Ancient master of Bruce Lee Wing Chun by fdjerue7eeu


									Ancient master of Bruce Lee Wing Chun
Each brilliant martial arts, each generation has a distinguished, the so-called Every
Generation there is talent out. . . . With their only support is from a martial glory, the
legend is because they only let the world envy this martial art, it can only make
progress and development made it possible!

Name: Bruce Lee (English name: Bruce Lee) (1940 年 11 月 21 日 -1,973 on July
20), born Li Zhenfan, for the Chinese-American, was born in San Francisco,
California, native of China, Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, were
Changan, height 173cm, weight 64 kg. He is a family martial arts martial, martial arts
philosopher and influential worldwide well-known Chinese martial arts film actor
representative works: "The Big Boss," "Fist of
Fury," "Way of the Dragon," "Enter the
Dragon", the world pioneer of martial reform who the founder of Jeet
Kune Do Wu Daozhe school.
     He is the spread of Chinese Kung Fu to the world's first people, the
first Chinese to break into Hollywood, he revolutionized the world to promote the
development of martial arts and kung fu movies. He will "Kung
Fu" written word in English Dictionary, is the international authority of the
martial arts magazine "Black Belt" as the world's
martial arts, one of the seven; he called "The Forbidden
Kingdom", "Wu of the Holy"; he Chinese have been
selected as the only "Time" magazine as "the 20th
century heroes and idols." Bruce Lee, the great master revolutionary
generation, is the pride of China, the world's idol!
   Bruce Lee's childhood and adolescence spent in Hong Kong. Bruce
Lee's childhood is very thin body. His father to the son of good physique,
he was 7 years old will be taught in their practice tai chi. Bruce Lee in the age of 13
following the teacher Yip Man Wing Chun systematically studied, and the home set a
wood piles, wood piles, diligent practice stopped working toward a day. In addition,
he also practiced Fist, White Crane, Tan legs, Shaolin boxing, stamp feet and other
boxing, Jeet Kune Do for later own a solid foundation.
   In order to improve the level martial, in addition to handling learning Chinese
martial arts of Bruce Lee, also of boxing for boxing, while he participated in boxing
classes, while saving pocket money to buy boxing world champion Lewis's
documentary, learn boxing champion of the step Law, shenfa, boxing and training
methods; he often participated in and outside the boxing match, constantly enrich the
field experience, the United States Postgraduate own Jeet Kune Do.
School for fear of a bad Bruce Lee, in his 18 years of age, Lee's parents
decided to send Bruce Lee in the States. Bruce Lee lives in Seattle very difficult for
university studies, he in addition to learning, concentrating their efforts on learning
wushu. His school organized a "Chinese Kung Fu team", often
in campus training and performances, won the students and teachers at home.
   Bruce Lee through excellence Qianxiu train hard, so effort increasingly skilled and
even higher level. The "three-legged Lee", "inch
punch" and "goulou hand" is his trick. Bruce Lee is a
versatile addition to a variety of martial arts master, but also good at Chang Gun,
truncheons, and two sticks and other equipment, and learning qigong and hard power.
   Bruce Lee in order to promote Chinese martial arts at the university 2 year period,
the rental of a parking lot corner of the campus, hang the "Jun Fan Martial
Arts Center" sign. He taught side edge training, hard temper, technology
improvement was great, especially the legs, more intensive functional skills. In the
Jun Fan martial arts shop, he met the medical schools to learn martial arts female
students, Linda, after a year of contact, they gradually formed an attachment, in
August 1964, They officially married. After marriage, both husband and wife Lee
dropped out of school, and manage the Martial Arts.
   Bruce Lee's Chinatown in Florida since the unarmed uniformed four
knife-wielding thugs, Yongjiu Chinese girls news in newspapers, the Bruce
Lee's name will be spread throughout the United States, Florida and other
TV stations also asked him to perform leg, Chinese Kung Fu attention has been paid.
