Border patrol in the Mediterranean _223_

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					Border patrol in the Mediterranean (223)
    The other two Russian military observers, remember it is from the Moscow military
jobs come up.
    Who was born in the Volga basin, with 1.82 meters tall, graduated from the Frunze
Military Academy in a. He specializes in data collection and collation. Long with dark,
oily beard and hair to be. Slender, elegant, refined, tough. His people are more polite,
more a sense of proportion. He is more particular about their appearance and
cleanliness. It appears that most of the time should be a soldier in the military organs.
It is a military-law of senior generals.
    The young man was born in Moscow, is about 1.78 meters tall look, considered
medium body material. His skin clean, healthy, handsome, dark hair, medium, is a
handsome boy standards.
    Born in the Volga River basin who basically do not speak Chinese. Estimates can
be said, also met a few, such as, say at parting. Or similar to the
"Yes" and "no" to the group. Normally, all
communication between us in English. His English level, but also more general.
    The young man who was born in Moscow, the Chinese level of amazing. He will
say that a standard, fluent in Chinese. Rich vocabulary, tone, pose a considerable
Chinese language. Speak Chinese at the right time is very emotional when the
Chinese people express the kind of charm and posture. Sentence intonation,
pronunciation and intonation, vents, biting words, all basic energy strengths being,
    He said that he was the Soviet Defense Ministry's Foreign Affairs
department's second in command of Chinese interpreters. Before and after
the Soviet Union, he had to follow was that the visiting defense minister to visit China
in Beijing too. In China, with the then Defense Minister Zhang Aiping talks with his
ministers to do their personal translator.
    I remember when television was once seen a Russian military translator, young,
cool, follow the Secretary of Defense in the side who do translation work.
    At that time to visit some of the events and processes, he can say to a January 23.
    This out in his office when the military observers, who served as secretary of
defense minister is no longer the post of the.
    His wife, but also whether it is a daughter of Russian military officials.
    In the former Soviet Union, the country's bureaucratic elite members of
society, is the country's privileged classes. They enjoy any of the civilian
population can not enjoy all the social survival, development, and work privileges.
    The disintegration of social and political system, economy increasing degree of
disorder, all kinds of order, when the urgency of rebuilding the framework of the
original pattern had broken the balance of interests. The basic economic system in
operation is no longer old, the ruble plummeted again and again, social and personal
wealth are also a lot of volume shrinkage. Search for new wealth growth, has become
an urgent need to address people's problems.
    The ceasefire in the military Chongtu region, and in this time is full of various
variables Hui-dimensional and two-year term of office, they can guarantee its own
security situation, can Meiyueduneng hard currency income Yi Xie, although there are
not many , it still is an occasion in the unrest, retain the same basic physical self-Value,
the better is also a way of subsistence.

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