Beauty salon management principles

					Beauty salon management principles
   We service most importantly, service attitude, service quality, whether you own a
beauty salon Section staff recruitment and hiring
How good skills, how luxurious decoration, if the service attitude, quality can not
keep up, customers will choose to give up a direct impact on store revenue. In order to
prevent such things from occurring, hiring staff in recruiting the following aspects
should pay attention to the problem.
First, the principle of employment
   Age, their quality, smile, have a sense of affable, outgoing personality is better, the
general appearance can, observe whether the candidate love the industry, do not
blindly move for your career development by non-employees. Some beauty salons
sometimes "enough people" factors recruit people under the
chaos, that would create "the use of non-human" form styled
effect on your career and development.
Second, the best place to choose the best time to recruit staff
   General Examination each year, two months after the recruitment of staff Jieshu the
best time, in large part of the job market will Touru Qian, Qu Xuejiaoxuanze some
excellent talent, give Wanzheng skills, service training in such a planned purpose of
training under the brain drain will not exist. As students have not yet entered the
community, they like a piece of paper that you paint, then he would accept any.
Second, the national beauty, hairdressing vocational training schools to select suitable
candidates is also a road. Finally, the recruitment of older employees, from mining
personnel for our use.
Third, observe
   Sharp refers candidates for beauty salons, party means for leisure. Right cheek left
cheek and public relations for more than.
Fourth, the proportion of the general recruitment
   If you select 100 people, general admission rate of 22%.
Section staff skills training
   Salon, beauty salon services are skill-based, skill will directly affect the good and
bad effects on your income. With the coming era, the popular big change,
dissemination of information very fast, changing customer needs correspondingly, the
operators should be new information, new technologies, timely delivered to the staff
in mind, to teach them new technologies in a timely manner. The employees are very
interested in this area, because my staff now, are very useful in the future. We will
take the initiative to participate, should also be outstanding in time to send staff to the
advanced study areas (ad hoc). In this industry, called "charge."
Training Section Staff Services
1, standing, seat position, meters
   Should be the correct stance: feet to shoulders with the vertical separation of the
natural width (body vertical feet are landed on the shoulder level, the first being, two
head-front of the chest abdomen)
   Correct the original seat position is: feet closer, put his hands around his knees can,
waist straight chest. Head not so inclined.
   Instrument: Requires clean, make-up people before work every day feeling graceful,
hair makeup at any time should focus on care and maintenance, Dress appropriately.
Second, a smile
   Smiling is the world's most beautiful and most popular language. Beauty,
hairdressing give customers a good smile, impressed. Is the key to the success of your
service, but also consumer groups you create a powerful weapon. Smile in place also
means that the success of lead consumption.
   General training is a day practicing the staff standing in front of the mirror smiling
5 minutes, followed by another pair of training the staff smile. After two weeks, the
employee will reveal a smile, please keep in mind staff: "We can not
control his own appearance, but we can control their own smile."
Third, attitude
   Attitude of their staff to serve the most critical link. Without a good attitude will
lead directly to the loss of customers, will make our overall image and quality of
adverse effects in the minds of customers. There is a saying: "We can not
change the weather, but we can change their mood." Possible for various
reasons feel unhappy, then customer service, will reveal to the customer. That is the
bad mood of employees transferred directly through service to their clients, not to
mention attitude as warm, considerate. As the customer is money to spend to enjoy,
once      poor      attitude:   "Customer           is    our    God",
"customer first" service principle embodied in the place?
Therefore, regular education to staff not to bring any mood hair salon, beauty salon;
not to your unpleasant feelings, imposed on customers, colleagues who, to bring other
people unhappy, let people know enthusiasm, good attitude is a common survival.
IV skills
   Attitude is the root, then it is this skill, and neither is dispensable. Skills will also
directly affect the performance good or bad. Whether any of a beauty salon or skills
are extremely important. Let each employee know that his skill service sectors and
has a close relationship between enterprise development and linkages; to let
employees know how much business needed him. General training together first
unified approach, skills for formal training, after passing the examination after the
induction, followed by the nominee based on different characteristics of specialized
training for a purpose again is to let the staff know, to obtain more relevant
information. The excellent staff sent to more advanced areas to
"recharge" for employees to master the use of new technologies
to their clients, generate benefits for you, while the employees received their upgrade.
