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					Approached a well-known in China, foreign training institutions
     In the training market full of opportunities, there are already many excellent
foreign training institutions and courses successfully landed on the Chinese market.
Foreign training institutions enter the Chinese market, in localized areas in the end do
now? Their training division and Chinese enterprises can conduct in-depth exchange
of staff? The face of competition from domestic training institutions, they will be
what kind of impact and how to deal with these challenges?
Struggle sub-attractive "big cake"
     China's training market is a sunrise industry, leaping development of
the Chinese market to foreign training institutions, training with confidence and
temptation. Although the overall training market in China at the initial stage, the
purpose of training people, training content, training value, training methods, there are
many one-sided understanding of the employment pressure, the traditional education
system theory and practice are separated, the implementation of accreditation system
factors such for the training provided an opportunity for market development. Intense
market competition, training, market access, low threshold, lucrative, but also attract a
large number of entrants to make the training market is increasingly competitive.
     "In fact, the general lack of domestic training organization guidance
of marketing ideas and long-term strategic thinking. Reflected in the positioning is not
accurate, the lack of long-term planning, the pursuit of short-term benefits, the lack of
brand awareness, competitive means of single lot of problems and poor service
capabilities." 1 bit is about to enter the Chinese market, foreign training
company said, "We have advanced management and training ideas and
experiences, improve training and curriculum system, advanced technical support,
China's Potential So big, Why do not fit China development mean that we ?
     As for the localization problem, they think that some foreign companies with
experience in training and development of Chinese enterprises also apply. In language,
on the one hand can train trainers in China, on the other hand can train professional
translators and foreign training companies to key obstacle to China's
development is not the language problem, but can be a foreign language training
companies an advantage.
Successful model of foreign training institutions
     Currently in China, the more successful foreign operations training company has
CEGOS, AMA, DDI, PSB, HAY GROUP, JF-PEARSON, TMI, software, exchange
ideas and so on. Their success model has the following in common:
     1, with the core curriculum-based training and consulting services;
     Second, improve the cultural foundation and compound training (Services)
     3, excellent R & D capability and spirit of service;
     4, with core technology and advanced market concepts.
     Foreign training, agencies focus mainly on two major areas of business and
management training. Recently, we interviewed a number of foreign training company,
to share with you the successful experience of different business models.
AMA - the practice of family loyalty

American Management Association (China) (hereinafter referred to as AMA) was
founded in 1996, businesses and individuals to provide training and advisory services
to international professional institutions. Research has been working since the
establishment of localization - the American Management Association, a variety of
courses overseas development products for the Chinese situation. Course topics
include the current management, personal development, marketing, human resources
management, training, project management, financial, administrative and other fields.

Consultants are our most important resource

Visit the AMA in the process, "our consultants," the word is
SSD (solution support department) manager Zhou Beihua been mentioned. She said:
"Our consultants are our most important asset. They are the world top 500
enterprises in the years serving as senior management positions have extensive
experience. 他们 Yanfa in curriculum, teaching Ji Qiao Wan Shan, really serve the
enterprise." AMA High-reform president, said: "We hope the
resources and stable R & D investment adviser, continued to enhance the
quality of products and services."

Simply from the initial introduction of the world the American Management
Association courses, to today's resources for the localization of research
and curriculum development, AMA has experienced a long learning process, learning
the market, learning products, learn from established organizations, and gradually
formed its own business characteristics.

To "leadership development" as the core curriculum

High Reform said: "Many of our customers and we are talking about
leadership models and training, with the aim is to establish systematic training
framework to help companies manage talent to fill the vacancy quickly."
Thus, AMA analysis and forecasting, "Leadership Development
"Employees will be the focus of development. In 2005, AMA integrate all
the management courses, combined with global and local research data, launched the
American Management Association (China) leadership model, in this framework,
continue to build a leadership development curriculum.

The model starting from the manager's role, divided four dimensions, 12
area developed for primary, secondary, senior managers of more than 30 doors in
Leadership Programme. Its contents divided into four areas:

First, how to unite the people, broken down into leadership, influence, priming;

Second, how to develop capacity, divided into selection, educating people,

Third, how to run businesses, broken down for the establishment of business sense,
strategic vision, thinking and innovation;

Fourth, how to manage operations, broken down into process improvement and
quality, delivery and performance, culture and values.

