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									Beijing Tianjin Medical University, School of Continuing Education teaching area
Tianjin Medical University Description:
      Tianjin Medical University for the national "211 Project",
with 10 colleges, five academic departments, 11 undergraduate, post-doctoral mobile
stations are 3, 44 doctoral, 61 master degree, doctoral tutor 118, 500 master teachers,
professors, associate professors, researchers, Chief Physician 1173, 2 Chinese
Academy of Engineering, National Talent funded project staff, the Ministry of
Personnel, Ministry of Health, 13 young experts with outstanding contributions, and
enjoy special government allowance of 135 experts. Clinical teaching base has six
university hospitals, 26 teaching hospitals, 11 950 teaching beds.
   School is the first batch of Chinese Ministry of Education to receive overseas
students identified 74 members of universities. Currently, students in the school
education among the nation's medical college and the size of the first.
      Tianjin Medical Zikao professional (professional, undergraduate) are: nursing,
pharmacy, health service management. Adult professional (professional,
undergraduate) are: clinical medicine, nursing, dental medicine, medical imaging,
medical testing science, health service management, pharmacy, professional and other
eye when the optical.
Training institutions and the base Description:
      Continue Medical University, Beijing, Tianjin Medical University, Beijing
teaching area rely on regional advantages, from Beijing and Tianjin medical health
care professionals on the actual demand, the top three hospitals in Beijing in strict
accordance with standard market employment training. School district employers
regularly commissioned by the national health care market for training high quality
health care professionals to actively meet the needs of society.
   Scientific development of training programs the school district, carefully matching
teaching force, the full implementation of the service support and strive to improve
teaching quality, focus on teaching and educating, management of education and
education by environment, and promote quality education. Since inception of the
school district has placed major hospitals in Beijing, nearly 300 students of
      School district in 2010 by the Office of the Chinese Nursing (Commissioning
side) of the commission recruitment schemes (as / Zikao) Nursing (Advanced
Nursing), Clinical Medicine (Basic Medical), oral medicine, medicine (western
medicine), health service management, etc. 5 professional direction of students.
Training levels: undergraduate level. Student employment agreement signed before
admission after graduation by the Client is responsible for Beijing and Tianjin medical
job placement or recommendation.
Client Description:
   "China Nurse Project Management Office" by the China
Poverty Alleviation and Development Centre, China Charity Federation in the
International Exchange Center Chee, National Federation of Exchange of Personnel,
Beijing Union Human Resources Service Co., Ltd. All other units jointly initiated and
established brand of professional human resources services.
   Agency effort to build the health care professionals entrusted with training,
internship, pre-job training, file hosting, job placement, study abroad, domestic and
foreign labor exports as the main services. Institutions based on the domestic,
international market, China is committed to building the best health care human
resources service platform. Training and special training through the commission,
according to Beijing and Tianjin market, the top three hospitals in employment
standards, efforts to train a skilled clinical care, professional skills, with degree or
above level, with the qualification certificate of the Ministry of Health, with General
English spoken The composite health care professional class talent to meet the new
national health care reform policy on the actual needs of health care professionals.
Recruitment of professional and plan:

   1, the medical specialty has its own professional specialty, teaching areas for all
students to pass a "double registration", that the qualification
requirements of registered health sector and education sector at the nat ional
qualifications for registration, the only way students can successfully practice after
graduation employment. School District students in the school registration period
(third year) to participate in the national unity of the Ministry of Health Physician /
Nurse Licensing Examination (nurses, physician assistants, pharmacists).
   2, undergraduate level (specifically the running words) after the professional school
students have a nationally recognized specialist qualifications. Academic subjects
within the prescribed credit requirements and passed the examinations of the Tianjin
area unified organization of adult undergraduate examination, passed the examination,
all subjects qualified Tianjin Medical University after graduation issued the
corresponding certificate of professional undergraduate education, national education
Internet inquiries, met the criteria for a Bachelor's degree.
   3, do not want to participate in l the exam or not through the rise of the examination
will be able to write to the school district or commission to apply for voluntary
application and get with the school district cooperation in other medical institutions
for undergraduate education (adult education, online education or Zikao), National
Education online query, eligible persons, after the state's unified degree, a
student awarded degree.
   4, nursing, pharmacy, health service management professional students may apply
for Tianjin Medical University, Zikao bachelor's degree.
   Note: access to the nature of the diploma depends on the student's own
learning ability and academic performance. The profession will be different according
to their ability to learn, apply to the school district to obtain the form by which the
national recognition of qualifications.
Employment orientation:
   1, by the Client (China Nurse Project Management Office) and the participants
recommended the agreement signed between the job, after graduating, or placement
recommended by the Client to Beijing and Tianjin hospital, graduates can choose their
own jobs;
   2, graduates may choose to further studies, the school district to assist with Beijing
and Tianjin-class medical institutions (Tianjin Medical University, Peking Union
Medical College, Peking University Health Science Center, Capital Medical
University) Medical applications for Master and PhD students and other related work;
   3, nursing school graduates meet the conditions of RN applicants may voluntarily
apply for the international nursing, registered nurse examination by the United States
(RN) to achieve job migration abroad;
   4, excellent post- graduates may voluntarily apply for staying in school or
commission as a counselor, class teacher or teaching assistant (Beijing signed a labor
contract, the "three or four risk insurance", free
   5, file hosting: Graduates from the school district personnel file to assist with
relationships, and exchange personnel in the National Federation of hosted exchange
service centers and automated check register online (a voluntary basis at their own
expense). Students sign contracts with medical institutions can conduct its own after.
Registration Phone: 13820638722 022-89708855 high teacher
QQ: 1024038782

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