And he founded the Jun Fan martial arts hall gradually prosper again. In order to
expand the influence of Bruce Lee martial arts competitions often take part in
different places, and worked in Seattle, Oakland, and Los Angeles Museum of
apprentices set up martial arts. Martial Arts Hall of scale and equipment continue to
improve the world, many prominent martial arts stars such as the United States karate
champion Luo BARNES are all scrambling to worship him as a teacher, a famous
Hollywood movie stars such as accounting Shiheng Bin and Steve are his disciples.
Muhammad Ali had the world's visits to exchange experiences with him.
Boxer of all schools of the United States gathered in Bruce Lee's martial
arts often demonstrate their martial arts, his "to Wuhui You," the
purpose of receiving the desired results. Kung Fu Zhen involved in the global film
   The early 70s of the 20th century, a wave of Chinese martial arts film craze
sweeping the world. Bruce Lee's name loud and shook the world.
   The summer of 1971, Lee accepted the invitation of the Hong Kong Golden
Harvest Films, 1.5 million paycheck signed two films, the first Chinese martial arts is
the theme of "The Big Boss." The film budget of 10 million, but
also the side of making and writing the script, in this case has reached the Hong Kong
history, the highest grossing film to reach 300 million. Following the "Big
Boss", the Bruce Lee has taken the "Fist of Fury,"
"Fist of Fury" than "Big Boss" has
doubled the budget, causing a greater sensation. Bruce Lee in the film's
dauntless spirit and amazing fighting skills, especially his performance in
"three-legged Lee" and "lay in boxing"
and the "nunchuck", is full of praise. Since then, Lee has since
set Concorde film company, scripted, directed, acted in the film "Way of
the Dragon" and "Game of Death", also with the U.S.
film company Warner co-shot "Enter the Dragon", and
personally served protagonist. While Lee's ambitious, grand plans,
prepared to continue filming "Game of Death" when, due to
drug allergy, July 20, 1973 in Hong Kong suddenly died only 32 years old.
   Bruce Lee martial arts and movies because there are outstanding contributions, he
worked in 1972 and 1973, twice by the international authority of the martial arts
magazine "Black Belt" as one of the world's seven
martial arts. Top Ten of 1972 was also rated Hong Kong as one of the stars. He
American press as "The Forbidden Kingdom," Japan called it
the "arms of the Holy One", the Hong Kong newspaper praised
him as "contemporary Chinese martial arts and film in the history of
genius." In the United States, Japan, Britain, Hong Kong, China Taiwan
and other countries or regions at the same time to mark the publication of Bruce
Lee's wide range of magazines and special issues, and call him
"the development of Chinese martial arts the most effective
Bruce Lee's life is short, but as a bright comet across the international arms
over the altar, on the modern art of attack and the development of the performing arts
film made a great contribution. His martial arts films starring popular overseas, world
famous Chinese martial arts also will. Many foreign language dictionaries and
dictionaries in all there is a new word: "Kung Fu" (Kung fu). In
the eyes of many foreigners is the Chinese martial arts kung fu, Bruce Lee has
become the embodiment of martial arts. Many foreign martial arts master, karate
boxer, Muay Thai martial arts master Bruce Lee, after reading all admitted:
"Lee really real skill." Indeed, very few can be like an Oriental
martial arts, like Bruce Lee, breaking the national, ethnic area, and reputation after
death is still not diminished.
   Bruce Lee versatile, but also the text is also armed. When he exercises while
immersed theory and training methods of martial arts. Before his death left a seven
arms of the study notes and six book manuscript: "Jeet Kune
Do", "Jeet Kune Do research," "Kung Fu
Records", "two stick work," "Bruce - Lee
Graphic Boxing" ( English) and "Bruce. Li martial arts
techniques" (English version). Journal of world martial continues to study,
introduction of his martial arts, martial arts enthusiasts from around the world
continue to worship him. When the recall of Chinese martial arts as a successor of
Bruce Lee lives, people will remember him forever love sinking, the Chinese nation,
inspire national spirit, strong desire of the Chinese nation's sincere heart.
   There is no doubt that Bruce Lee is a born star, a legend in the legend.
