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Concise Introduction
1. (Unit of weight of diamonds, etc.) kt (= 200 mg)

2. (Gold purity units) to open, the percentage purity of 24 open, 18 open if the purity
is 18/24 = 75%
Carat (Ct), the English carat, often abbreviated as ct, or that card, Kara, is bead, gem
quality diamonds and other units, and the purity of precious metal ratio, is a gem of an
international standard unit of measurement, assessment of international standards 4C
Diamond . 4C is the color (colour), Clarity (clarity), weight (carat) and cut (cut).

The term carat, the carat from the Greek "keration", refers to a
long carob tree (or rice bean carobseed), is a widely spread from East Asia to the
Middle East plant. Because of its fruit is called a nearly identical weight and the
weight of the diamond is the most easily measured 4c features, so early on a long
carob tree is used as jewelry and precious metals unit of weight. One carat is equal to
a small angle tree seed weight.

In 1983, Chengdu geology institute (now Chengdu University of Technology) Mr. Tao
Zhengzhang conducted specific studies, confirmed that the unit of carat originated as
the Mediterranean carob tree seeds --- rice beans, more than the weight of this species
is about 200 mg, and someone said Abyssinian acacia, locust bean Bruce coral and the
weight has nothing to do. Until the early 20th century only by the standard carat

Now the metric carat units, one carat is equivalent to 200 mg has been used since
1907. Prior to this, one carat equals 205 milligrams, or 0.205 grams.
Carat (Ct) is the gem quality (weight) unit, now scheduled for 1 carat equals 0.2
grams or 200 mg. One carat is divided into 100 points, as 50 points, or 0.5 carats, to
the relatively small stones used in the calculation. Basically the same as the density of
diamonds, so the more weight the greater the volume of diamonds. The larger the
diamond the more rare, the higher the value per carat.

Now scheduled for 1 carat = 200 milligrams = 0.2 grams. The old one carat gem about
205.3 mg of the book, if converted to carats is set, then by 1.0265 to 1 kt, where only
general said, because the old country or region carat value is different.

Weight of 1 carat diamond usually use the following "points"
(point) as the unit of measurement, 1 carat = 100 points. In the diamond certificate,
diamond weight are accurate to the third decimal.

IGI uses precision electronic balance 0.00001 carats to be exact, said the weight of
diamonds, the diamond weight recorded in the diamond identification report, and
accurate to two decimal places. So a 25-point diamond weight .25 kt. The same
quality diamond, the greater the weight the more precious.
Precious metals (gold, silver, platinum, etc.) of purity, can these
"expensive" for the total weight of the composition and the ratio
of total to 24. Gold example, gold is 24K; 18K gold that is the weight of 18/24, its in
6 / 24 is a metal alloy.

X = 24Mg/Mtotal, can be understood as: X/24 = Mg / Mtotal

X for the card number, Mg is the weight of precious metals, Mtotal the total weight.

Annex: Quality Unit Form

Metric: t | quintal | Public Value | kg | Company 2 | Public Money | g | mg | mg | Nike

Taiwan system: kg | 2

City System: Tam | kg | 2 | minutes

Inch: t | st | pound | ounce

Old system in East Asia: Stone / Tam | kg | 2 | money | min (see weights and measures

Exclusive Unit: kt | atomic weight
The price calculated according to carat diamond ring. Now generally about 0.2 kt sold
4,000 yuan; 0.3 kt sell about 7,000 yuan, the larger more expensive. Beautiful to look
at the purity of diamond diamonds, with or without cracks, crack the number, color,
cutting, price points are associated with the above! Purity, luster, weight, size, color
(the more pure the better), work is fine, no grinding in general can not tell a diamond.
If the craft depends on the brand, well-known good.

Note that:

1. The higher grade diamonds, weight greater impact on prices.

2. On the critical weight of diamonds in particular. Such as: 30 points, 40 points, 50
points, 1 carat and so on.

3. Not less than 0.2 kt national standard classification. From 0.2 to 1 kt diamond
grading either by bare, but also can be mounted diamond grading, diamond larger
than 1 carat diamond grading standards must be conducted in accordance with the
bare details of grade 4C.

A beautiful diamond ring proved sweet love. Since diamond is the choice between
love token, then what kind of diamond ring how to send it appropriate?

Generally speaking, the election of 50 points or less diamond ring mounted more
suitable, both displays of affection can be ordinary income groups who have received,
34 is the single diamonds diamond ring is a white-collar workers often choose. Some
diamond pieces Xiang into the ring, because of its compact design has also been a
favorite person. If economic conditions permitting, the election of more than 50
diamond better, because more than 50 diamond already has considerable hedging,
value added, the value of certain investments.

Remind you that the diamond you pay attention to weight, we should also pay
attention to the diamond's color, clarity, cut, that is taken into account
"4c" standard. The weight of large, good cut (with bright light),
the pure flaw less, excellent color white diamonds is a good diamond. Buy 40 or more
diamond jewelry, do not forget businesses required to produce certificate of
authenticity national inspection departments. In addition, the proposed purchase of
diamond ring, the better will be matched with the earring, pendants together to buy, so
that left regrets jewelry mismatches.

Similarly, the women gave her boyfriend a diamond ring as a keepsake, but also very
appropriate. General, to Xiang diamond pieces of platinum diamond ring type
elements suitable, simple, generous, both China and the United States without
publicity, aptly demonstrates the owner of decent quality.