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Would like to Backup data, but always fail? Carved bad disc, has come to the point
where you can put a stall mat? Bearing this in 8 burn Cheats, carved from the gray
days of a bad disc!

Carved bad disc, generally we are ridiculed as the "Frisbee" or
"coasters." Good luck man, carved piece of bad records is
probably small, almost luck, and may thus 50, 100 of the money spent in chip carving.
In fact, this can not be attributed entirely to the "luck", the
recording still need a little skill.

Perhaps you will challenge, can burn not "digital" copy? Since
it is a digital copy, how an error? For this question, you answer only half as burning
data disc content is digital, recording the way the information is not digital. Like the
computer, "computing" is the digital, press the hand contact
area and bond with the circuit board between the transmission is not digital, so even a
digital computer, if the connection is bad, there can not be calculated time.

Because the burning of these "digital", and become not so easy
to burn, you can also say, is not enough to perfect their hardware design owes
something. So, if can avoid these "digital" factor, but also can
indirectly improve the success rate of inscribed tablets, the following is our list so you
will not carved a bad piece of eight ways:

Carefully choose the machine stable and reliable

Buy recorder or drive, must not rely on "see" determined to do
more homework before you buy it, pay attention to the use of the network experience
of many players, and stability is absolutely important than fast to.

Method 1: Select a reliable burner

Different from the recorder to buy to buy other computer peripherals, must not rely on
"see" to determine, because even if you have a burner, there are
genuine burning software, coupled with quality assurance of the burning pieces, you
still may be a bad moment film.

Can not spot test, it is not read or use? In fact, there are doorways with a view. First of
all, to do more homework before buying, pay attention to the use of Internet
experience of many players, you will find in demand may not be super high-speed
models, remember! Faster than the engraved engraved success is more important.

Second, buy a CD-RW burner than to buy CD-R burner is better, because the CD-RW
burners can use CD-RW blank film, and this empty film can be recycled, therefore, is
not afraid of the bad moment, at most, "erase" data re-engraved
1, CD-R blank CD, we could not do that.

When the recorder to buy to have products guarantee. Many people buy forget this
step, the loss of their right of return policy, if companies can get the maintenance,
service, etc. Returns guarantee not to use more peace of mind?

Method 2: Avoid going to pick the pieces of the drive

Where drive refers to the computer the original installation CD or DVD drive, if you
want information from the drive to the recorder in Press to Press, there must be a
stable drive.

CD-ROM drive will not pick films, used to know. Some CD-ROM CD-ROM on-chip
dye the water blue, "Allergy", while others may be green or
light blue-chip films, this is because CD-ROM chip dyes can not be effectively
reflected, so that the laser reading head drive signal confusion occurred. Actual
reasons are complex, there may be dye coated discs unevenly, it may be defective
drive manufacturing, short of this drive is not suitable for Press to Press's.

But I am afraid to use the know, so we can only say that before to inquire about

Preparation before burning

Turn off unnecessary applications before re-click the hard disk, these small actions
can make you burn more smoothly and, most importantly, the system is stable and
never burning software than to the more important.

Method 3: Turn off unnecessary applications

The reason is simple, burn very consumption of resources, there are many
"non-digital" factor and then cause trouble, why do you worry
Adds one? If you are ready to burn, I suggest you open burning software in the
"before", the first close like ICQ, Internet Explorer, Outlook,
scheduling work, and so program. Hardware will be canceled automatically inserted,
screen protection, energy saving devices and so on, at best do not connect the Internet,
do not run a program side carved side (I know many people like to edge moment
while listening to MP3, do not know you already have a dozen coasters it?), on the
quiet side of it engraved in it!

Method 4: System stability is more important than burning software

Choose to use Nero, EasyCD Creator or CloneCD? In fact, this is, after all, and if
your operating system unstable, and often a "blue screen" or
"can not find the required xxx.dll program, restart," and so on,
that no matter what you install software, there may be engraved on a high bad film.

