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Anji South Baicaoyuan the Yangtze River Delta region's largest tourism
and leisure garden on the new one, 3.7 kilometers away from the county, located
northwest of Dipu Town Anji County, Dipu Town is located in Ma On Shan, the three
officials, the Lion Rock, lotus pond four Village Interchange covers an area of 3,500
acres, has invested 150 million yuan. South Baicaoyuan to Baicao characterized by
secondary forest vegetation, animal and plant resources and the concept of natural
landscape, relying on a set of ecological education, ecological practices,
eco-technology, eco-leisure experience for the whole holiday base.
Flower garden Herbs Lin Shen Qi, Yan Xiang Lu Ben has Eight 18 Park, very
beautiful scenery, vegetation coverage rate of 95%, is a natural oxygen bar green, is a
microcosm of ecological Anji is famous at home and abroad frequently visit
well-known attractions. Sakura Garden Japanese garden established plum, Japanese
Maple Park, purple bamboo, white tea, plant the global village, daily Rose Garden,
Gui Garden, camphor garden, grasses and garden, medicinal garden. And
transplantation of rare plants such as Begonia papaya, Ginkgo biloba, Podocarpus
nagi, fir, Eucommia, tiger-yu, Hu bald, privet and other species, with wild animals,
deer, deer, deer and various birds, yellow natural stocking success, the basic formed a
good ecological environment. In addition, the district has a rich diversity of
landscapes, rivers, ponds, lakes, hills, valleys, plains and other alluvial soil containing
plaque formed and the unique mountain landscape has important ecological and
aesthetic value.
Anji South Baicaoyuan park has the world's last remaining large tracts of
the original light bamboo community, there is the Millennium Zhu old well.
Domestication of wild animals, the provincial base; National Wildlife popular science
education base; Tsinghua University, Fudan University EMBA class training base for
president; Shanghai and Zhejiang University, Zhejiang University and other colleges
and universities base of educational practice environment; now available for the
United Nations Environment sustainable development education activities in space; is
famous Soochow Zhu Zhi, Zhu Ran's hometown; has undertaken Miss
Tourism International Championship finals, the international mountain sports and
many other high-end event; is tourism, community development movement, and
leisure and the International Meetings of the good place.
1 Hidden Dragon 100 Falls (also known as the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom
"xiaoliangshan"), located in scenic southeastern Anji, located in
the provincial-level scenic spots Tianhuangping Town Zhongxi Village canyon among
mountains, 68 kilometers away from Hangzhou, Shanghai, 240 kilometers away from
Asia The Tianhuangping Pumped Storage Power Station is only a kilometer away, is a
punishable newly developed Spring, Stream, waterfall, rocks, vegetation, animals and
other natural ecological landscape as the major group of waterfalls, forests, dangerous
features of the natural cliff wonders. Scenic waterfall, Hidden Dragon 100 square
garden more than 30 square kilometers, into the scenic mountains along the
cross-strait confrontation km, dense forests, roadside flies the waterfall can be seen
stacked barrier cliffs, peaks everywhere, instant face of the bamboo rolling.
2, Hidden Dragon 100 largest waterfall waterfall group in Zhejiang, there are three
fold overlap, gap of 60 meters "queuing cascades", a rainbow
lying in the "Hong Guan Dragon" (called small Huangguoshu),
more God-shaped are prepared "listen turtle waterfall" - has
really connected waterfall waterfall, a step for a visit. Hidden Dragon 100 waterfall
not only known for the many waterfalls, as well as a million tons of rock in the 70
million years ago, hanging in between two cliffs, known as the "immortal
bridge", there is extremely critical of the insurance, hope Sengoku, eagle
stone, natural hanging rock, stone stone sea, vivid. As the saying goes treasure deep in
the mountains, there are a variety of scenic wild animals and hundreds of species of
national protection species. Summer weather is cool, quiet and elegant, there is no
umbrella of odd miles, no mosquito canyon wonders; winter season, can watch the
spectacular Southern region of "ice link" wonders of the sky
made wonders, beautiful snow scene. From the Peak, and saw a valley, narrow belly
big mouth, was of the Magic Gourd-shaped valley with a village, called
"Hidden Dragon cottage."
3 Hidden Dragon 100 waterfall scenic spot, Hidden Dragon cottage, little village,
about 300 people, built the village history is not long, only about two hundred years.
