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Shen Hua Gan a practice of the day: campus safety problems and countermeasures
2009-10-13 10:14
Shen Hua Gan a practice of the day: campus safety problems and countermeasures
China's chief coach Li Zuhua Civil Jiangxi
First, strengthen the importance of campus safety
School safety is the work of the whole social security a very important part. It is
directly related to the young students can safely and limits as to grow up well-being of
millions of families peace and social stability.
World Health Organization released a report in 1990, most countries in the world,
accidental injuries are children and adolescents injured, disabled the main reason. In
China, the majority of school-age children's accidental injury occurred on
the way schools and school; in young people of different ages so, on 15 to 19 years
the highest mortality rate of accidental injuries.
 ?Accident not only caused a large number of children in permanent disability and
premature death, consumes enormous health care costs, and reduced national
productivity. Not only for children and families suffering and misfortune, but to the
community, government and schools due to the huge burden and loss. According to
the survey, 1999 to 2002, Beijing Gong Fashengxuexiao compensation for economic
losses of more than 360 casualties from the students, of which more than half 学校
difficulties with respect to accidents.
Therefore, the campus safety has become a hot issue in the community. Protect every
child, so that happened to them to reduce accidents to a minimum, has become an
important primary and secondary education and management of content.
Worth considering is that prejudice to the campus safety hazards in the end what does?
How should we to respond?
Second, the common security incidents on campus safety
   The first accident improper activities. Students in their spare time chasing each
other, tease, slapstick do not have the sense of proportion and when the ways and
means, using stones, knives, toys and other equipment damage.
 ?Second, extrusion, trampling accident. School and after school in the corridor, the
gate where the dark and narrow squeeze caused competed with each other, trampling
accident. The high school building corridor railings do not meet requirements;
campuses deep pool; sports equipment unscheduled inspections, maintenance,
replacement, some dangerous to use in the sick; school facilities aging.
 ?Third, traffic accident. Do not take the sidewalk, cross the street at random, forced
Chiu Road, traffic accidents caused by such high-speed riding. Ride vehicle or
vehicles caused by overloading of vehicles turning people casualties.
 ?4 is a sports accident. Sports or physical education is not discipline or lack of
concentration, activities freely, sports equipment damage caused by the use to no
  ?Fifth, labor or social practice accident. In labor or poor safety awareness of social
practice, the operation required unskilled or damage caused by operation.
  ?Sixth, school violence incidents. School security systems, and preventive measures
are not effective, students infringement by outside criminals. Buddy loyalty partisan;
for small friction and the use of force; blind consumption led to theft; bad exchanges
pull people into the water; a small number of teachers to corporal punishment.
7 is a fire accident. Students heating, electricity, caused by improper eating fire,
electric shock, poisoning and other accidents. First, serious chances, leading to aging
power lines and facilities still make do with the use of inadequate fire equipment,
buildings aisle design does not comply with the requirements and so on. Second, the
lack of fire knowledge, most teachers do not use fire extinguishers, fire class rarely,
the occurrence of fire even know what to do. Third, lax management measures, such
as students casually using electrical, gas, candles and other flammable substances.
8 is a student body for special purposes. Specific diseases due to the students, special
physical fitness, abnormal mental state caused by accidental impact damage.
9 natural disasters and accidents. Student self-help self-protection ability, experience
storms, earthquakes, floods and other natural disasters, the damage can not be an
effective defense.
10 is a health incident. Inadequate attention to school health management, working
mechanism is not perfect, work measures are not implemented, especially in rural
infrastructure in the school canteen backward and poor sanitation are still outstanding,
the school has become a hidden danger to public health emergency security incidents
Third, measures to enhance campus safety
(A) strengthening management of clear responsibility
  ?Local administrative departments in accordance with "the management,
classification responsible" and the faithful take on school safety
management responsibilities within the administrative schools and kindergartens all
the security work into the scope of regulation.
To further the implementation of a school management organization, with dedicated
staff responsible for school safety and management.
Second, to strengthen school management and security into the local education
business "Eleventh Five-Year Plan", increase investment,
strengthen the power, sound system and ideologically, organizationally and
institutionally more powerful form of protection.
Third, we must focus on strengthening the rural boarding schools, migrant children of
school safety. To provide guidance to schools to further improve the internal safety
management system, set up security early warning mechanisms and contingency plans
for disaster risk prevention, the implementation of security measures.
Fourth, under the leadership of the local government, timely and relevant departments
to study and solve boarding school after completion of law and order, health, food,
transportation and other new situations and new problems, to rural boarding school
dormitory, canteen and other construction buildings construction and use of standards
strictly, without leaving any building on the security implications.
Fifth, a good grasp of the school fire, student dining hall and dormitory management,
school campus and surrounding security environment, and firmly to prevent fires,
poisoning, traffic and other major accidents.
6 for the region to organize all rural boarding schools, migrant children schools,
security checks, each check school safety systems, contingency plans for the
development of the situation, school buildings, canteens, self-provided water, toilets
and other accident-prone environment, hidden troubleshoot the situation, so that the
system plan is not perfect to live, a major hidden danger of rectification to live, and
preventive measures have not let off.