Consulting-type training cooperation

The AMA, the consultants on a selective number of clients with consultation-based
training cooperation: first, the systematic understanding of customer business
development situation and status of staff capacity and demand, with customers sort
out the various levels of training needs and priorities, develop multi-year training
program; the specific implementation of the training, the trainees and students of
higher-level interviews, analysis levels and causes problems, as a basis to design
customized training programs; training over a period of time, coupled with the Human
Resources Department to assess the effect of training. "Consultation-based
training co-operation" capacity model built on top of rigorous, can be
expressed as:

Behavior research - capacity gaps identified - Barrier Analysis - Training Goal Setting
- designed and implemented training programs - to track follow-up behavior.

Implementation of the "consulting-style training in co-operation"
of the business has demonstrated good results in the training mode, for example, in
leadership development projects and customers are able to guide the training of rapid
communication and design.

High Reform said: "The customer's problem in 2006 is still
plagued the effectiveness of training, which depends on the system to ensure
that." Training is the systematic process, from the time point of view,
sub-classes, before classes, after school, from the need to do see the work involved in
"consulting-style training in co-operation" every aspect of the
process, if the bit to do each step, the effect of training can be guaranteed.

In 2006, AMA gradually expand in the global three actions:
1, OD solutions R & D, by the American Management Association, the
European division of a leading, global co-invest in research and development needs of
senior management for enterprise solutions;

Second, investment BLENDED LEARNING, using the Internet to create online
before class, after-school learning programs, and implementing the concept of
continuous learning;

Third, investment in the global business research. High Reform, said: "We
are closely watching these developments will in due course the results of global R
& D into China."

CEGOS - build excellent staff development and training solutions

CEGOS (French CEGOS transliteration, meaning "the scientific
management of the Organizational Committee.") Was founded in 1926 in
the world with 25 wholly-owned subsidiary, is Europe's largest senior
management training. CEGOS (China) in May 1997 in Shanghai. Since entering
China, CEGOS (China) to house training and open classes as the way for the more
than 1,900 domestic and foreign enterprises to provide a universal and optional
customized products, related to traditional manufacturing, fast moving consumer
goods industry, the financial industry, high-tech industry and other fields. CEGOS
(China) has always believed that training is not a simple business, but to truly help
managers effectively enhance the management level.

CEGOS (China), the current business model is the training, consulting, online training,
the combination of these three operations, complementarity and mutual support.
CEGOS arranged every year more than 400 of the open class in November of each
year will be publicly launched next year as a whole class program, and for different
areas of training system design, training programs for business development in the
coming year to help. 2006 CEGOS commenced in China, up to 80%, the number of
people each and are strictly controlled in less than 20, use CEGOS professional
training classes to ensure course quality and effectiveness.

2003 CEGOS first launched the "composite-based training"
approach, online training and face to face training will be combined to ensure the
quality of training at the same time, reduce training costs, allow enterprises to spend
the same money, do more things. This practice has been for many famous enterprises
and CEGOS the main mode of cooperation.

CEGOS group of nearly 200 training courses the consultants engaged in the research
and development. Program is designed not only to meet the different positions of
knowledge and skill requirements, but also take full account of adult learning
psychology and behavior, so that management training really useful and fun.
Meanwhile, CEGOS insisted on employing an educational background and rich
experience of full-time consultant. Full-time advisors are not signed in (guest) trainer,
but CEGOS official staff, who graduated from elite schools, most with foreign
backgrounds, not only to understand the situation in China familiar with the rules of
international operations. Full-time flexibility to arrange a time to meet customer
demand at any time, but also to ensure the depth of excavation in the training prior to
customer needs, customers tailor solutions to enhance the post-training follow-up

CEGOS attaches great importance to the training consultant team, to go abroad every
year to provide training opportunities to keep up with the knowledge and skills of
consultants global pace. CEGOS has been committed to developing new training tools,
such as talent assessment tools, 360-degree assessment tools, competency models,
which will be the training of human resources management tools and integrated
approach in practice has achieved very good results . Meanwhile, CEGOS for the
multinational group to develop a management philosophy and leadership of the new
learning model. For example, for the EADS Group (EADS) and 100 management
personnel specially designed seven-day visit to China business activities. CEGOS
(China), the award is quite surprising that many value-added services, one of which is
the subject of training students to participate in training before the end of the regular
instructor can send to the classic case.