   Although the death has been a long time, Bruce Lee is still synonymous with kung
fu, Jackie Chan, even flush the entire world are hard to surpass. His talent, his
uprightness, his brilliant, have become a myth can not be copied. 30-year-old, five
films, enough to make bright meteor overshadowed, I do not know when it would
have been another way to write an oriental legend.

  ?When Bruce Lee childhood is very naughty, do not love learning, character weird,
like being alone. But the film is very dedicated, together with Anna, became a little
famous child star, popular girls are welcome, but Bruce Lee has brought up a
Xingqingzhongren, delivery girl is his hobby. 13 years old thanks to learning martial
arts into Ip Ha, search everywhere, fighting, in 1957 won the Hong Kong Inter-school
boxing champion, won all 58 years cha cha Open champion. In short, before that
Bruce Lee was a young, naughty, do not love learning, the Mao Xiaozi stirred up
trouble everywhere.
  ?Bruce Lee's fighting experience should be from 19 years old carries one
hundred U.S. dollars and go alone to the United States to make a living counting.
  ?Cruise through Kobe, Yokohama, Hawaii, at a loss to the future of his land - San
Francisco. In Hong Kong, he is little known and famous child star of street thugs, here
- not in the true sense fairly San Francisco, he is American society many Chinese in
the United States gold modest one, only bits and pieces of live dry living in
dilapidated slums.
  ?San Francisco's most proud of is the magnificent Golden Gate Bridge.
Lee stood on the bridge, overlooking the blue sea opposite direction. Ocean shore of
Hong Kong, he thus thought his "family resemblance" of the
parents. He was determined to turn over a strenuously self-made results to prove they
are one-stop!
  ?Bruce Lee in San Francisco, done longer, a little bit improvement in the job is teach
people to dance "ChaCha" (just dance), and his low-cost, very
few students, with his superb dancing chic not match. In Hong Kong, he was merry
dance; now, he has the right to do to dance as a means of subsistence. Americans do
not despise people who engage in any occupation can be Bruce Lee always feel a little
  ?Three months later, he went to Seattle. He found Miss Zhou Lubi opened Chinese
restaurant, she had got very warmly received him and take him to earn a living
working in restaurants and school fees.
  ?Bruce Lee into the local Edison High Technical School (the equivalent of
China's vocational high schools), which is the reason he was unqualified
English level can not directly go to college. Miss Zhou is the father of Bruce
Lee's old friends, she was politically active, the spokesman for the local
Chinese community. However, his father Bruce Lee's face, an official
working day to Bruce Lee, to ruthlessly tear up - she had got the boss as if a face, no
expression on her way to the Bruce Lee pointing, a little dissatisfied, they sternly
reprimanded. Lee Ying-filled anger, he came to the United States has been three
months, although know that "friends go to friends, business owned
business" credo, but he felt too sudden, just can not stand. But Lee was
forced to anger reduction, in accordance with the wishes of the boss week, she was
satisfied with the manual labor done. Bruce Lee's behavior with a big
difference in Hong Kong, according to past temper, he was supposed to dish will quit,
or get her a face plate to drop flowers.
    American schools with schools in Hong Kong is very different from the
conservative, is completely open, lax discipline, lax, in Bruce Lee, the U.S. students
simply to play. Bruce Lee at this time, parents can no longer supervise him, the
teacher will not be bound him, because of their studies students will not worship or
despise the merits of a person. Bruce Lee totally unfettered, Fanglangxinghai.
However, at this time of Bruce Lee became another person entirely. He changed the
style of truancy weariness in Hong Kong, meticulous, hungry to learn. He knew the
hard-won fee, adversity, he woke up a lot of enlightenment philosophy of life. He
knew that science has always been his weakness, he had hated it, tired of it like a fly.
Now, although he still like it, than under the times of the hard work of liberal arts. His
English is to learn as life addicted to the point, he knew; to the United States, both go
on to college or into employment, the language is the most important thing.
