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Belarusian State University


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									Belarusian State University

University panorama

   Belarusian State University is located in the Republic of Belarus capital of Minsk.
University was founded in 1921, is the highest institution of Belarus and important
scientific research center. The former Soviet Union one of the four well-known
national universities, comprehensive ninth. Room 125 University of scientific
research available, more than 15,000 students, teachers 1441 people. Work at the
university are: Professor and Academy of Sciences 211, 935, associate professor and
PhD, the university is to train 83 professional master's degree and
sub-doctoral important base for senior personnel. The university presidents also
served as Deputy Minister of the Republic of Belarus Ministry of Education.

   Belarusian State University students in developing their own, but also students
from all over the world to provide a broad post-graduate opportunities. At the
university from the United States, China, Japan, Germany, France, Southeast Asia,
Africa, parts of the world more than two thousand foreign students. The school of
"foreign students management office" and "of the
international relations office" in charge of foreign students in the service
and management.

Campus Corner

University affiliated high school of foreign students

   This is aimed at a junior high school education level have been foreign students set
up in two-year high school. Each year beginning September 1 to receive the students.
High school students in each class preparing for the 6 to 10. Class every Monday to
Friday, 4 lessons per day, each class 1 hour 20 minutes. High school summer vacation
every year for the 7-8 months, winter holiday in February. Expiration of two years of
study after passing the examination, will be issued by the White Belarus Affiliated
High School high school diploma, executive certificate without examination of such
direct access to white or any of a large faculties of Universities for learning.

Duration: 2 years affiliated high school, 4 years undergraduate, 2-year
master's degree, 3 years as an assistant, Dr..

One-year pre-university system

  This is aimed to obtain a high school education has been opened by the level of
graduates, which each year on October 1st opening to the second year by the end of
June. Study include: Russian, mathematics, computer, Belarus, history, geography and
professional courses. The main course to learn Russian.


Year and a half of pre-university system

  This is aimed to have a high school diploma level graduates opened, it was on
March 1 each year to the second year of school by the end of June, the learning
content and the same year pre-university system, but increase the depth of learning,
very conducive to undergraduate section to enter upon a better grasp of expertise.

One-year Pre-Master system

  This is aimed at higher education has been set up by students, Foundation Studies
will study Russian, professional courses.

Basketball court


  Duration: 4 years undergraduate, 2-year master's degree, 3-year PhD.
(University degree certificate at the university after the fourth year after issuance of
national examinations, degree and master of tonal, without the need to upgrade the
middle of exams). University study include: the basic courses, professional courses,
professional internships, thesis preparation and other aspects. University of start dates
on September 1.

   University degree study in university students from grade 1-4. 1,2 grades in college
to learn basic subjects, 3,4 year in professional courses.

Master study

  University, a master's degree study at the University of 5,6-grade,
professional training and during the research study; for in other countries has been
higher education of foreign students entering the white big for a master's
degree study for 2 years when the school system. University will be arranged
according to their professional expertise in teaching and research faculties to follow
the relative master teacher to learn and study according to their pre-qualification list
and arrange courses of study.

PhD study

Learning academic degree of candidate of the University for 3 years.

  Belarus State University, MBA degree is the first in Belarus, the most formal of the
only contractors from the National University and was recognized by the Chinese
government MBA. Belarus State University, International School of Business
Administration degree in teaching organization responsible for the activities of the
majority of all instructors graduated from the prestigious European and American
business. Taught in English, has rich experience in teaching and practice, including
the United Kingdom Wingston Vniversity, Sweden Jonchoping Business School and
other five European universities to maintain cooperative relations with.

   Department of Large matriculation certificate has white students will be based on
individual aspirations and circumstances, including white Esi into the CIS countries,
including the University of undergraduate study section, and without further
examination. In the white section of a large undergraduate study period, students can
actual situation, the consent of the receiving school for the same level of transfer, after
transfer large have learned in the course of white results, the Commonwealth of
Independent States of the universities to be recognized and reservations.

   The school has an open-air stadium, a large indoor Gymnasium, a large number of
small indoor stadium, gymnasium, indoor swimming pool, etc., to ensure that students
in regular physical exercise while students free access to these sites by the preferences
of physical exercise.

  Quarters every 2 to 3 people in a room, each equipped with bedding, bedding, table,
chair, wardrobe, small cupboard, heating, etc. (one school change and wash bedding
every 10 days). Floor, each floor are equipped with bathroom, kitchen, study rooms,
dormitories are equipped with public bathrooms, goods storage room, laundry drying
room, gym and public telephones and so on.

  Teaching in the school building to have a complete circuit of restaurants and cafes
with students, for students to eat.

Faculties and research institutions

   Department of Chemistry Department of Mathematics Department of Physics
Department of Geography, Department of Biology, Faculty of Medicine, Department
of Architecture Department of Languages Department of History Department of Law
Department of International Relations, Department of Economics Department of
Philosophy and Sociology Department, Department of Radio and Electronics MBA
Department of Applied Mathematics and Computer Department of Business and
Information Technology Management Department Department of Information
Technology Teacher Professional Development Center of Applied Mathematics and
Computer Education Institute, Department of Applied Physics Institute of Nuclear
Physics and Chemistry, Institute of Science and Engineering Center, Ozone
Monitoring Centre, School of Business and Management

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