DDI - Leadership to create value

DDI (United States Chilean Perrin Co., Ltd.) was established in 1970, currently 26
countries around the world with 76 offices, with more than 1,000 sales consultants,
consultants, and implementation of the support staff. 36 years, DDI has been
cultivated around the world more than 20 million business executives and leadership

As an industry leader, DDI's attitude is very modest, recently had the honor
and DDI's Managing Director Greater China, Mr. Liu Weishi DDI shared
with some experience of success.

"Training": DDI has been cultivated in the world 20 million
outstanding talent, which means that every year, training up to 50 million people, how
to ensure the quality of training?
Louis Liu: Quality training is the key to our research center. Research Centre
inception of the company has established its mind to all theories and training system
has a reason to follow evidence-based. Research is mainly carried out on the global
business research, analysis and tracking of a detailed record of cooperative enterprises
and assessment, formed the most involved in the industry, the latest business case of
the database.

In the training industry, there are two points we have been proud of:

First, training and customer share the latest, the best case;

Second, the development of leadership training system covering all the specific skills
of leadership ability.

"Training": DDI's training philosophy?

Louis Liu: DDI's training philosophy mainly in the following three: tell me
(tell), show me (drills), let me do (experience). This seems to be a martial arts Tips,
tricks are fixed, imitation can be observed. We do not expect that everyone has the
same insight, but through the cycle to repeat the process, can ensure that they learn
"master" of the spout.

Such as training of a middle manager, we have fixed pattern, he should learn to
choose lower levels, training, and retaining personnel; on the lateral and colleagues to
learn to get along, communicate with customers, improve job skills. In this model, we
provide all aspects of his ability to add courses.

"Training": training on leadership are numerous, DDI how to do

Louis Liu: DDI's training effectiveness and businesses have been able to
do the link business purposes, the effect of training directly affects the performance,
which may be in charge of training all the desired results. We consider the training of
the enterprise the following five steps:

First, the introduction of training programs for business, first understand whether
training can improve the capacity of business or solve a problem or achieve a
commercial purpose;

Second, in the training process, we first determine the responsibility of training and
human resources. CEO from the business object to be trained, have set the
corresponding responsibilities;

Third, according to business needs and human resources with the set curriculum;

Fourth, communication and training related to the department to require a higher level
to provide strategic support, at the same level to provide lateral support;

5, with quantifiable way to measure training results. Visible results can motivate staff
to continue learning, while encouraging corporate continuous training.

To help customers enhance the ability to achieve results is our purpose and our core

"Training": How do you evaluate DDI?

Louis Liu: I just want to share a fact: a lot of training in marketing concepts, tools and
systems, but in their own companies do not apply the so-called good things. In the
DDI, we have been practicing their own training system and tools.

The headquarters of the United States spent more than 30 years, finally DDI a
world-class consulting firm, in China, we should this time be shortened to 10 years.
We are very optimistic about China's market in the next four years, we will
successively in Beijing, Chengdu, Guangzhou Branch.

TMI - to build talent, "Inner Beauty" Project

TMI was established in 1975 in Denmark, in over 40 countries and territories
Resource Center, is the world's largest study of advisory bodies. December
2005, TMI formally set up the Greater China Area Resource Center in Shanghai, its
business scope covers the mainland and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions,
mainly dedicated to multinational and local enterprises to provide innovative
consulting and training solutions.