Skills development training per month for theory, practice a different assessment,
motivates employees to constantly strive to improve their skills.
5, Skills
   Can not correctly grasp the reception skills, even the best services, skills equal to
zero, the customer is still not back, because the right way. The door the moment the
customer, employee attitude and customer must carefully observe the grade, the staff
should stand in place 45 degrees inside. Customers into the store in time before
opening the door sideways call out "Welcome", must be careful
not to block the way to customers. The first is by the staff to be seated, tea, then
carefully asked what services the needs of customers in service and customer Lara to
learn to converse and ask to work to talk about his body, such as an eye, watches,
clothing, leather shoes, etc., many with praise, admire the tone of communication with
customers, introducing the service to pay attention to the professional language of the
customer in mind, you are the expert, as the same patient on the hospital, and you is
the best doctor. When the customer pain, heavy on your language when employees
can not reveal expression of discontent, melody without losing body to lead the
conversation elsewhere. Skills training for staff is the best way: model training.
6, communication skills,
   Good communication skills will make you and your staff have been surprises. A
customer would like to cut the nod, good communication and customer staff is likely
to change his mind, maybe hot, maybe, maybe dye; a regular customer as long as the
attention to him, and communication in place, may become a long-term fixed your
guests. In the communication should be conveyed to educate our customers the best
things here, including technology, products, services, environment, and we will do the
services that others do not. Must use the "positive" nature of
language, can not use "may be, perhaps" non-recognition of
language. Customers to achieve "secure", employee
communication on in place. General training in communication skills, there are
several ways to allow more employees in Communication Arts, diligence and art, man
art, social art relevant books, followed by lead, encourage employees to speak more,
talk about ideas, constantly revised. Improve staff communication skills, take some
time and play to help staff to write some of the basic language of communication and
ways to communicate with employees and customers. Communication skills into the
category of assessment staff to make employees take the initiative to learn
communication skills.
7, self-confidence
   Establish a staff self-confidence, is an important part of staff training. If its not
confident in a customer presentation, hesitant, he could not, or is afraid to face
customers, which makes customers more consideration. To dare to face customers,
with "I am the best," "our best",
"My service will make you satisfied" mentality, then staff
training need to become a confident person. Need to lead the staff to participate in
community service; organization staff speech contest, singing a fighting spirit,
progressive song. So that each employee to the back will be organized once a day, so
each employee for a day, "manager", outside the shop before
work to do gymnastics and so on are training, and building employee confidence in
the good way.
8, sincerely concerned about the customer
   When customers enter the store, customers become guests, employees should treat
customers as their families on the other, the guests into the bag of items, hats, coats
and other items to the customer can arrange to see, let him be assured, to give him a
sense of security , should pay special attention to some of the sections, prepared in the
store before some common umbrella, umbrella by his, he will soon refund, prepare a
little needle, thread and resolve the customer due to crack line, the inconvenience
arising out button, so that employees can good for the customer to resolve an
embarrassing, certainly impressed in the minds of customers, which will bring you
more benefits.
9, staff training and customer first "10 Do not"
    1, do not think there are more important than who your customers.
    2, do not ignore the customer needs.
    3, do not forget the future.
    4, do not be afraid to re-start.
    5, do not always listen to customers.
    6, do not think "customer first" is very easy to do.
    7, do not forget to do "customer first" will take time.
    8, do not give customers the problem.
    9, and customers do not dispute.
    10, do not forget the customer is always right.