According to local elderly and tell the village ancestors and inextricably linked to
military strategists. Residents of the village to Lee, Weng, Shi Sanxing main ancestors
were the remnants of the Taiping. As the cottage is located in Huzhou, Linan the
junction between the two cities, separated by military strategists has become an ideal
place for a corner. For 70 million years ago glaciers movement, formed in the two
cities at the junction of the cliffs, easily defensible position, become a strategic
stationed themselves bundle Village of first choice. Hidden Dragon 100 waterfall
terrain of the most dangerous in the long Yongsan, according to historical records, the
mid-19th century, led by Prince Zhong Li Xiucheng Taiping interpretation of a
mountain in the queue, "long-haired war Qingyao" hero story,
the mountain of The layers of terraced fields is the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom,
"Heaven                Kingdom"                evidence,          that
"peace-hole" is the year to build weapons Taiping
"arsenal" that "look Menorah" is used to
observe the Taiping army of the enemy's "post." In
the "man guards the pass, 10,000 Fumo open" queue mountains,
Taiping army of steel-framed with their clank, Heavens pride kept fighting for four
years and five months, has written a song to shake heaven and earth's
magnificent elegy, write in Chinese history a brilliant stroke. After the
commemoration of the heroic deeds of soldiers Taiping, Taiping change as long
Longshan "small Liangshan."
?4, Hidden Dragon 100 waterfall scenic area rich resources, especially the four
"Fairy things" well-known, one of the so-called
"fairy tea", rock on fertile ground, tea Thriving, taste glycol,
fragrance rich in wild slopes everywhere decorated tea There is a "White
King." Legend of the strains of White King called as "grass
jelly tea." White Lady who lives in Hangzhou West Lake to the south to
save lives in Wonderland husband Pirates grass jelly, grass jelly in Theft boy was
found after a crane. White Goddess side edge to escape war, confusion and to the
scenic waterfall, Hidden Dragon 100 over time, accidentally dropped a grass jelly.
Roots grow into the ground now, "White King", the local people
as white as the Holy Spirit. Second, the so-called "spunk-water",
Hidden Dragon 100 scenic waterfall not only mountain spring water is more than
many years, but there is no lack of rock on top of spring, in the "small
Liangshan" on top of a mountain spring, spring, called Hidden Dragon is
the only power station Tianhuangping Water is the mother river of Shanghai people
one of the sources of the Huangpu River. Third, the so-called
"Bristol", Hidden Dragon 100 hickory forest on the waterfall
rolling acres, according to "An Kishi" records, Jiajing years,
Angie has been imposed for the court Hickory tribute, which falls in the Hickory,
Hidden Dragon 100 more top grade, a bureaucratic choice. The four so-called
"Xian Yao," Hidden Dragon 100 scenic waterfall, there are
hundreds of species of rare medicinal herbs. Especially elder, wild on March 7,
honeysuckle and other famous legend, famous doctor Li Shi Zhen Ming had this
5 In addition, the scenic area has also developed a complete set of
"drifting," and so on, visitors can ride a donkey View
"100 waterfall", but also support raft drifting enjoy the beautiful
scenery. Viewing while climbing. Tourists can also enter the farmhouse, and mountain
farmers ate, lived, taste the food in the mountains, sleeping in the mountains Zhuta,
exhilaration. 100 Falls Church, Hidden Dragon set, special, insurance, quiet, show in
one, the original ecological and cultural landscape history combined area, welcome
visitors to our scenic tour around and leave you good memories. The tourists,
"Purple auspicious dip may be a life Anhong Fu."
   Huangpu Jiang Yuan the first drift spots, located in Bamboo - Dipu Town, Anji
County, Zhejiang Zhongxi Village within crane deer. Entire 4.5 km-long drift,
run-length 60 minutes. Appropriate way to drop downs, sometimes gentle flow,
sometimes the rapids and shoals, her "eco-participation in sex
tourism" as the core idea is to improve the integration of tourism and
entertainment. Road trip, the two sides has beautiful scenery and the water duck V
joiner, underwater fish and add to the fun, aquatic plants sway with the raft. Can be
said to travel all the way along King, rural scenery Wang interest students. Scenic area
not far from "Crocodile Mountain" standing majestically, Hu
Tsung-nan, all third-class Mingrenyishi to the local music left a lot of wonderful
   Elegant table all over the world, the Huangpu Jiang Yuan the first drift. As the first
source of Huangpu River rafting spots, you need courageous and prudent, courage and
knowledge. Drifting off to Dawn of the five participating. First off: superficial; the
second hurdle: the wind and waves; third related: jet Yong Jin; fourth related:
waterfalls; fifth off: 2 Dragon and rafts, the same boat.
  Five Passes to enjoy the passion and the beauty of it? Together like a family
"together" it? Come, let us through thick and thin together to
put aside the veil of the mother river of mystery!

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