If possible, burning should be avoided to use the computer to install the program too
complicated, such as installation of monitoring software, sophisticated
communication software, too many anti-virus software, in principle, should be closed
before burning them, and reduce the permanent program is a must do. Sometimes the
boot a long time, computer temporary files too, would be a stumbling block for
recording work, reboot and then start burning may be a better time.

Method 5: re-drive

Burning need to temporary files, so you have to leave space put these files, which will
disappear after the burn. I suggest you turn left at least 1GB of disk space, and
information session is also set aside more than 1GB of space, leaving a little more
hard disk space is required.

Regularly check the hard disk sector, sector restructuring is also necessary to work
hard. Because the recording operation is in progress, recording data if the hard disk
cache, the complete sector sector than dispersed easily read and write, re-drive the
formal sector in order to become more complete. You do not worry about the job long
because a sector can not only speed up the restructuring of the hard disk to read data,
but also to prevent the production of hard disk bad track is threefold approach.

These are not pay attention to

CPU heat intolerance, of course, is no exception recorder, recording first to check
whether the boot failed for too long? Also remember to read every three months to
clear up first. Of course, less poor discs can also reduce the chance of carving the

Method 6: cooling problem

How burning hot, you get just carved out of discs to find out. CPU heat will crash,
memory will be when the machine parts overheating, video card heat sink should be
added, how will the recorder is not too hot bad moment?

The fundamental solution is, do not rely on the recorder with hard drive installed up
and down, use a large box (case), preferably three or three small, two small that one of
each of the devices have a space between, left to heat purposes. If the problem still not
resolved, then from the front or back try to install a fan, buy an external burner is also
a good way.
If you carve a bad film, do not burn one after another, first check the boot is not too
long? Successive burning too much? After recording 34 each, I suggest you take a
break and then continue to burn, to avoid the possibility of a bad moment.

Method 7: carefully choose recording film

Mentioned earlier, failure is likely to burn with the dye recording chip, so choosing a
good recording film, is also the moment to avoid a bad one piece of homework. No
evidence that one kind of dye film safer, has not proven to be accurate to say which
film is best preserved for a long time, there are printed factory mark are usually more
well received, but the price is relatively high. By the way here to remind you that if
the information is important not to use 10 per piece to the poor quality of air film
equipment, and it was very dangerous behavior!

Air-chip labeled 8X, 10X and so the words, these figures multiples, on this empty
piece that can support burn speed, if your burner supports 10-speed recording, you
can buy an empty film printed with 10X. As long as elections are usually lower than
the speed of your burner, or you can tolerate the range on it, engraved with 10 speed
burner 4 times the blank although a little slower, but perhaps more consistent quality.

Buy back recordable discs do not think there is a brand all mighty, proper preservation
is more important! Light, temperature is the number one killer discs, excessive
radiation, high temperatures will make dyes failure to keep full information into the
blank discs. Cool place (such as air-conditioned room in the drawer, the sun not shine
on the briefcase) is the best preserved sites, most manufacturers are guaranteed to
save the change over the decades!

Short-term need to use the information, you may consider to use film to burn CD-RW.
With it you can always wipe the advantages of writing, you do not spend big money
to buy the blank CD-R and CD-R no longer empty bad moment to write, CD-RW
blank moment they can erase bad re-engraved! Optional CD-RW blank piece of skill
is the same, usually a trademark, the brand is reliable.

Method 8: Clean drive and CD-ROM

Video recorder to see for a long time to accumulate magnetic head, impact reception
quality, optical properties of the drive (burner is the same) with a long time, read head
will accumulate dust, causing the phenomenon of reading errors. You can prepare
clean disc, that is below the one that has a brush, into the CD-ROM drive cleaning,
should be cleaned once every three months.

Burn a disc with the film, Press to Press with the disc clean is also important, buy the
camera first brush with the jet spray it on the surface, then gently wiped with a brush
the top of the fiber, fingerprints and other stains if material, that is a must use
non-woven wipe out the. Do not burn off the blank, you will need to be carefully
stored, scratches, deformation can be taboo are burning it!

Finally, I wish you a speedy carved out of the shadow of articles transferred from a
bad film: Burn Cheats

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