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					By2 "Twins"
At 09:12 on the April 10, 2009 Source: China Economic Net

  New Focus in the most invincible youth music

  All 17-year-old U.S. girl twins

  By2 Dancing DNA

  By2 new album Twins 2009/04 Value hardcover CD + DVD

  Dance title song "DNA"

   In order to demonstrate this first with explosive dance music rather, By2 particular,
to strengthen the training of dance, showing a "Stomp" dance of
the show, with the growth factor discovered by accident By2 dance performance in
the body, and slowly began to reveal some sexy of the curve!

   Lyrical title song, "I know" (TV series "The race
started," Pian Weiqu / LG ice cream phone endorsement song)

   I know that the MV invited drama "game start" actor-hsiang
performance, 17-year-old girl on campus pure love story, By2 sister Miko single play
the leading role performance, emotional drama of a true feelings, arouses pity!

 Brilliant title song "Brave" (the ninth city, "King
World" game theme song)

   JJ Lin, Lin Yu in "double-lam" Let's hands to
create,      by      the     lyricist    Lin    Yu,      JJ    composer's
"courageous", full of classical style, BY2 sing very lovely, as
this adds a lot of online games is more emotional imagination.

  Bilingual main "Don't go away" (Internet fever
digital music title song)

   Pigeon flying, the sun refraction, Maiden's Prayer, the growth of
memory, "Don't go away" is By2 farewell 16 the
creation of the first publication of a smile 17 singles, respectively, the
"national language" and "English"
interpretation of the lyrics were different mood, with By2 exquisite ballet
performances, "Don't go away"                    Sentimental,
beautiful, young girls feeling the atmosphere in every possible way.

  Two sides of white youth between cell division and movement the most invincible

  Goodbye 17 of 16 smiling sun and stars fantasy and reality You and Me Miko Yumi

  BY2 2 twin girls Twins 2 album


  About BY2

  Inherent DNA blood cells, are a kind of indelible fingerprint records!

  After cell division, while implantation in the mother's nursing room

  A minute gap between the doomed relationship between us

  Twins girls dancing energy of static moment

  Two concentric castle prayer

  Pray for our pursuit of those who are not pig

  I pray that he happens also crush on me

  Pray for my idol no longer dating chaos

  Pray I just want someone to send me new shoes

  Pray I will not grow up too fast

  Prayer ... ... ...

  BY2 Twins is

  Two girls. 17 years                old,   Aries,   twins.   The    second     album,

  Miko + Yumi = by2. 2 girls nursery room while her mother grew up slowly from
the cells grow, the original is a single room in the uterus, they become a double room;
used to be a man leisurely stroll in the mother in amniotic fluid grew up, but he just
more of a neighbor!

  Miko and Yumi between the fate, from the cell begins when they start from a tiny
cell on each other sisters!

   17-year-old girl's idea of strange, philosophy of life is pure and simple!
World of fantasy novels on their terms, but sometimes real, sometimes for the girls in
the male and female cartoon crying, anxious, afraid of a misunderstanding, the female
lead actor should miss the confessions of a deep feeling ....

  For the definition of sisters, but also often plagued By2 ~ Who is the sister? Who is
the sister?

   Why does everyone "provisions" Miko is the sister? For them,
the two people that is clearly out of line from the womb, the
"sister" riding in my sister back, should be the first young were
tread out of belly fishes, so in accordance with By2 logic: "Miko should
come first is a "sister" should mark the end of Yumi when sister
better! "

  Therefore, adults them altogether wrong it!

  oh my god! Who will help correct it? ! !

  BY2's DNA

  DNA is Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) of the acronym, is a molecule that can form
the genetic instructions to guide the operation of biological development and function
of life. Main function is long-term storage of information, can be likened to the
"blueprint" or "recipe" ... the genetic
message of DNA fragments with known genes, other DNA sequences, and some of its
own structural role, some are involved in regulation of genetic information
performance (source: Wikipedia).

  Because the same genes, BY2, do not look carefully at the appearance of hard to
separate the origin, but carefully feeling, but Miko and Yumi can distinguish between
the subtle changes.

  Miko quieter, Yumi lively little; Miko romantic to fall in love, Yumi is more
powerful in ways out of the dance; on them the same DNA so that they are born with
the same genetic instructions, know each other, empathy, mutual support each
other's best friend; but, after all, are two independent entities, each with an
independent mind, so the view of things, like, with age, began to gradually different.
  BY2 17 birthday it!

  Promise of "Mimi fertility," the private wishes ..