TMI since 1988 by the European services industry forum (ESIF) as the best training
and education companies in Europe began, TMI in the industry received numerous
awards, TMI has won the 2003 "Outstanding Brand (Super
Brand)" and "business to business (B2B) super brand
". Looking ahead, TMI, vice president of Greater China, Mr. Jia Jinjie said:
"We are confident that the Chinese market, we are working in the Asia
Pacific region's most trusted learning consulting firm in human capital

TMI launched programs and products are designed to tap the potential of people each
year, more than 260,000 companies from around the world attended TMI's
courses to learn how to better on time, on the people to manage, thus improving
service and quality. In China, TMI star course involved in these areas: personal
productivity (Personal Productivity), Service Management (Service Management), the
quality of the human factor (Human Side of Quality), and all management
(Management for everyone) and so on.

In the process of creating these programs, TMI has been "to the original
concept for the advanced guide" the development direction. Back in 1975,
TMI on that "time management and personal effectiveness (Personal
Effectiveness / Time Manager)" The unique concept to establish a personal
effectiveness and business efficiency on new knowledge. In 1988, TMI that
"the quality of the human factor (The Human Side of Quality)"
concept, according to this concept design solutions are recognized as the world made
a landmark contribution to the quality of development. In 1992, TMI-depth study on
corporate culture based on the A on how to build healthy and vibrant concept of
corporate culture - the spirit of outstanding employees (Employeeship). In 1999, TMI
heart began to advocate hard work (Heart Work), a EQ in the field of enterprise
applications major sponsors. In 2003, TMI has developed unique for senior
management courses - Emotional Intelligence Leadership, designed to help them
identify and develop their potential. In 2005, TMI brand launch customer service,
provides a way to improve the quality of customer service.

Sum up their own successful experience, TMI heart Yun Lei, director of Greater
China, spoke of "three-ring theory" - in order to ensure that
enterprises achieve sustainable success, companies need on productivity, relationships
and quality of attention. TMI on the success of these three criteria known as the
"eternal key management infrastructure." These three criteria
apply to any country at any time, any industry enterprises. TMI interest is in
productivity, relationships and the quality of this ring, the enterprise, teams and
individuals at the appropriate time to adopt appropriate methods do the right thing.

Based on the "Ring Theory", TMI has developed a unique
"Everyone management" model - to productivity, relationships
and quality of use to the enterprise, team and individual levels. TMI believes that only
in the team and team members threw himself and take responsibility of the situation,
change can be effective. When the business development in all areas of excellence,
the advocate would have the TMI the "Spirit of Excellence staff"
culture. Created a "Our people spiritual" culture of enterprise to
be a truly learning organization, able to attract talent and retain talent.

Heart Rhythm Ray said: "TMI view, complaints are Po, is the most
important market information and resources. Through the complaints, avoid mistakes
and improve the service, won the customer satisfaction and loyalty, and rise to the
commercial value can not be ignored. "TMI these successful concepts to
ensure that every element of our business and employees to consider the human
resources department to help companies build" inner beauty "of
the system.

Department of thinking - to the question "Terminator"
Department of Software Technology was established in 1999, provides learning
management system, courseware design and production, ready-made courseware,
training, consulting, e-Learning and classroom training with a hybrid combination of
learning and other learning solutions. LMI Academy is committed to its subsidiaries,
management and business innovation in classroom training, a group of senior
education adviser. Department of thinking in China and the Asia Pacific region has
successfully implemented hundreds of e-learning projects, training more than 1
million students, with their own technology and philosophy and strive to become the
premier learning solutions provider.

Exchange ideas software design wizBank learning management systems can help
companies to complete the curriculum planning, student enrollment processing,
course set up, test, assess learning throughout the process until the results aggregated.
In addition to e-Learning can be achieved in addition, wizBank can also be used to
manage traditional classroom training, with online and offline learning activities, class
attendance records by, for example, teachers, and curriculum management to track the
completion of the training functions like the management. Based on this platform,
developed by wizBuilder is independently operated and improve the content of
editing tools, it contains a large number of easy-to-use design templates and
e-Learning courseware development work wizard, simply select the appropriate
strategies for teaching templates and fill out design form, basically you're

In China, exchange ideas company will introduce the "i learning
network", is a combination of learning courseware, platform and exchange
ideas to the enterprise learning solutions to provide professional experience,
combined with foreign research results and the actual situation of domestic design
made training solutions. The service uses ASP mode (that is, through the Internet
network to provide business applications software required for services), training
department can save complex technical installation and training administration.
Enterprises do not set up internal training system, only used to purchase accounts in
the form of training to achieve the purpose.

