Birthday - DOC by fdjerue7eeu


    From my birthday Another day, no hope, no one remembered. I am afraid he will
forget, so people keep telling me, birthday, birthday. Is indifferent to buy friendship,
did not have the feeling of surprise, numbness all, remember. When night falls, the
feeling of being swallowed by darkness I suffocate. Early morning sun is still not
home a brilliant, this is a very subtle City, fishes rain, wind gentle and lies. Mask
feelings, unknown.
    Read "Love's voice training", the play is a long
and happy cat girl, can not find people around to the time, do not make choices. Play a
simple 20-year-old girl, has not merely the idea, but full of pure hope. Sometimes
straight line between two points is not necessarily recently. From the desire to house a
little happiness to my need to be realistic. She left s curve, wound two men Xibei, and
finally go bright. Love, and sometimes powerful. However, with the release of tender
poison entangled, no less than lethal tetramine.
    Gemini, the wind like a constellation, changing wind, like the freshness, everything
has a beginning of any spirit of passion, heat disappeared three minutes, nothing will
happen as a single cell children. Like POP wind, scratched after only occasional
gossip chat content. Concept of Love: do not care about ever and ever, only care they
have. Because it is Gemini, so I often single cells seem very happy.
    Who have, let me bloom like lilies, increasingly flirtatious touching. Between looks
in your eyes, save a Flying Pigeon transfer books, love short love. Let the time of
happiness in our short stay a moment, quiet the tacit understanding between the touch
of gentle bow, I love your smile, stay a little longer right. Although short, has been
    Hand walking leisurely mood, we will go sect, put on love, though it sometimes
does not listen, caused us a lot of trouble. We still love it, naughty in her cute.
    There is no blessing, I think I will sing for his birthday wish me a happy birthday,
though sad.
    Some people will allow me to create the illusion of happiness, I am convinced that
this is an illusion. Mirage-like illusion, because the fuzzy, so imagine that brought me
to the misty realm of beauty, let me look again intoxicated. Little recollection of
happiness, though not pure as you, but, found out Vista is good.
    Let me briefly lost it under their own, I'm ready to skin trauma sticking
plaster the ... ...

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