 ?Bruce Lee's English improved quickly and started doing waiter, a higher
wage than doing chores, as well as tips. However, it is still very depressed Bruce Lee.
A child, he had the desire to do leaders hope to control others, rather than control by
others. Bruce Lee is in a position to be driven by everyone, patrons, owners, chefs can
drive him.
 ?Lee left the weekly restaurant (there is a love affair during this period contributed to
the matter), and vowed not to any working in a restaurant - his personality is too tied
up. He wanted to engage independently in a profession, even if subsistence income,
other than by binding to feel comfortable.
 ?Lee became acquainted with the Japanese-American businessman Kimura martial,
when he was 19 years old, Kimura, 36. They became Wangnianzhijiao, Kimura
willing to be Bruce Lee's disciples and followers. Bruce Lee always
wanted to set up martial arts, but not sure, but also money. Kimura now been funded
to encourage and help open up martial arts.
 ?Bruce Lee's martial arts in a basement in Seattle's Chinatown,
the mind is this for a living, and will carry forward the Chinese martial arts and
martial original one. But business is tough, cares very few martial arts. Bruce Lee,
after discussions with Kimura, and Kimura on the force with a few school students to
several universities in Seattle to do demonstrations. He has proven this method
effective clumsy and old, and his performances more and more popular by the
students, each has one or two students to give up their old hobby, but switched to
Chinese kung fu, martial arts has shown signs improvement.
 ?In 1961, Lee successfully completed high school, she was admitted to Washington
State University, majoring in Philosophy. At that time, medical, legal, business is a
popular profession, but Lee has chosen popular philosophy. Bruce Lee was a good
move but a quiet, double-sided, he loves martial arts, lively, feisty, but also love to
think quietly. Bruce Lee indulge in the sea of philosophy, his worship of the Eastern
and Western philosophers, have China tzu, Germany, Nietzsche, Sartre in France. He
found that the teachings of Master Yip Man, and the story of the ancient warrior the
meaning of tolerance may apply to find some confirmation from the Taoist philosophy.
Nietzsche, Sartre's philosophy, but also with Lee aggressive show of
strength, unfettered nature strikingly similar. "真人不露相" is
the ancient Chinese heroes of conduct and the pursuit of state, and the young Bruce
Lee Victory, are constantly selling yourself, publicity themselves, to prove themselves
a "Superman."
 ?Bruce Lee Naogua Zi extremely intelligent so, more than enough to cope with their
studies, the main focus of the effort on. He rented near the school parking lot, a corner
of 20 dollars a month rent for his martial arts. Kimura on him and very happy with
this place than the basement of Chinatown, space and light should be superior. In
1962, the first "Jun Fan Martial Arts Museum" opened up.
 ?At that time his reputation has been considerable, is remarkable Chinese students
on campus. His exhibitionism, good speech, happy to sell themselves, some
Americans also joined the ranks of Bruce Lee's disciples. He is always full
of students to be successful enough to move, each 15 dollars a month tuition. Bruce
Lee on the cash-strapped, this is a high income.
 ?At that time, the U.S. campaign in Vietnam, Lee drafted into the army, when a back
"Bing Gege." But Bruce Lee free uninhibited nature be willing
to stay in the military do? Bruce Lee was to remain as a reserve soldier in the U.S.,
the end was sent to fight in Vietnam. This is regarded as one of his big lucky, lucky is
a great martial arts.
 ?Linda Lee at university and fell in love and later married two-drop out of school.
The love story between them, please read Zhuchun Ting's
"Kung Fu actor Bruce Lee," Chapter VI.
 ?Bruce Lee and Linda left Washington, went to the better prospects in California.
Stick in the Philippines, where the king met Dan Yilu Santos, the martial arts
predecessors strict mirror the sea, the National Karate champion Luo BARNES, father
of American Tae Kwon Jun 9. The film is his dream, but since their arrival in the
United States, has been missed with the film. Never heard of any members of the
ethnic Chinese among the Hollywood actors, and occupies a seat, and yet you have
forget the movies With a glimmer of hope. They drove to the Hollywood heaven, but
only looked at it much. The future, very far. They left Hollywood, Lee leaning seat,
depression, Linda said: "You OK, and some lines." Behind the
Bruce Lee fight, Linda has always quietly supported him faithfully the first step.