   After shooting "I know" MV day, BY2 colleagues with
record companies early birthday, Old Street in Taipei, we are struggling on the climb
to the ancient order of 106 called "philosophical floor" of the
Red House restaurant dinner, in this building 108-year history of the ancient building
to, BY2 overlooking the Tamsui River, facing the bounty of beauty, forget the
film's tired of two girls, quietly enjoy the immediate landscape, the
landscape of old water seems to have greeted the story, two- foot on the highest point
of fresh water, "philosophical House", BY2 and this building
was a red castle with the 108-year-old 17-year-old dialogue: he can expect as a strong
fortress built on the hill, like, all-conquering, never strong. BY2 always dream to be
standing on the top, has been to shine, from 16, 17, 18, 19, ... .... Till forever!

   Promise in the universe outside the castle birthday wishes, Invincible, BY2 happy
with the staff went into a restaurant to celebrate 17th birthday, you crazy point of a
full table dishes, two girls in the dinner, promised a 17-year-old birthday girl BY2
wishes: 1> wish you all good health and peace 2> want to talk about a
true love, the end of the secret love life 3> and then a long high 1:04>
hope that when we wake up, Mimi fertilization, continuous UP! UP! Upgrade 3 CUP.
No. 4 wish 1, record company staff quickly ordered a pot of "green papaya
chicken soup," onto By2 before the two girls do not eat this with rice, soup
dropped chopsticks Meng, for his own chest " tonic. "

  Concept album

  BY2. 2 Gals. Twins. Second album. "Twins".

   Album name named "Twins", from the "BY2, 2
17-year-old twin girl, the second album." BY2 youngest double package
tire combinations, both static and dynamic performance style double-effect-one. For
the twins, always let us have a common response to feeling "the same, 2
double," as is "double the number of" relationship, it
will give us a "happy, successful, concentric circles" feel.

   Worldwide, 6 with 90% similar to their own people; the world, the average birth
rate of twins is 1 ︰ 89, BY2 probability that one gene! We are very curious about
the process of the birth of twins, twins are more interested in everything in life, of
course,    BY2's        Miko     and    Yumi      are    hidden    by      the
"double" energy release, it is exciting witnessed!

  Around the "number 2" and "twins"
topic, the concept album, go to the "double number, double, exactly the
same" as the creative idea and concept.

  Modeling artist

  BY2 "Ultra" Moe "doll line" love
dating style: solid most innocent

   Bright eyes, Peng loose hair, mix and match solid color, movement staggered body,
a new doll style BY2

  BY2 this with solid, pure love as the theme, much to show
"Super" Moe "doll line" love dating style,
Berthelot girls like comics as a large number of wearing a solid color dress, pure
white, red and Wife ...

  Slightly curled a big wave of the tail showing a romantic atmosphere, show a little
17-year-old girl with adult odor of firstfruits degree, large pearl necklace shape parts
without losing them in the elegant young girls and cute style, is sufficient for
today's "super- "Meng" doll line,

   Speech a little girl voice, singing, Girl Power has revealed the BY2, upright young
girls because the period they are also very concerned about their own fashion wear, so
well-known stylist (Chen Sun Hua) the building, the wind added to pure love some of
the fashion girls popular style, stylist (Chen Sun Hua): "The time has past,
Barbie dolls, dress through BY2 philosophy, presented in 2009, the popular will
'BY2 doll style'!"

  Album Vision

  Twins girls BY2 "17 years in the same bed"

  Photo album, record Theme daily life of Miko and Yumi

  'Princess By2' sleep pattern Accident Exposure: otaku
happiness index breaking the table!

   17-year-old twin girls living space and attitude, what? ! The answer is revealed:
BY2's pure love, BY2's movement, BY2 fashion! By
internationally renowned photographer (HU Shi-Shan) camera to capture, record from
the perspective of life, we get a glimpse into the real twins!

  In the album art, the photographer will be no pressure to BY2 daily life of every
move, a complete record of re-present camera, the unexpected discovery, Miko and
Yumi fight started from the womb, they always sleep in the same bed, there is no
separate Guo, Miko and Yumi said: "The two of us are used to sleep in the
same bed with crowded feeling, less of each other, will not sleep,
insomnia," so even though the album around the circular after publicity,
and they all "had been sleeping in the same a room, the same bed
", and thus to take over their publicity officer, said:" BY2 is the
province of rent for the singer "

  Both "dynamic", "static" moment of
BY2, they get along "simple and clear-cut", they can be quiet, it
can be very lively dynamic! Miko and Yumi asked about the twins,
"telepathy" outside the topic, you both will have Nao Yixian
usual time? Miko and Yumi laughed in unison: "We have no idea apart
bickering, the will to fight on the bed pillow war!"

