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									Beijing Jiaotong University EMBA Brochure
     Beijing Jiaotong University EMBA (Executive MBA Degree) brochures
Beijing Jiaotong University is located in Haidian District, Xizhimenwai, directly
under the Ministry of Education-for-work, Guanweizhuti, to Xinxi and
communication Lei and Xue Ke Qun management and economic class characterized
by workers, management, economics, natural sciences, Xiang Jie He's
multidisciplinary universities. Beijing Jiaotong University, Economics and Business
subjects synchronized with the development of a long history of school discipline.
1996 by School of Economics, Industrial Engineering and construction management,
material management engineering together constitute the School of Economics and
Business Administration, Economics and Business Administration in 1999 renamed
the Economic Management Institute.
Uphold the Discipline of Economics and Management School of the development of
heritage, is committed to building a domestic first-class management school in order
to "cultivate first-class creative talent, and create new knowledge forefront
of academic and service of modern economic and social" responsibility,
adhere to the "truth-seeking, innovation, dedication, love, harmony
"The core idea, keep forging ahead, has made remarkable achievements.
The college has 190 faculty, including 1 Chinese Academy of Engineering, State
Department Counselor 1, 1 Yangtze Distinguished Professor, Professor, 36, 81,
associate professor, more than 3,000 students in the school. College offers:
Department of Economics, Accounting, Business Administration, Logistics
Management, Information Management, Tourism Management, Project Management,
Public Administration and Finance Department, China-Australia Business School and
the professional degree education centers. Meanwhile, Chinese enterprises mergers
and acquisitions with research centers, research centers competitiveness of Chinese
enterprises, China's industrial safety research center, Institute of Transport
Economic Theory and Policy, Development Strategy Institute, Labor Economics and
Human Resource Management, Value Added Logistics Institute and other 20 types of
education and research institutions.
   My MBA from the school began preparations 92 and 93 by the National Board of
Education formally approved as a pilot MBA degree-granting institutions, 94 began
enrollment in the country. In 2002 I launched the High School was approved by the
Ministry of Education Master of Business Administration (EMBA) training and
education, as the Ministry of Education approved 30 pilot one of the EMBA degree
education colleges and universities. Point of our school EMBA degree in Economics
and Management. From 2003 onwards the official launch EMBA training and
education, our school has been recruited to take eight students accumulated a total of
nearly 500 people. In 2004, "China's market with the most
leadership EMBA" Award, EMBA program in our hospital in the country
in 30 pilot institutions EMBA ranked 13; in 2005, "The Second China
market with the most leadership EMBA" Award , I finished eleventh
hospital EMBA programs; the first in 2006, "the Third China market with
the most leadership EMBA" Award, EMBA program ranked 10th in our
hospital, a; in 2007, "Fourth China market with the most leadership EMBA
"Award, EMBA program in our hospital ranked tenth.
I. Training Objectives
EMBA education for enterprise and government economic management personnel,
senior management master-level management education. Beijing Jiaotong University
EMBA education goal is to cultivate good of business ethics, has a strong ability to
develop innovation and Ling Dao, the system master modern management Zhi Shi
and modern management mode, with the international Jing Ying strategic mind and
assuming the global decision-making ability, to adapt to international Jing Zheng
needs of entrepreneurs and senior professional managers.
Second, applicants conditions
1. Ideological and political good behavior, work performance significantly, in good
2. Have a university bachelor degree or above, with 8 years or 8 years of work
experience (of which there should be 4 years management experience) in the
large-scale enterprises serving senior executives.
Third, application
Beijing Jiaotong University EMBA enrollment across the nation.
1. Registration Time: Registration year.
2. Registration: can be downloaded from the website or through E-mail, phone, fax,
obtain the application forms; or to obtain a copy of EMBA education center directly.
3. Procedures:
? Obtain the application forms and other materials;
? In accordance with the required registration form truthfully and completely filled;
? Registration fee 500.
The School of Economics and Management, Beijing Jiaotong University EMBA
degree in primary education center experts, qualified applicants will participate in the
Beijing Jiaotong University, their organizations proposition test and interview. The
time and place will be based on specific conditions.
4, examination and admission
? Test method: We will review the basis of eligibility to take the written (by the
schools themselves propositions) combined with an interview to interview-based
selection methods.
? Admission: Spring and Fall each year to open two classes. Spring May exam, in
June school; Fall November examinations, school in December.
? Exam, EMBA Education Center will notify the candidate within one week test
results. Students granted admission will be receiving the acceptance letter.
V. Curriculum
According to the characteristics of EMBA education, we will take Professor of
classroom teaching, case teaching; government officials, seminars, Entrepreneurs
Forum; foreign teachers combined mode, EMBA students to provide the latest and
most practical course; Kaituo student perspective, growth front knowledge. Compared
with the MBA program, EMBA curriculum more emphasis on integration and
decision-oriented, emphasizing close to reality and for the international competitive
environment. Referring to foreign and foreign universities EMBA program curriculum,
combined with the actual situation of our school, EMBA courses are divided into
required courses, core courses and elective courses.
List of EMBA curriculum:
Course categories
Course Title
Socialist economic theory and practice, business English
Core courses
Managerial economics, organizational behavior, management decision-making
statistical analysis, accounting, corporate finance, human resources management,
strategic management
Production operations management, project management, management
communication and negotiation, financial statement analysis and business
decision-making, capital markets and corporate finance, logistics management,
transport economics and policy, network industry management innovation, marketing
management, risk management, electronic commerce, international financial,
seminars and discussions

6, academic, enrollment and tuition fees
1, learning style and period:
Learning period of 18 months. Monthly classes focus on using a four-day weekend
(Thursday to Sunday).
2 Tuition:
180,000 yuan. The tuition fee includes all lectures, textbooks and lectures fees,
translation fees, college resources (reference library and computer room) user fees,
and thesis defense, and other expenses.
7, degree certificate
Expiration of learning, and complete the full course of examination, and a
master's degree thesis by those granted access to Beijing Jiaotong
University, nationally recognized MBA.
VIII Contacts
  Registration Venue: Beijing University of Science and Technology Conference
  Address: College Road, Haidian District, Beijing, No. 30
  Fax :010-82373396 turn 804
  Contact Teacher: Ai Teacher: 13011263096

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