CALLASFOREVER forever and my only idol_ the goddess of Callas. by fdjerue7eeu


									CALLASFOREVER forever and my only idol, the goddess of Callas. .

My idol biographies, reprinted the information I will have the opportunity to write,
but she was too difficult to write
Maria Callas was born in New York in 1923, the Greeks. As the mother of her strict
training and planning for the future of the demanding, Callas's childhood is
almost no fun at all, she frequently participated in a variety of children's
performances and competitions, 13-year-old on the end of formal education, entered
the Conservatory of Music. November 1940, Callas Opera debut in Athens, from her
brilliant step by step, until she finally lost her voice, lost her. . . . . .

April 1949, Callas with 30-year-old than she married the Italian Meneghini, this is the
only time in her life formal marriage. Meneghini was her performance agent, he let
Callas non-stop from one city to another, one airport to another airport, a hotel to
another hotel, he let all the world famous Opera House for the karaoke Williams crazy
line up, he helped Callas made to the Theatre highly paid, collect all the comments
Callas performances, he would not let Callas to have children, strive to maintain the
myth of Callas soprano. This marriage only soprano and the broker's
portfolio, Callas did not get from a woman needs love, as the singer of Callas and
Callas a woman into a unity of two opposite, only she never-ending task, rehearsal
and performance, only the fanatical worship of the audience, and will bring the fear -
a fear of losing the audience's fears.

Callas as the dazzling singer, her success as a sea, the sea cold and noise, drowning a
woman as Callas. But one day, there was a ship at sea, the boat is a real sea palace: the
railings with lapis lazuli, gold bathroom accessories, expensive painting treasures, the
oldest Qianbao western Buddha, with Knossos enlarged color copies of stone mosaics
decorate the pool. Boat with 60 sailors, plus attendants, laundry, sewing teacher,
masseur and two senior chefs. This is the famous "Christina"
luxury yacht, its owner is the world's richest man, the Greek shipping
tycoon 阿里斯托特利 Onassis. End the 35-year-old birthday when Callas was in
Paris, one day, morning, noon and night before the performance, Callas three
consecutive received a large bouquet of red roses, flowers attached to a signature than
a simple and long list of good wishes Finally, there is no signature altogether, Callas
was think that is very romantic, and this was her first impression of the Onassis.
Callas soon 阿 里 斯 托 特 利                           Onassis invited by his wife,
"Christina" was out to sea travel. The voyage to Callas feel into
the mythological world, her husband looked very depressed, complaining all day,
Callas who found him not at ease. Callas not only want to be loyal to her husband,
they instinctively desire to close to Onassis, she wandered between the two. One day,
the sea began to roar, the weather became bad, Meneghini and other guests hid in their
bedroom cabin, recreation hall, only Callas and Leonard West, they talked all night,
Callas life for the first time not only concerned about themselves, for the first time by
a man occupies the center of her world.

Onassis Callas for the first time to love and be loved by the experience, he brought
her love, frivolity, passion and tenderness, so she tasted the joy of life, he is no longer
as one obsessed with her singing, He opened the way to her heart, made her feel a lot
of new feelings, not simply as a contract, obligations, and premiere to worry about.
Early in the morning, she woke up carefree; day, she bathed in sunlight; night, she
was quiet in the shipping tycoon Ali touching story. . . . . . Callas wore Onassis gave
her a bracelet, bracelet engraved with "TMWL", which is
"to give my dear Mary," the first letter of the four words, in
front of her husband with impunity wearing the bracelet, both happy and proud. (In
fact, the Onassis once sent his wife before such a bracelet, a few years later, they
donate the same bracelet Jacqueline Kennedy, Callas knew nothing about). Finally
one day, Onassis, like a hurricane, destroying the last line of defense Callas, Callas
decided to leave her husband.

The end of the trip in the Callas couples, home of the second night, Onassis
miraculously appear in the window of their home, he loudly sang a song called
"Mary Mary" in Naples folk songs, and then notify Meneghini:
Callas he intends to marry a wife, do not want anyone to obstruct. Meneghini and
advice for all begged to no avail. Next 4:00, with the Onassis left Callas Xiermiao to
Milan. In Milan, they got into a reporter's worries, the Onassis said,
"Of course, such as Maria Callas, a prestigious women love me, how can
we not make me feel proud?" He inadvertently reveals This remark is his
life one of the most outspoken stated. This has a number of ships and countless wealth,
need to "prestigious" the woman fall in love with him, has
proven his own worth. Callas singer for him, is an effective stimulant, of course, a
few years later, when he should have a stronger stimulant, he has a famous Chinese
and widow of U.S. president.

