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Outside the window to run a juvenile in the evening, against the sunset's
gorgeous. Sunlight slanting in his head, face the curve as it is extraordinarily light and
delicate, he is still running with a innocent smile, the pictures can no t describe the
pure, pure as if the scene was fantastic.
Those of us who grew up a child often lament is premature now, now I see it is not.
Think about your time at that age is less of taboos in the, of all curious, inquisitive
nature makes the attempt to be brave. Perhaps there is no right or wrong speculation
share of the brave is the embodiment of youth and innocence, many years later when
the rash evolved into a steady, ignorance into a deep, when the unknown face more
conflicts and endless worry. Species may be called mature. Of course, people have
gradually become weak because of maturity. Maturity is vulnerable to the attack looks
like a body, but only a sword to open the shell just simply.
I have looked at the child's eyes and see his eyes flashing points of light,
like deer TV drama. Children is clearly a little panic, and I did not refuse to look. I
swear that moment absolutely no evil heart desires, only to stand by his side, even if
only a trace of him can share the bright light. Look at his face with both hands holding
the blue sky of that moment. He told me his name, birthday, school. Tell his quarters
and the grass is far away from his life and his hesitation had the Eternal, he
Imagination of tomorrow today said its own ideals and convictions would rather
choose being lazy. I do not know how to answer all his, just silence and then he
nodded and smiled to let him know that everything I know. Then we went to the
wilderness run together, where he told me just sent me his first kiss. I do not know
why some shy, still silent smile, did not tell him of my past, the subconscious is trying
to hide. Not intentionally. Just want to use the same inner face of each blank, though a
few days later, he learned through a variety of ways he would like to know the past. I
did not say anything, just said something to his ear:
"It is thing of the past, but I will not deny that it is truly existed, and
unforgettable. I think I say that you will trust me more."
In fact, I and his acquaintance simply not true, and I first met with his willingness to
lock in an afternoon before dusk, with flowers and green grass, there is quiet and I
stared at him, one day if all this is unfortunate distant memories, when we still
In fact, love the results? The result is that after the process of love left to their
Leave the room at night which is no longer only for myself, lying in bed we hold each
He asked me if I have the mentality in the face with a treasure in front of it all. I
quietly said the word, of course.
He asked me why would running around after him, I did not answer. I have only just
laughed and said Ciqiong - I do not know.
Then we say that many, many nights. I know I'm in love again.
While this burgeoning love I had pressure, perhaps too much on my back all the love,
hope, it is inevitable to see the see the distant end. Or perhaps I am no longer young
and frivolous, even when you take a person's first love is needed more time
to take this precious sense of responsibility.
But I did not tell him I gave after him in the encounter of a human hair too distant a
newsletter, "the whole world know that I waited for you for a long time,
but today I think I wants my love of people towards the future of the. Perhaps another
Meiyou opportunity to take care of you, perhaps this sorry for you and I are not
considered. That two- year ups and downs, love, hate, is forgotten, thank you all gave
me love. take care of myself. "