10, staff training and "10:00" the working principle
    Do things a little more smile more brains live sweet little mouth a little bit high
    Speak mildly magnanimous little action US-meter bigger faster better service
11, eight service standards
    Arrangements for the door and say hi guests seated side beverage
    Whispers asking good communication requires active listening
    Check the detailed information for the reference product characteristics that
    The most important guide service is also looking for my next service
12, nine term guests
    (1) Welcome
    (2) I am sorry
    (3) Please wait
    (4) to keep you waiting
    (5) Please come to
    (6) is understood
    (7) really do not know what to say
    (8) Please forgive me
    (9) Thank you
13, staff requested the seven services
    (1) always keep smiling
    (2) understand the voice prompt, clear, warm
    (3) action and orderly, adaptable to meet the outstanding event
    (4) is always the sake of the customer point
    (5) never about the guests behind the guests
    (6) to remember the names of the guests
    (7) and colleagues have used Mandarin
IV staff management
   Management staff is a very complex task. The ancient Chinese words:
"Man on the rented furnishings, all kinds." Everyone has his
own ideas, each has his own conduct, a successful salon, beauty salon managers to
understand employee needs, including income, ability to work and everyday life. To
resolve the staff to worry about a good deal on the following issues must allow
employees to devote their efforts to work, to create value.
1, signed a contract
   Signed contract is signed between employees and employers a way to credit the
contract itself can be constrained both sides. Both contracts should be based on
mutual respect, relatively equal, the relative benefit and common basic principles of
consultation. Full consultation by the two sides signed a contract and be notarized.
Once a contract is formed according to the contract must be strictly enforced. From a
legal point of view that restricts the brain drain. The protection of the interests of both
sides. The general content of the contract have the following few:
   (1) A, B both names, names.
   (2) training time.
   (3) training costs are refunded after the contract expires.
   (4) duration of work
   (5) Welfare, treatment.
   (6) A, B both obligations and rights.
   (7) Party B in any trades.
   (8) Party under what circumstances can dismiss Party.
   (9) A, B, under what circumstances the two sides can terminate the contract
   (10) of any party to breach of contract, how to deal with compensation.
   (11) How to renew contract
   (12) where power is vested.
   (13) years on the contract signed
   (14) signed and sealed.
Second, rules and regulations
   Rules and regulations is absolutely essential staff management essential. Rules and
regulations established good or bad, a direct impact on staff management is good or
bad. To do anything else rules to follow to achieve strict compliance with all rules and
regulations, the rules and regulations to become a more difficult routine is something.
Sparse to import is beauty salons, hair salons aim to establish and improve rules and
regulations. So that employees consciously abide by established rules and regulations,
rules and regulations in accordance with the guidelines were to do their work inside
and outside. Rules and regulations can be divided into the following categories:
reward and punishment, attendance, health, assessment, personnel, finance six rules
(subject to the actual situation according to their own development) (see the specific
code of conduct).
Third, the manager candidates
   Manager candidates is extremely important. She (he) is carrying out,
implementation, implementation of the beauty salons, hair salons operating guidelines,
policies, objectives, and systems of the specific supervisor. When in the selection of
the manager must be carefully considered. In general there are two, one is not only
understands technology but also understands management, and the other only know
how to manage non-technical. The former is more suitable than the latter, two kinds of
situations were different and so met the former than the latter, the choice of manager
candidates last important one is to understand management, energy and staff mix, the
staff thinking, dynamic and timely feedback to the owner of the information .
Manager itself has a certain quality, can work independently, and can use his own
ideas to create value for you. Notarization of doing things, work conscientiously, can
the devotion and efforts, due diligence work, quick thinking, played between the boss
and staff transmit the purpose of short plays were "caught" role,
that of your staff even chose the . Remember when considering candidates for the
manager: Please only use the family of iron man for the simple reason, bad
management, no pressure, family workers in front of his employees will naturally
reveal the superiority of certain employees would have disgusted.
4, authorized
   Authorization, rights of decentralization, there are strict rules and regulations in the
next, beauty salon owner should be financial, personnel and all daily work manager
who deal with decentralization, so that the manager was the boss great confidence in
him, he will try to work. The boss can only chairman, technical director, customer
identification, check everything inside, found the problem in a timely manner to
communicate with the manager, so the manager in a timely manner to correct and
improve. Manager should be divided into groups of staff management, elected leader,
team leader to manage their own staff, the manager should be fully the award, penalty,
health, leave on the head of the body under such rights, if there are problems the
manager should be timely and the head of the communication, so that they can
promptly improve. Head of the minor problems at work again delegated to specific
employees, where employees feel companies need her. Under normal circumstances, a
leader can only manage six people, so that is responsible for the formation of layers,
we will happy to do. Owner can free hand to point to the design, regulation of the
development of new chain and business goals, creating greater profits. Completely
free hand to, to design, regulation of the development of new chain and corporate
goals, and create greater profits.
