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Chan Code - Trainer Profile by fdjerue7eeu


									Chan Code - Trainer Profile

?Trainer: Chan Code
Changchun University College of Business Administration Marketing Head,
Associate Professor, Master Instructor
?Jilin Marketing Association;
?National Small Galaxy trainer training project
China Marketing Director, Marketing Manager, Professional Training Division
Enterprise Business School Research Center of Peking University Distinguished
?Domestic enterprises marketing consultant, training, business nearly a thousand.
Training Main courses:
Marketing Idea
Marketing skills
Corporate Strategy
Customer Communication
Sales team management
Performance Management
Marketing budget approval
The training's main customers:
Enterprise Research Center of Peking University Business School
National training project for SMEs Galaxy
Taiwan, Hong aromatic material (Kunshan) Co., Ltd.
China Coal (Shanxi) mechanized mining company
Shan State Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Hangzhou
Han Altman (China) Children's Products Inc.
Taiwan and Taiwan is still fresh Trading Company
Wood Brothers Inc. in Hong Kong, Changchun
Harbin Branch of China Unicom
Harbin Hongbo Trade Group
Heilongjiang Marketing Director Certification
Inner Mongolia Coal Group pingzhuang
Marketing professional certification center in Tianjin
Jinan Financial Planner Certification
Dan financial leaders of the club
Hakusan Municipal Organization Department
Ji-size Swan Instruments Co., Ltd.
SME Bureau of Changchun
Changchun Albert Building Material Group
Changchun Tiger Group
Popular quick printing company in Changchun
Jilin Province, China Construction Bank
Yanbian Industrial and Commercial Bank of China
n Shulan City, Jilin Province, Post Office
n Jilin Food Association
n Jilin Forest Industry Group
?Mobile: 13894872782

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