   In 1964, the United States Long Beach Karate competition is a major turning point
in the life of Bruce Lee. Bruce Lee as performing guests at this competition,
performing a Wing Chun, cover head sticky hands, inch punch, without leaving
boxing, two-finger push-ups, etc., so that all the audience dumbfounded. Bruce Lee in
Long Beach International Karate Championship for his outstanding performance
made him known in the United States martial arts fame greatly increased, and many
martial came thousands of miles away from thousands of miles to visit him, and this
competition also contributed to the Bruce Lee performing step towards into
 ?After a long series of setbacks, Bruce Lee was the Hollywood TV series
"Green Hornet" second lead role of Kato, which is peppered
with before, "Charlie Chan" Bruce Lee, the eldest son of the
role of defeat and bring Linda back to Hong Kong business. "Green
Hornet" on the air, did not cause much stir, but Bruce Lee played Kato, but
more and more popular by the audience, his handsome, sensitive, extraordinary skill,
performance in the play, far more than decorative star Green Bee Lantern Williams
has the edge.
  ?Bruce Lee finally realized the dream of access to Hollywood to pursue acting. He
did not become famous the world knows, they are made gratifying achievements. His
ultimate goal is to make world-class martial arts star, this road is not flat, full of
hardships, and long.
  ?Bruce Lee, the martial arts related, and would like to wholeheartedly do
professional actor. Was later Feixi Meng's instructions and snow
Burling's enlighten, to open up martial arts again, but not a collection of
people, not 20 dollars a month fee, but only accept those who of celebrities and high
qualifications, hourly fees 50 U.S. dollars, and later rose to 250 U.S. dollars! - So to
improve his reputation.
  ?Lee has a place in Hollywood, also took a role in a number of supporting roles, as
martial arts or something, but always in place stagnating, and even forced to play a
"bloody scandal" in the cynical homosexual killer. Many people
in Hollywood flash in the pan, and that he was a Chinese person, easy to catch on in
Hollywood. One critic said: "In a word, because Bruce Lee is Chinese. Not
the heads of Hollywood have any bias against Lee himself, but the U.S. deep-rooted
racial prejudice as the invisible hand, stifle their thinking."
  ?Although the cause is not proud, but Lee did not dejected, but very confidently
wrote in a memo:
I have the clear objective of
  ?I, Bruce Lee, will be the highest paid U.S. super-star Orient. In return, I will devote
the most exciting, the most shocking performances. Since 1970, I will win a world
reputation; to 1980, I will have 10 million U.S. dollars of wealth, then I and my
family will live a happy, harmonious and happy life.
  ?This is a translation, I quote:
  ?My Definite Chief Aim
  ?I, Bruce Lee, will be the highest paid Oriental superstar in the United States.In
return I will perform the most exciting and breathtaking performance.Starting in 1970,
I will achieve world-fame and from then on and till the end of 1980 I will have in my
possession 1,000,000. Then I will live the way I please and achieve inner harmony
and happiness with my family
Bruce Lee and friends planning a "silent whistle" of the film.
They survey location in India, disappointed, shooting had to be canceled. Had starred
in TV series "Kung Fu" The hope, he once again fantasy
success, and found another moon in the water flowers in a mirror. Hollywood hopes
the lure of beauty was Bruce Lee, like the poor donkey head - mouth hung Yi Bacao
front, it took car to run forward, they did not eat that grass. He angrily thought: I still
stay there in Hollywood's necessary? Lee began with the idea of returning
to Hong Kong.