5, show business objectives
   Show business objectives to employees, so that employees understand the future
development of enterprises, the employees of the business confidence, which is a part
of staff management thinking. Staff should always put in the management of beauty
salons, hair salons, business development goals one by one from the micro to the
macro to explain to employees and to employees design the future, so employees that
work in this great future.
   In general, the first goal of macro-development plans drawn, such as the future of
beauty salons, hair salons, colored drawings, and it's very luxurious and
beautiful design, and then hung in places where employees can see. Then draw the
current economic development and coordinate business plan, the staff one could see
that the performance conditions, and current business trend. In short, the show aims to
increase the staff's confidence and give employees peace of mind in this
6, to ingratiate themselves with the staff
   A good boss, manager, employees should feel free to maintain close, friendly, close
friendships, and their conversation to better understand and master the employees
state of mind, is to reduce barriers to work and increase the efficiency of a
management approach. In conversations with employees should pay attention to the
   (1) carefully listening to staff ideas;
   (2) to allow employees to fully express their views;
   (3) not to many places and people to talk to workers in private the best;
   (4) and the staff about some of his (her) interest in the topic
   (5) Do not only work, you can talk more about life, family environment and social
   (6) of the employees point of view for the design of future employees;
   (7) to let employees trust you, and you talk about truth;
   (8) told the staff that staff provide advice, we will consider and resolve well;
   (9) tells employees outside the new information and circumstances;
   (10) tell staff your mind the image of what it looks like the staff.
   In short to be sure, praise staff, while also tactfully pointed out the inadequacies of
staff. Then the staff will soon change their shortcomings and become friends. Once
staff feel you are good employees, then they will stand in future work the angle of
your exam questions to work.
7, reduction of bureaucratic management
   Bureaucracy that is subjective, often hair salon, beauty salon owner, always think
they did everything right. Deaf employees, subordinates made earnest advice, leading
to erroneous ideas we all do by the boss, affecting performance, employees are not
happy. To manage good employees, it must reduce bureaucracy, in-depth
understanding of first-line customers, staff needs to address, Xietiao 出现 issue of
the work of Jing Ren Zhen, Si Kao, weighed and then make a decision to reduce the
bureaucracy that you win employees, add the key to profits. Once the bureaucratic
form, workers do not provide reasonable suggestions to the boss, allowed to develop,
lead to disastrous consequences.
8, to encourage the spirit of solidarity and cooperation
   Beauty salon by a person of strength and wisdom, can not develop well, we must
rely on the overall strength and common wisdom. The spirit of unity and cooperation
the theme of your management staff. In the division of smaller beauty salons, hair
salons, employees may wish to arrange some are things beyond the context of their
jobs so that employees do, while others arrange to do things that are within the scope
of his employees have experience with each other, this solidarity and cooperation will
make produce a friendly feeling between employees and eliminate him (her) work
produced in the friction and misunderstanding. Together in a friendly atmosphere to
work together. Note this: asked at work to promote unity and team spirit, informed
staff unite the power of collaboration. This spirit of unity and cooperation is only one
purpose, we increase the overall interests, and benefit both people and has been,
which is fully "one for all, all for one" good work style.
9, should demand to know staff
   Understand and master the staff needs to address the staff to worry about is the boss
must have the basic quality.
   Once employees understand the requirements, you can very well analyze what
employees want, in what the staff needs to not set up, the staff I can not meet demand,
can not solve. However, it should be noted that the boss: Do not good without
consideration before any commitment to employees impulsively, once committed, the
staff will be very concerned about, if you can not be honored, the staff of your trust
will plummet, the staff from your heart boss is a bad credit. Over time, then the staff
will consider the switch to change the work environment, diverted to other ideas,
when put into effect when the employee, it means that your brain drain. Insight into
employee needs, as far as possible without breaching the principle-Xia, Li Yi and all
of what you do not Shoudao Hentaiyingxiang O'clock interests, Jing Ren
Zhen consideration of Hou, Ji Hui Zhao Dao and De Fang proper communication with
employees and to meet staff needs, not Manzu of Yi Ding To meet the needs of the
patient can not fully explain the reasons for staff to balance the mind.
