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									Car license plate invisible spray anti-camera license plate spray invisible light spray
U.S. license plate invisible spray exposure King Limited - Special Trust Import
& Export Trading Co., Ltd. China Shanghai Prudential agent
?2009 a new generation of exposure King - Recruitment agents nationwide
distributors to ensure 100% visibility
To effect the quality of survival based on the world to believe ah reputation and
development. The new king of the United States to upgrade the ninth generation
product exposure - hundreds of millions of riders crazy.
You had been hidden gun devices have been detected speeding penalty experience?
You are not to address the violation in the law enforcement agencies and banks to run
around and worry?
The exercise of your speeding on the highway, or you accidentally ran a red light in
the urban areas, you have
Thought about how we can travel with peace of mind to avoid a fine electronic eye
camera, points it?
Well now! Car license plate invisible spray "the United States the exclusive
worldwide exposure of the king ;---- license plate specifically for the Chinese
R & D of high-tech reflective stealth spray landing China! You are no
longer afraid of electronic eyes, full stop ticket to the fundamental problem!!! (Less
than a ticket price of investment) American light vehicle license plate invisible spray
Wang - super reflective license plate spray invisible electronic eye camera with
anti-nemesis. U.S. light vehicle license plate invisible spray Co. King allows you to
reject anti-gun anti-ticket professional video camera when the police anti-speed
camera (radar)
Or electronic eye of high-powered flash light projected by the king to protect the plate,
the plate as mirror reflection as the light source back
Presents vast expanse of whiteness. Measuring less than any number. China, Hong
Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions electronic police camera (detector)
The new ninth generation product main ingredients super reflective color convergence,
HNR stealth factor super-reflective HVE nano factor, phenyl, liquid gas, propane,
acetone, pentane, ethyl benzene, etc. .......
Attention! Use the product, whether you "gun camera"
"radar" or "electronic eye" shot from the
point of view "Flash" and "Flash"
Effects can play a very good exposure to ensure that 100% of the products targeted
Product Description: American car license plate invisible spray exposure King Ltd.:
electronic eye camera spray anti-anti-anti-E-eye liquid invisible electronic eye spray
glue plate flash exposure Exposure Magic Wang Wang anti-reflective license plate
spray photo electronic eye test with anti-killer Speed invisible spray
2009 a new generation of U.S. exposure Wang - Shanghai, China special agent,
Welcome agents; knife Wang U.S. license plate invisible spray exposure in the
industry exposure of the prestigious American company in 2006, King introduced its
first generation product, after it has been escalating improvement. Special launch new
ninth generation product upgrade. 2009 Ji Wang used a new generation of light
exposure of the king of the United States the world's exclusive super
reflective solvent formulations. Du special license plates for vehicles in China yellow
white blue and white features, fierce and conducted a special formula, completely
changed the exposure effect of previous generations was not obvious during the day,
anti-gun ineffective, the effective time is short, with the naked eye can identified
shortcomings. Lack of exposure for these king of R & D company after
repeated tests on the basis of previous generations of products, more of the six latest
recipes, so that effects of increased exposure several times, truly 100% exposure.
While maintaining the original price of the same, did not increase dosage plus formula
for the ninth generation of new products listed companies also made comprehensive
changes to packaging have been shown to enter a new ninth generation. .
Ninth Product Kai unique nano-materials and the latest high-tech super-reflective
material can be sprayed surface layer of transparent plate invisible protective film.
Lee has a super reflective of the protective film role, Ai no exception, but the naked
eye looks. (Really do not completely identify with the naked eye) withered when the
police speed camera (radar), or electronic eye of the high-powered flash light
projected by the king to protect the plate, the Duo the same license plate as mirror to
reflect back light source, showing Diao vast expanse of whiteness. Letter and
therefore could not detect any number. Ju This product is suitable for various types of
motor vehicle license spraying, Dan can effectively counter their role in Hong Kong,
Kuai Taiwan, collected all kinds of flash-based Chinese mainland police probe
Sub-king of the ninth generation of products by the United States exposed the many
authoritative test: success through the United States and the Netherlands University of
Denver, police public beta, Ling Meiguo three major TV networks NBC, sub-CBS,
ABC, record, Minato Norwegian television, Ling Helan television, professional knife
Washington Times reported that fierce U.S. Fox television known as
"really very amazing effects!"
Use; first plate clean, cool environment without air spraying, Ping 2. Even shake it off
before spraying mixed, Chuang 20-30cm away from the Licensing Department,
uniform spray; 3. A bottle of about 30 can be sprayed -50 more than one license plate,
mow when the thickness due to spray vary. Kay 4. If the number of local rain, spray
twice more can be appropriate; Note: 1. Containing flammable substances, Diao away
from flammable environment, cool is not easy to place at high temperature (70
degrees) environment. Jue 2. Use clean the first plate, cold not to residual water stains.
Spray a period of 2-6 months. Li,
Replaced by a new generation of U.S. exposure of the king 2009 2007 2008
deficiencies. Upgrade technology and formulation to ensure full exposure of 100%
effective, if a full refund within 30 days of poor results. The company's
unique product ideas, planning avant-garde fashion, chop wave guide recreation and
leisure. Kuai excellent reputation, Feng for the wider population. Ming has a clear
market advantage, teal product consumption potential, Kai market is vast. Ming
generous return space, Gan continued new product development system. Quasi
long-term benefits to the distributors to ensure the rights of dealers to ensure a small
investment, low risk, high return; ? To ensure that the exclusive distribution of the
regional market distribution and monopoly rights; * price of national unity, unified
policy to ensure that the vital interests of dealers ; perfect after-sales service system
strictly to guarantee product quality, Ling bear all the quality problems caused by the
relevant responsibilities; * free technical training and guidance; * to provide
convenient, fast, flexible, safe, efficient and accurate distribution services, logistics
system of mutually beneficial cooperation and common development "is
our basic principles for cooperation, Diao Subject to this principle, Feng We are
willing to units or individuals around the country to carry out various forms of
cooperation. Wan Interested parties may develop cooperative programs and Contact
us to discuss. Feng different forms of cooperation, we will be partners Zheng product
information, quotes, training materials and other necessary information, by helping
the smooth development of relevant business partners. Yin as long as the partner to
obtain certain results, Ji we in the company's Web site partners, the name,
address, telephone, fax, e-mail and other related information, robbed of its website
links, Duo for partners to bring more business opportunities.
Sales agent: effects of exposure of spray plate detector. Light instant snapshot camera.
09 latest remote smart device flop
Friendly reminder of the company's customers:
"My company received customer complaints; currently on the market a
large number of fake and inferior products; repackaging generic products. Please look
for when buying: "The U.S. trademark anti-counterfeiting laser exposure
King labeled" can check the authenticity of text messages; guard against
counterfeit; do not readily believe the exaggerated boasts some merchants, such as the
effect of more than half are single bottle of fake and shoddy products, please do not
freeloaders. Purchase counterfeit products, the final result in more serious damage.
"(Our products ensure 100% verifiable exposure after the effect of
U.S. light vehicle license plate invisible spray Wang Shanghai Xincheng special
commission agent of China Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd.
Pudong New Area, Shanghai Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone of the Legg Mason Road,
No. 168
Sales Vice President: Carson Yeung Order Hotline 15601601859 / 86 021 - 68941411
Fax 86021-68942994

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