   For the performance of two girls and students with the ultra
"Moe" the characteristics of selected photographers in particular
scenes, such as a fairy tale theme hotel shooting, fresh green forest beds, adorable,
BY2 a lovely room to see so incredibly happy The two girls gave up clothes will
wrinkle, Tuo Lexie jumping on the bed, like two lively rabbits, and other staff ready
to start to shoot when the two girls actually have because the trampoline jump tired
and fall asleep, the photographer captured this moment the most precious private lens,
so that everyone can see By2 sleep unexpectedly cute. And can see their eyes look
like a princess to sleep, should be so otaku are most happy to do it!

  Album MV

  The first wave Main>> DNA

  Theme: hip hop dance 踢馆 Challenge

   In order to demonstrate this first with explosive dance music rather, BY2 particular,
to strengthen the training of dance, showing a "Stomp" dance,
with the growth of BY2's dance accidental discovery in physical
performance, and slowly began to reveal some sexy curves!

   Well-known advertising director (Lu Lai-hui) in the first dance song quick-hsiang
directed     DNA,      story    main     show:    BY2    superb     hip-hop    dance
"Stomp" dance to participate in dance competitions, BACK
OFF, BY2 an action shot of two "fast" and "Girl
Power" captured the judges certainly, not to dance to stay in traditional
detention, the coquettish leading the dance world!
   The DNA of the choreography, Jay invited Queen of the dance teacher (Chun-che),
for the BY2 the first wave of a wedding dance song! Dance teacher (Qun philosophy)
has traveled to study choreography in New York, after returning to step up to the
school dance rehearsal in DNA content, the dance teacher (Qun philosophy) joined
the African American in particular vividly the "Stomp" dance
presentation elements, so that total with general remarks a "baby
voice" of the BY2 transformation to a dance, showing a "BY2
seemingly modesty, but enough to dance," the movement staggered dance,
will lead the dance from the BY2 "exclamation point"!

   In addition, always take the route of pure love of visual form, the director of the
furnishings in the MV layout, BY2 DNA in mv first show the "hip-hop
fashion" vision! With stunning BY2, 17 years old, invisible in the
gradually see their sexy curves!

  The second wave of dual-main>> I know (LG ice cream phone
theme song)

  Topic: School turns pure love story

   New song, "I know" not only speak for mainland LG ice
cream phone theme song, but also Taiwan's idol drama "game
start" Pianwei Qu, invited "start of the race," as the
actor Li Guoyi MV actor, played high school and BY2 sister Miko couple, talking
about an innocent's love. Scene selection in the Jay's alma mater,
"Tamkang Secondary School," shot, full of quaint tone of
Tamkang Secondary School for the period add dash Sentimental love story romance.
Yumi is to act as a playful little matchmaker, helping to call Li Guoyi Miko, Miko for
the shy confession, and when Yumi had found a loving seedlings grow, in the corridor
outside the classroom Li Guoyi gently snout Miko, Yumi is happy to get it called

   Liguo Yi said at the beginning is very worried about the young not to play into the
drama issue, but Miko acting naturally, so he quickly into the senior role, a kiss the
forehead of the story Miko, a continuous shooting 10 times, never had experience of
love The Miko is a kiss to the dizzy, direct that the feeling is really love, the current
single Liguo Yi also bold statement: "As long as do not say go out, you can
contact with underage girls."

   Music video love story invited Li Guoyi performance, BY2 that both anxiety and
anticipation, in order to determine who will be the opponents play the female lead and
Li Guoyi performance, BY2 sisters in private on arguing for many days, the original
is because Li Guoyi show the film "The Road" was Singapore
Film Festival winner, in BY2 mind is very talented older brother, also both appreciate
the type of the record company finally decided by the "older"
sister Miko as the female lead, although in the 17-year-old Birthday issued a
declaration to love, but at least they have to sing the company boss to 20 years old to
love, two had a rebellious back, said: "We love songs to sing this very lack
of feeling Oh." BY2 contact with Li Guoyi twice The first was meeting,
the second is the MV filming the scene, but Li Guoyi for BY2 feel good, like the
lively type of Li Guoyi girls, do not deny that he appreciated the two personality

   As the game more than opponents have to look at Li Guoyi Miko's eyes,
Miko shy to say it will discharge Li Guoyi eyes, before they had heard of Tony
Leung's eyes will be discharged, she finally understood the feeling, while
watching his sister Yumi also is a close interaction between the two power in the next
whining, loss of staff was also not the star, the face still red than her sister Miko, Yumi
says with a laugh, because watching her sister play with Li Guoyi close eye, as if their
own in photo mirror play, unwittingly also shy again. After the end of filming, BY2
and Li Guoyi contact each other to stay, Li Guoyi expressed hope for the future have
the opportunity to help with guitar accompaniment BY2, BY2 is not dancing Li Guoyi
want to open an individual dance courses, the two sides also agreed to do in Singapore,
accompanied by By2, and Li Guoyi free time to walk around with BY2 to Taiwan, but
this has been agreed to Liguo Yi said: "I feel like a criminal!"