Department of thinking that a good e-Learning training courses to be able to achieve
the purpose and cost-effective, interactive learning, small pieces of learning and
multi-channel payment will be the future of e-Learning development, several trends.
In the next study, a high degree of participation, heated exchange is an important
driving force to promote the learning, so learning content must be highly interactive.

In courseware design, exchange ideas adhere to the "small is
beautiful" principle. Generally difficult to concentrate for hours at the
computer to complete the study, so small pieces of learning more specific. Meanwhile,
the curriculum is designed to add appropriate elements and reality simulation game,
making learning fun, to help students simulate actual operating conditions, make
learning more efficient.

As the implementation of e-Learning years of training institutions, exchange Siti
e-Learning in the "e" is not limited to network operations,
should not the e-Learning as an online CBT courseware, should consider other
channels and means to promote e -Learning, e-mail, phone, DVD and TV channels
are feasible.

Celemi - the power of learning

Celemi has 30 years, a consulting firm, more than 40 countries around the world and
has a strong network of partners. Celemi 10 years ago with its global partners to enter
the Chinese market since 2003 in Shanghai, has opened offices in the Asia-Pacific
region, the Asia-Pacific region in 11 countries. Celemi committed to developing
learning solutions that help organizations to motivate employees, enhance their
professional skills, knowledge, quick to implement change. Services include corporate
universities, multinational corporations, large private and state-owned enterprises,
solutions for all industries, including manufacturing, telecommunications, banking,
retail and pharmaceutical industries. Over the years, more and more training
institutions of learning centers in Asia Pacific, moved to Shanghai, we can see that
point of view of consistency: This is a global priority areas of focus of the markets. At
this stage, Celemi focus is with the corporate universities and other training,
consulting companies, for more learning solutions for customers.

Celemi course of study is suited to China's business environment. Celemi
learning tool for cultural diversity, to provide Chinese, English, Spanish, French and
other languages. In order to meet China's business environment, Celemi in
China, most of the trainers are in Chinese or bilingual (in English) the subject matter.

In China, Celem rely on technical superiority was the trust of customers, Celem is the
market leader simulated sand table, sand table its development of business simulations
to help students quickly recognized the need for business change and rapid
implementation of change. Easy-to-use business simulation and learning tools to help
students understand the needs of enterprises, to understand how individual and team
unity. So far, over 250 thousand people took part in the Celemi of business simulation
training. Simulation training in the areas of business, Celemi have many different
types of products:

In the simulation, the different groups of students compete with each other to achieve
the best business results. Arguments and opinions in the face of various kinds of
collisions in the decision-making and financial challenges.

In this simulation, participants visit the company incurred, and income observed in the
flow, and simulation of enterprise management mode of operation, Yan Jiu choose to
use other resources.
This competitive dynamic simulation requires participants to run as a vital internal
project team to create the greatest possible business profits.

In the two-day course, each team compete with each other, and the object of
competition, including key employees, key customers and market share, training
students the management experience, price and budget control and other capabilities.

Help students understand how to adjust marketing strategies to adapt to the local
market, to avoid jeopardizing business information, or niche market.

To help managers build environment for innovation, stimulate innovation in the
enterprise to create a cultural atmosphere, encourage students to jump out of a fixed
mode of thinking, recognize their own ability to innovate, and peer consensus through
dialogue and exploration.

Celem business simulation training is not just selling products based on technology
leadership, while also training services into their culture and ideas. Celemi corporate
culture is closely related with the Swedish culture, focusing on the humane
management, emphasizing the importance of employees. Scandinavian culture as the
same, Celemi compliance and business ethics in different cultural contexts of
international and local law to allow the mistakes, and try new things. Similar
simulation with the sand table, Celemi believe that people in the relaxed environment
of the performance will be better.

As a pioneer in business simulation, Celemi pride in the well-established methodology,
interactive products stimulate thinking and discussion, different from the traditional
presentation. Implementation of the "student-led" rather than
"teacher-led", to promote team building, motivation to share
experience, achievements, to meet the different learning styles.

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