10, health management
   A beauty salon directly affect the overall quality of health benefits. Health
Management can not be ignored. Leader responsible for the distribution to each
specific health area staff who work everyday to do a health at any time to keep stores
clean and clean-up once a week. Set specific health inspection, supervision, reward
system, the manager on a daily inspection at any time and make enough to improve,
without making right there, refuse to do, forget to do deal with the situation promptly
imposed fines in order to achieve the goals of Jiao Yu . In general, mirrors, signs,
supplies, land, furnishings is the key, garbage removal at any time. Requiring
employees to their own health should also be corresponding measures, such as
changing clothes every day in summer, spring and autumn every day for three to
tooling, the staff must make up in a day, etc. In short, oversight, implementation is the
11, to convene regular meetings
   Summary of the work day to convene regular meetings of management staff and
models, it has two major advantages: First, yesterday summed up the deficiency, and
second, a more rational arrangement of work today. Generally 15 minutes before the
regular meeting held in the office. Regular meeting details are as follows:
   (1) manager greeting employees, such as "Good morning."
   (2) collectively read out the corporate vision, such as "we do best,
because we joined the salon" (confidence building).
   (3) The manager asked last performance, attendance, labor by law, customer
opinion and so on.
   (4) recognition of the best-performing employees yesterday.
   (5) pointed out that the problems and solutions.
   (6) focus on work today.
   (7) Please employees with ideas.
   (8) singing a passionate song.
   Note to the pleasant atmosphere will be the end of fall.
12, to help staff design the future
   One person with goals, ideals, and she will work hard to target, ideal to strive.
When employees work in the beauty salon, the boss must give employees design the
future. This design is to allow employees to work hard at work on a management
approach. Let the staff know where the purpose and mission work. Employers to give
employees design, develop future goals the following view:
   (1) your future development will be more than I;
   (2) You must store the future than my big and beautiful;
   (3) may be in upon us in your joint venture to open a store, you come to
   (4) you will be able to become a first-class beauticians;
   (5) you are so young and not always working for others, their future must shop.
   When you design the objectives set point, the employees, the recognition, you
should immediately point out that employees are the most need. Lack of experience is
now accumulating, the lack of management is being accumulated, the lack of
technology is now being improved, the lack of funding is now being accumulated.
When employees understand what the child's own lack of time, and his
efforts to work in this area when this management in the Bank called
"macro assumptions." This wonderful "macro
assumes that" vision, be sure to pay attention in the use of clever and
wonderful combination of its use in order to achieve the purpose of your imagination.
13, a fine sense
   In the penalty should have a purpose before the beauty salon, a fine of not a goal,
serve to educate people, to prevent similar situations from happening again, to change
the erroneous practice of beauty is a goal. Reward and punishment should be in the
   1 Button 1 minute late and leave early X dollars, more than 5 minutes late for
Button XX dollars, deducted 10 points late XX.
   2, absenteeism XXX deduction per day.
   3, health without making a deduction XX.
   4, no make-up a deduction XX.
   5, did not shout "Welcome to the" one button XX.
   6, no clothes to wear one button XX.
   7, no tea for the guests to a deduction XX.
   8, supplies, goods specified location does not put a button XX.
   9, standing, seat position is not a deduction XX U.S. dollars.
   10, with customers, employees argue, curse a deduction XX.
   11, does not safeguard the interests of enterprises, from disclosing trade secrets a
deduction XXX dollars.
   12, private, a private holding company article deducted XX.
   13 more than the prescribed time to eat a deduction XX.
   14, a deduction is not subject to work XX.
   15, a buckle XXXX dollars of embezzled public funds.
   16, customers pick up items not turned over to a deduction XXX dollars.
   Reward and punishment must be more clear, with system management, rather than
in possession (see reward and punishment alone).
Staff reward and punishment statistics single name to the name ________ time
penalty because the amount of Signature Signature Award