  The second wave of dual-main>>                     brave    (ninth   city,
"King World" game theme song)

  JJ Lin, Lin Yu in "double-lam" Let's hand to create
the brave twins BY2

  BY2 lovely versatile nature of relying on fresh, brand-name recognition quickly in
the Mainland, have again and again to all kinds of endorsement deals, so they also
entered the brothers JJ's "footsteps", red result is
non-stop to over propaganda platform to endorse products .

   Ninth City online game "King World" spotted
BY2's high popularity, also strongly invited them place their own new
game endorsement, sing the theme song. The song's lyrics of course,
cheered by the home-hsiang brothers together, in a song by lyricist Lin Yu, JJ
composer's "courageous", full of classical style, BY2
sing very lovely, as this online game added to imagine the feelings of many .

   Online game "King World" ingenious arrangement, an
attempt to compete from the steel-hard Raiders players to the game, let BY2
"peace angel"-like role, peace out of war, strong atmosphere,
through two 17-year-old BY2 girl hidden "brave" Mind, draw a
peaceful atmosphere!

  Production Sidelights:

  Lin Yu Zhong v.s BY2

  Lin Yu Zhong and BY2 were living in Taiwan, male and female dormitories, male
and female dormitory doors relative to each other be neighbors!

   Lin Yu Zhong daily life was simple, simple living male house door not household
life, BY2 daily without notice, they also love to stay home and practice the dance,
sing, and even love at home Nongnong own blog! Lin Yu Zhong and BY2 meet on
weekdays in addition to the notice of propaganda, the majority of the refuse, will meet!
Lin Yu Zhong vs BY2, otaku, and house woman co-operation from the BY2 first
album the song "donut" (Lin Yu Zhong / lyrics) began to
cooperate, the Lin Yu in the lyrics of "courageous," Lin Yu
Zhong through the normal love of comic books and on BY subtle observations to
another growth masterpiece.

  JJ v.s BY2

   JJ I remember when they first met: "I thought encountered Supernatural!
Because one day when I went to the company, the first floor of the United States met
a lovely girl, but the moment the elevator door opened, he has suddenly appeared in
the 3rd floor!? I thought to myself, Is this the legendary magic!! or instant mobile!?
"but later found JJ and their talent is also wonderful than magic, so JJ
slowly found that" only they have feelings, "and so JJ hesitate
in any occasions, as we strongly recommend BY2, JJ Lin as a composer and
production of new song" Brave "is following the" do
not wave do not have to spend money "mv, the JJ and BY2 Another new
music on cooperation!

  In the process of making cameo, JJ said privately: "Do not look at Miko
and Yum, 2 17-year-old girl dolls appear weak voice, sang a very energetic, fierce
enough to have enough power, they voice their demands so my track record is not
enough! i "

  Third Wave Main>> Don't go away

  Theme: ballet aesthetic girls mind

  Teenage mind is always pale, sour, with the creation of the new song BY
themselves in "Don't go away", so that girls express
more vividly! mv drama atmosphere arrangements, specifically in the 6-year-old BY2
came into contact with the "ballet" dance and
"piano" playing, the director (to Lu Hui) to BY2 with
"ballet" and "piano" as the element, the
unconstrained to Miko and Yumi willful through the "dance"
and "playing" expression, the process went from shooting
17-year-old girl writing songs "Don't go away" true

   BY2 in the 6-year-old came into contact with "ballet" dance,
this is their first contact with a dance, though intermittently during the study, Miko
and Yumi were, said: "When studying ballet, mainly because her father had
arranged, although the ballet we eat a lot of suffering, but also Yinba Lei dancing,
laying many of our rhythm, dance and physical softness! " Now my father
has left us, when we feel sad, we will release our emotions with the ballet!

   Ballet shoes into "hard shoes" and "soft
shoes", shooting mv "Don't go away" day,
BY2 difficult to put a "hard shoes" waving performance,
although rotating, jumping, circling, whip turn ... .... slightly, we discover the BY2
through the "ballet" dance to express the true soul of
17-year-old girl in the world of words, although the director (to Lu Hui) repeated the
difficult actions required to repeat their demands again and again to complete the
picture, so that the presence of Miko and Yumi staff praise the hard ballet dance
background, seemingly more fragile BY2 moved actually hidden a "strong,
brave," the United States!
(Editor: Huang accessible)

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