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Ji Dapeng
   ?"Soon after dawn, the dawn is the kind of storm is not simply the dawn.
But when day near transit, the sun will shine on the earth, brown the corn harvest in
turn heavy pressure in the arms of those, we sincerely look forward to and to the
tireless efforts of peaceful life and healthy spirit will be protected in the world, and
popular! "sitting held in Lausanne, Switzerland, the 25th anniversary of the
Olympic podium of the General Assembly, 56-year-old 皮埃尔弗雷 Deed Coubertin
gazed with burning eyes after the catastrophe of the International Olympic Committee
colleagues, passionate in speech Road. Shadow of World War I had just strained, the
International Olympic Committee, in its tireless leader, driven by Pierre de Coubertin,
summing up past the legendary rough upbringing, outlook will be held in Antwerp,
the 7th International Olympics. Belgian National Olympic Committee 席巴耶拉图尔
eyes moist, and in his eyes, the bearded little man keep Wenyu Frenchman - Pierre de
Coubertin - is the embodiment of strength and courage!
   Hereditary nobility came from a family of Pierre de Coubertin had to make the
world envy the happiness of childhood. His father, Charles, Baron Pierre de Coubertin
and Freddie Balong De inherited their mother 玛丽马塞尔 a prominent family of
great wealth, two extraordinary artistic accomplishments to the four children has
created an extremely favorable growth platform. In the dream Mierweile castle,
painting with his father Pierre de Coubertin, wander in the religious culture and
natural beauty in; playing with their mothers, immersed in the fairy tale world of
melody jumps; boat ride with his brothers, kicking ball riding adventure sports,
opened the Pierre de Coubertin understanding ourselves and understanding the nature
of the soul window: his love of sports is so, from harvesting techniques, health,
perseverance and courage constitute the source of his spiritual power!
   With only the infinite passion for the sport is still insufficient to create
"the father of the modern Olympics", parents excellent social
activity to a small Coubertin another unique opportunity: in childhood will be able to
Aiteleita culture Sharon listened to Maupassant, Flaubert, Goncourt brothers,
Baudelaire, Cezanne and other cultural master their rhetoric. 19th century France at
the age of 70 the night before the storm: the mighty Iron Chancellor Bismarck of
Prussia are planning a strike against France's Thunder, the upcoming
French Revolution is also simmering. Masters point out problems, love peace and
pursue progress earnest, in Coubertin young mind to take root - giants did not expect
such a great passion for planting once and historical literature Coubertin, love sports
elements of common fermentation, the brew a seminal change how!
   Although due to the rich and away from the family war zone, caught in the
Franco-Prussian war did not spread to the Baron family, but neighbors
uncle's           collection       of        short       stories       Germany,
"Monday's story," plunged the little Coubertin for the
first time felt the war cruel and humiliating failure, especially "Last
Lecture" of Huichangdangqi to tears surging Coubertin also made him start
thinking about the revitalization of the French and stop the war. And parents in the
Mediterranean resort and St. Ignace Middle School teacher of rhetoric of Father
inculcate Caron, Pierre de Coubertin began making historical perspective from the
real world, he thought the depth of the problem is far more than peers: religion,
philosophy, art, history, sports and war, these ambitious proposition as Coubertin off
boxing gloves, fencing masks fade after repeated chewing content. When the ancient
Olympics captured by his wise eyes to the rear, a dim but extremely bold idea began
brewing: whether the following and the ancients used to contain the war sports in this
angel devil, watering peace tweed? Ancient Olympia, the flame began surging in his
chest burning.
   Coubertin's Witnesses from the French for high school and college
education reform to start. Summer is ashamed and lying company of Saint-Cyr
military school teachers and students, transfer to the Paris Institute of Political
Coubertin. In high school sports on the inspection tour in Britain in the university
education system Coubertin still ambitious to promote his Physical Education. British
student's exuberant vitality, decadence of the French youth dispirited, the
German government's aggressive promotion of sports have made the
development of Pierre de Coubertin to carry out a global strategy game as time waits
for no salvation. The Paris "Tangjikede" rejected the parents
arrange the broad road, his heart has been more ambitious blueprint for the inspiration
and traction - Games held worldwide and have been fighting for life! After
painstaking to raise Coubertin, June 16, 1894, the International Sports Congress (the
first Olympic Congress) at the Sorbonne opened seminary! Olympic revival soon,
Lady Luck seems to have waved to the Baron!
   However, the road to success is still strewn with difficulties: the Greek Prime
Minister Trikoupis resolutely refused to do given the IOC's lofty a heavy
blow. The face of depressed friend, the French government warned against the
immense difficulties of Greece, Coubertin launched with great enthusiasm leisurely
lobbying. When the Crown Prince Constantine of Greece was finally learned wise
move Coubertin, the father decided to persuade the Prime Minister denied the
resolution, the Coubertin stadium seemed to see the ancient Greek olive branch
covered a proud hero heroic. Rumbling of the modern Olympic movement has started,
any difficulties and setbacks are just the vortex of this Pentium river!
   Rekindle the flame went out in 1500 strategist, educator, social activist Pierre de
Coubertin, the Olympic Committee served as Chairman of the 7th, the cause of
fighting for the Olympics 43 years later, in 1937, died in grief and anxiety - - his
lifelong pursuit of peace will be another world war torn! Requested in his will to his
heart buried in Olympia Keluonusi foot of the mountain, it and the Olympic spirit will
always beat together! He believed that the soul of different cultures are not barriers
but rather a platform for exchange, he believes that peace will prevail!
   Coubertin's life has undergone many hardships, born rich, he died in
poverty in inner life subscribe to the call, what kind of person to be placed in the top
choices in life, with a value-driven methodology. His achievements tell us: a true
strategist is not only a great thinker, it is a great implementation and integration of
home. He made those before the Olympic revival movement masters reason fail,
probably not well understood engraved on his tombstone the words:
"life's most important is not the triumph but the