Callas in Milan Onassis sent to board a plane flying to Venice to pick her up, and then
on the "Christina" was. Callas, now more than ever happy, the
vast blue Mediterranean Yanbo her great joy, a blend with another strong desire to be
awakened, she congratulated the end of their solitude, drastic reduction of the number
of her recordings and performances. In 1958, she was 6 cities in the world and has
performed in over seven operas, a total of 28 games; in 1960, she only had two opera
performances, a total of 7 games; speech in 1961, a total of 5 games; in 1962 only for
the performance of the two ; in 1963 did not perform an opera, held only a few
concerts and recorded several records; in 1964, she was back on stage for a farewell
performance. At the same time, she sensed Onassis began to slowly away from her,
with his dream of a family life has gradually become a bubble.

Callas's close friend, and tens of thousands of music fans who think that is
the Onassis ruined her life, this despicable man ruin her voice, her art and her career.
But if we look objectively, may find that she became his victim was not, but
Callas's need to make him a part of her life. Onassis was the first to wake
up her reserves of vitality and feelings of people sleeping. Callas's tragedy
may be that she thinks that she is the only Onassis discovered the source of these new

Since then, Callas's voice is becoming increasingly worse, a show, do not
sing the correct pitch down E, which makes her great pain: "I'm
out of tune, I'm out of tune, and this is how it? Matter how ah ?!
"She sang five consecutive drop E, face the failure of art, finally relented,
she said:" I can not simultaneously service two masters,
"" I just want together with the Onassis "
"to be his wife, a woman and mistress."

During this time, the Onassis's wife Tina to her husband with adultery
grounds for divorce to the court and published in the newspaper stated. Onassis
deeply painful, which makes Callas anxiety, she bent Onassis divorced, Onassis has
never thought of his wife separated, although he had with her marriage to Meneghini
said. Although he was a few weeks, months, Tina together different, but no matter
which country he was every day at 6 pm should call her. He is not the first nor the last
one wife but also his mistress both men. He hoped that reconciliation with Tina,
Callas had to retreat to Milan, and he had just separated from her husband spent 36
years old birthday.

Callas want to achieve her dream of living an ordinary woman, Onassis is the key
point, but she was more worried about losing him. She does not want him separately
and he did not care, she often became his self-vindication and a victim of intimidation
tactics. He began with a cynical and arrogant tone to speak of her feelings become
more and more indifferent. Sometimes, he left her, a properly take a few days, do not
say hello to play. Callas expect to find from their love is something more that family
and children, but on the marriage actually has vanished. Callas on the banquet, dance
and nightclub the night of diminished interest, Onassis is like a candy business,
though large, can be found in candy Callas bread for a living after all, can not meet
the aspirations of the people. In that year, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis met, he invited
her to ride, "Christina" was sailing, and the Callas stay in Paris.
Also in that year in November, Jack Kennedy was assassinated. Onassis immediately
flew to Washington in the White House. Onassis in the round-trip shuttle between the
two women began.

43 years old, Callas discovered she was pregnant. She longed for life, like children,
Onassis was not. Onassis warned her that if she was desperate to give birth to this
child, that would mean the end of their relationship. Callas into the doubts, fear and
confusion. Finally, she decided to safeguard this increasingly indifferent to the true
relationship away from the child, she fell into the tire. In her desire to get a new
power source and target time, the child was strangled her of this fact is available to
the most important thing in life. With Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis decided to get
married, he returned to "Christina" was, so that is Callas
returned to Paris on board, he said he had guests, she could not stay on board. 9 years,
Callas has been the "Christina" was the master, and now she can
not stay on board. She left the "Christina" was, from never to

Callas in Paris after a friend called, screaming hysterically. Friend to accompany her
from one city to another, moving from one hotel to another hotel, where she found
that she also could not make things, nothing can not go on. She idle, homeless. Time
and space are meaningless, she can identify only the pain.

October 1968, the official with Jacqueline Onassis married Callas fall into the abyss
of despair. Her mental fragility, depression, sleeping pills and tranquilizers just to
calm her down. Callas and Onassis were living together after 9 years of ruthless
abandon, this event completely destroyed across her mind and body, her voice hoarse
and could not sing out.

In later years, she was very lonely, and sometimes in the middle of the night, she
would call a friend, eager to hear some warm words. She began to fragment their
ideas recorded on tape, most of the time talking singer Callas, Maria, a woman will
sometimes speak the common a few charming words, unfortunately Callas will
immediately grab the words in the past: "I am willing to do ordinary
woman Maria Callas but the singer I have to maintain her dignity. I would like to
think she is both a whole, as Maria Callas once 。。。 perhaps, we can not opera
star Maria Callas and separate ordinary woman - she is consistent with both.
"But they are not really consistent. Maria Callas was suffocating under the

September 16, 1977, Maria Callas in Baliqiaozhi 36 Mount Dyer Avenue, died aged
54. In the final days, her feelings of regret, depression, sub-natural one. . . . . .

According to Callas, "I want to be buried, but can not be
worms," the wishes, the Greek culture minister to her ashes thrown into the
vast expanse of the Aegean Sea.

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