selling title)
-------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------
Comments domestic media celebrity
"An-content of the talk is the best public service ads to promote the
country through science conform to the central to the spirit of morality."
--- Assistant General Manager of China International Television Corporation, Zheng,
director of Central Television advertising to strengthen
"I never make a VCD from start to finish even read it over twice in! CHEN
of shocked me!"
--- Hong Kong, Phoenix Chinese, program director Huang Dongwen
"An-consistent theory of the current trend in China, to do his part will be
able to more than 300 television!"
--- Shenzhen TV City Channel Director Feng Xia
"An-s we have invited many times, is to ask not why he is so
--- Hunan Satellite TV, executive producer Yang Hui
"An-s is an incredible Superman, to do his part will certainly fire
--- Former deputy director of Hunan Economic Taiwan Wu Li Bo
-------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------
Controversial character
For its development since 2001, China was the reason, verification is currently
available in Taiwan, lawsuits, could not survive, and domestic distributors, and then
there is a lot to run wild. The following is a report on People's Network in
People's Daily Online Xinhua in Hong Kong on August 10 in Taiwan news:
good representative of several creditors, has come out best-selling author CHEN of
allegations that he was alleged to have opened stores cookies as bait, attracting a large
number of participants invested 10 million amount, then malignant collapse.
CHEN-called master mind of the potential, two years ago to a super-successful school,
won the best-selling book in the Taiwan market first. But today there is a group of
creditors on behalf of, come out of the illegal smoking charges CHEN Jin, malignant
collapse. Creditors, said An-course among the first to establish trust in the spiritual
sense, back to four 50 participants drawn 50 million of funds, Deputy U.S. Feier Zi
biscuit shop. Over the past year and more, CHEN of claims of poor management, a
branch of a collapse. CHEN of the promissory note to repay not only opened the
previous commitment did not materialize, but the first warning against investment in
the students underworld, allegedly threatening him, causing two of the creditors were
in court. Face the fate of jail, come up with the original creditor investment contract
biscuit shop book to settle old scores that they originally hoped to An-learning success,
no one even thought of first tasted bitterness of failure, Chen Shuai Buddha CHEN of
life is not successful, also charged that the underworld itself, was indicted. They said
the money inaccessible does not matter, the truth must make it clear. (Wu Moet)
Course Description:
01. CHEN of - their own motivation as Superman
02. CHEN of - 36 to business success, iron law
03. CHEN of - rule of selling products to sell than to sell their own
04. CHEN s - How to be a president to make money
05. CHEN s - To your success
06. CHEN s - Gold Training
07. CHEN s - Jilin peak Seminar
08. An-of - the great secret of success
09. CHEN s - How to become a master of speech
10. CHEN s - convincing = Wealth
11. An-of - the election on the industry big money
Legend CHEN
Everybody wants to succeed, each person's understanding of success are
different, but when some people succeed as a business to run, he had succeeded. This
man created the so-called "super successful learning" concept,
wrote a series of books teaching people how to succeed in Asia sold tens of millions
of books, he explains his speech, people spend a high price to listen to his lectures and
in his the class enthralled. He is known as the world's first person of
Chinese Success famous speaker, marketing expert Mr. Chen Anzhi.
A degree is not high, not 任何 speaking experience of ethnic Chinese boy, by a kind
of Li Nian, a Ke Cheng's promotion, not only become a successful speaker,
and he's books and Yinxiangzhipin, popular at home and abroad, selling
more than a dozen senior ranks Bang, 27-year-old became a billionaire! This might
sound like a miracle, but to create this miracle is the world's first person of
Chinese Success - An-s!
CHEN of the contemporary international following after the fourth generation of
Carnegie inspirational success guru, is the only one of the world the Chinese
world-class inspirational success guru. He was known as the millions of people:
"change the fate of the incentive Master!"
He tried to lead others as a person who lost out, their have been lost, he recalled that
he "failed" when life: "From age 17 to 21 years old, I
worked restaurants, sold water devices, cars, skin care products, phone cards,
supermarket coupons, chocolate wholesale, mail order and other work 18 to 21 years
old, bank passbook in the amount of 000.00 and in no way a little bit of progress.
Success in his trial and error method, a book, a lesson of life has changed CHEN track.
He encountered life's first teacher - master of the world's
potential incentive Anthony ? Robin. Since then, he follows Anthony ? Robin
curriculum promotion, and eventually become a successful speaker, ... ... 27-year-old
has become a billionaire!
CHEN Study Success 18 years, continued to study and sum up the success of the first
law of global businesses and tips, first the most unique and effective
"Super Success."
CHEN of the mission:
The shortest time to help the most people succeed, so that every Chinese people learn
to successfully learn, so that China in the 21st century world power.

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