(B) strengthen inspection and eliminate hidden dangers
Primary and secondary schools before the semester begins in spring and autumn are
generally carried out a safety inspection on the campus, to address the various security
risks. Educational administration and supervision departments at all levels should
focus on rural primary and secondary schools, through thorough investigation and
other means to guide urging schools to higher authorities on safety management and
education of the requirements and measures to implement solid. To check the steering
feedback to the local government and administrative areas were notified. Examination
results and school supervisors should work as a security assessment of administrative
departments and schools an important indicator of the overall work.
(C) to strengthen education to raise awareness
Local administrative departments and schools with the local public security organs
and the Communist Youth League, Young Pioneers and other organizations, closely
around the "Live Life, Safety First" theme, further organize the
students to the "national safety education in primary school
days", "China children safe action "and other safety
education activities to students in the educational activities and effectively improve
safety awareness and prevention capabilities. Primary and secondary schools through
lectures and carry out knowledge contest organized watch the video, released the
safety manual, production boards and other forms, vivid image of the fire prevention
to students, crowded and trample, traffic, drowning and other accidents of education;
to carefully organize and arrange all the students organize an emergency evacuation,
escape self-help exercise and improve all the faculty and students the ability to
respond to emergencies.
Educational administrative departments at all levels should continue to organize in
groups grade kindergarten principals in primary and secondary school principals and
safety management training. According to local conditions to develop training
programs, school principals, principal of the security management into training,
through distance education and intensive training and other means to continuously
improve the safety awareness of school administrators and management. Training for
the primary and secondary safety laws and regulations, policies, common accident
prevention, handling emergencies, etc., training time less than 16 hours. Areas where
conditions permit, principal and school principals can be other security managers to
concentrate on specialized training for security management. Primary and secondary
schools to organize all faculty, especially the class teacher on safety training, conduct
emergency drills to improve faculty's responsibility and protection.
(D) make concerted efforts to strengthen cooperation
Educational administrative departments at all levels should continue to strengthen
public security, safety supervision, health, culture, construction and other relevant
departments of the contacts and coordinate with timely communication, resolution of
key issues, under the unified leadership of local government together good primary
and secondary safety management. The comprehensive management of primary and
secondary schools and the surrounding environment, fight against illegal and criminal
activities and measures to implement the various tasks. In conjunction with health
departments do a good job of infectious diseases prevention and control of school
safety and food hygiene, effective control of the school of public health emergencies
(E) the implementation of "the public security organs to maintain law and
order on campus and the surrounding eight measures"
  ?First, on campus and in surrounding, against teachers and students personal and
property rights of criminal and security cases, hand responsibility to implement the
Second, the campus security around the complex areas of the rule Angang Ting, and
conducting security patrols, strengthening law and order management.
Third, as needed to schools, kindergartens presence of security guards, responsible for
maintaining campus safety.
Fourth, schools and kindergartens to send civilian police as Vice President of the rule
of law or legal counselor, responsible for security precautions, traffic and fire safety
publicity and education, to work on campus at least twice a month.
Five sections in the field of primary transport complex, kindergarten school, after
school hours, to send civilian police or the Ability to maintain the campus entrance
road traffic order.
Sixth, in schools, kindergartens, roads around the complete set of warnings, speed
limits, slow, and let lines and other traffic signs and traffic safety facilities, schools,
Shi Hua road in front of the crosswalk line, crosswalk lights to set conditions.
Seven in urban schools, kindergartens, road conditions around the set to go to school,
after school hours as a temporary parking spaces to facilitate the transfer student
8 is a boarding school, kindergarten, at least every six months to organize a fire
inspection; on the other schools, kindergartens, at least once a year, and the
supervision and guidance of their duties according to law to fulfill the fire.
(F) Implementation of the Ministry of Education, "do a better job on the
six primary and secondary safety measures"
First, actively cooperate with local public security organs to seriously implement the
"public security organs to maintain law and order on campus and the
surrounding eight measures", the establishment of mechanisms to work
together to develop the work program, effective protection of student personal and
property safety.
Second, rapidly organized forces around the school premises to conduct geological
and investigation, who quickly found geological hazards of the report to the local
government to properly dispose of the investigation out of the classroom with the
security risks to stop using the temporary closure when necessary.
Third, every school, pre-holiday should be targeted to students, carried out safety
education, safety awareness among students, especially in various forms to enhance
students cope with floods, landslides, fires, earthquakes and other emergencies in the
emergency training improve student self-help self-care ability.
Fourth, the school each semester on the school bus to safety and security, driver
qualifications to conduct a comprehensive inspection, non-rental vehicles to shuttle
individual students, all school buses to transport students must meet the standards set
by the traffic control department.
5 is a boarding school with teachers or administrators to be responsible for
management of student hostels, the implementation of the night watch, inspect the
system, insist on boarding students, and regularly check the implementation of roll
call shop system.
Sixth, put an end to the school campus parking space rental for social vehicle, in
flammable, explosive, toxic, harmful, and dangerous goods production, business
activities, and other activities likely to endanger the safety of students.
  ?Campus security is a major event not ignored, and only mass prevention, strengthen
management, to create a vibrant campus environment in which children grow up
healthy (Author: Li Zuhua, exclusive original and reproduced on please specify)

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