  ?At that time, the leader in the Hong Kong film industry is the Shaw Group, 60
Shaw's is the golden era of world domination. In 1969, the Shaw Brothers
film director Raymond Chow, Leonard Ho, who led out of the Shaw Brothers,
founded Golden Harvest. The two companies struggled, Golden Harvest has always
been at the leeward, incompetent shake Shaw, until a person - the arrival of Bruce
  ?Bruce Lee is my time, even though unsuccessful, but his fame has been very great,
Bruce Lee's Hong Kong please move only two of the Shaw Brothers and
Golden Harvest. Bruce Lee would have strong Chinese and the Shaw Brothers, and do
not care about the pay is relatively low, but Shaw arrogant and ultimately broke up for
various reasons; the other hand, Raymond Chow, impressed with his sincerity of
Bruce Lee , Lee determined to join the Golden Harvest.
  ?Golden Harvest, Raymond Chow, the two words in the Bruce Lee film career play
an     important     part     of    the     status,   esteem     Nietzsche    to     do
"Superman" are truly a "Superman" in the
words of Bruce Lee, just listen to two people: one is the wife Lin up, the other is
Raymond Chow.
?Next thing will be familiar from the classic "four and a half."
Many people enjoy talking about Bruce Lee that set off raging tide of the period just
two years, many people only know the "Big Boss",
"Fist of Fury," "Way of the Dragon,"
"Enter the Dragon", just know that once again broken box
office records, only know Bruce Lee appears to have become an international
superstar overnight, but how many people know Bruce Lee in this difficult struggle
before, how many people know about this two years of Lee's tireless?
  ?"Big Boss" one of the crew, in a very original, very hard in
Thailand Pak Chong. Golden Harvest was not enough financial resources required to
Zaochu drama scenes, props, accommodation, food conditions are very difficult to
adapt to climate is not, in short, than the Hollywood film is simply worlds apart.
Lee's complaint complaints go, working together has committed, seems to
have endless energy and strength to make others very impressed weary performers.
Despite the difficult conditions at that time, busy work, spirit, and stamina exercises
Bruce Lee insisted. They lived in Park Village hotel near the town, the late day light
every day, Lee got up and running fitness, but was extremely tired of the cast, still
immersed in the dreams of.
  ?1971 "Big Boss" shown, maddening 3.2 million, breaking the
"Sound of Music" at the box office record 2.3 million, superstar
was born.
  ?Lee decided to stay in Hong Kong, immediately put to the "Fist of
Fury," the shooting. The next year, "Fist of Fury,"
released at the box office breaking 4.5 million. Bruce Lee rush around that age, but
also revive the age of Golden Harvest.
  ?In the same year, starring Bruce Lee and his production directed and launched yet
another masterpiece, "Way of the Dragon", the box office more
than five million. Bruce Lee would have to build their own company and establish its
own, but Lee's ambition is great, but not operated before, on how to build,
operate, bottomless heart. Raymond Chow said in earnest: this should be cautious, I
was in the film mingled this age, the film's producers did better, with the
twelfth of the master left the Shaw to take this step. Young people are now better
Pescod, act in haste, founder of production company does not wait for the producer on
the hit card. Later, they gave up the idea of Bruce Lee.
  ?Autumn 1972, without waiting for "Way of the Dragon,"
shown, only made a brief rest, they put Bruce Lee "Game of
Death" of the crew. But only capture three martial arts and some sporadic
shots were starring on "Enter the Dragon" opportunities. This is
a so he achieved his wish to become a true international star of Hollywood works, but
unfortunately the film will be released one month before the death of Seogui, only
he's fallen in to see all this.
Bruce Lee was still scared and when Hollywood has set three major ambition: first, to
promote promote Jeet Kune Do, Chinese Kung Fu to spread throughout the world;
Second, the Chinese-language films into the international market, so that film
audiences around the world Chinese film; third film in the U.S. and Europe played the
role of lay actors in China's international status, "Enter the
Dragon" Let him have these three great aspirations.
  ?Bruce Lee's untimely death for many reasons, such as the taking of
cannabis, the use of muscle vibration machine, but he had a strong will to go beyond
the physical capacity, work overload has a great relationship.
  ?Long is such molded. Lee told us: Even if you're a genius, but also need
to struggle.

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