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									An article for you to examine exactly what Cosway

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?Easy to understand e e Cosway Cosway what? -
First of all: e Cosway is a super-department store, e-commerce platform to operate its
products worldwide in addition to the many brands such as: Switzerland Camel
(camel) (watch) * U.S. brand Brooks (running shoes) * Italy Bburago Brand (car
models ) * France Givenchy (handbags) * U.S. Bausch & Lomb name
(contact lenses) * BOSS, CK, Green Tea (fragrance) * Japan's Kanebo
brand (skin care) * France, the brand Li Rui (skin care) * France Pierre Cardin brand
(pen ) * U.S. interest rhino flying brands (pen) * Italian FX Creations brands (watches)
* CUCCI (watch) and so on. More numerous other necessities of life such as: 1.
Clothing and accessories 2. Art and treasures 3. Auto Parts 4. Books and magazines 5.
Cameras, telescopes and binoculars 6.CD, DVD and VCD 7. Computer accessories
and Software 8. education 9. Electronic apparatus 10. eye care products and 11. Food
12. Beauty and Health 13. Home and Garden 14. jewelry and jewelry 15. pens,
watches and clocks 16. Toys and addicted to a good total of 4,000 etc. species.
Therefore       ecosway     (e    Cosway)     is     the    world's      largest
"e-commerce" companies. -
Second: e Cosway in global expansion strategy, e-commerce platform is the vanguard
of his "airborne", through e-commerce platform to allow
consumers around the world one can purchase a large number of discounts to sell their
products, two more important through this platform to promote mutually beneficial
marketing concept, part of the development of a strategic vision of the owners. After
some accumulation after the owners, e Cosway immediate "tactical
ground", the opening of its unique "chain of discount
stores", for example, in Taiwan from 2005 to 2007 opened the first 3 years,
and it opened more than 200! -
Re: give full play to "human network" of power, e Cosway
consumers composed by its members, members share the shopping convenience and
reasonable price, while established customer base, and e Cosway will sell most of the
parity based on the profits of the profit plan through the group again returned to the
consumer, the real consumption to reach customers in the normal course of profit! The
formation of mutually beneficial marketing idea a broader customer base more stable.
Third: The bank "financial network" to help maintain the e
Cosway more benefits to consumers and owners. This is how understand? e Cosway
jointly with mastercard platinum credit card business has done this. 1, any e Cosway
consumers and owners in the joint credit card to use on any occasion will be spending
points, with points available to the many discount chain store products entity. 2, the
network of your organization's customers and owners in the joint credit
card to use on any occasion will be included in the team performance payment! e
Cosway unprecedented for banks to help consumers and the owners save money,
make money! -
Last: e Cosway use of consumer network resources and with the community to reach
many other businesses to form strategic cooperation, "Hui merchants
together." Any company can only provide a limited number of products or
certain kinds of services, but our consumer spending will involve a number of venues
such as hotels, clothing stores, flower shop, sauna, beauty salon, restaurants,
bookstores .... .. and so on, as long as by "joint benefit
Merchant" program can also make e Cosway consumers or owners of the
spending in these areas into their turnover again! -
We can see that his proposed "mutual marketing" concept is
unprecedented         for    the    first time     the   "Skynet",
"human           network",      "to      network",
"financial              network",        "United         Hui
merchants" effective combination, allowing you to established network of
customers not just consumer e Cosway products, but also in many other ways the
course of business of the consumer spending again into its own sales and profits are
created for you! ! This revolutionary initiative is unique in the world! -
My friends here talk about the five advantages of Cosway, four major pathways, three
policies, two requirements, a layout:
First, let us first look at Cosway five advantages:
First, reciprocal marketing of advanced concepts and ensure the company's
strength: Cosway Founded in 1979, he created the concept of reciprocal marketing,
and other direct selling company is not the same idea, he realized early in the
operation the traditional direct selling company products are single, and the price too
high, consumption is difficult to establish natural. Therefore, the start position is to
satisfy more and more layers of consumer needs. His idea is to allow consumers to
save money, so that operators make money. Cosway This inexpensive policy to
actually retain consumers, showing strong vitality, 93 years into Malaysia's
top five multinational group - Success Group. Be the first in Malaysia in 2001, in
Malaysia throughout the chain of more than 500 discount stores. More than several
million members, is also Malaysia's only listed direct selling companies. -
What the company a big advantage? The company's owner is Chinese, so
they are Chinese, and China's national conditions are more understanding.
Therefore, in 2001, it is the operation of electronic commerce in order to enter the
global market, which set up the E Cosway companies in Malaysia that year was
named to the most promising e-commerce company. Therefore, the original discount
stores and mail order, the e-commerce platform is still more than 10,000 kinds of
quality and cheap products, while meeting the needs of consumers and operators, so
that consumers only with real consumption, the can grasp the opportunity to succeed
in business to get rich. This has many direct selling company wants, but can not. The
Cosway has succeeded in doing this. -
Second, product diversification, daily: the Cosway mainly commodities as the leading
ten series. Health care, slimming series, skin care, personal care series, perfume and
cosmetics line, running water machine series, home appliance, food and drink series,
kitchen appliances range, and Taiwan products online special approval series. What
model do it? Prices so cheap, will not be because it is fake or shoddy commodity?
Hong Kong companies in September in the opening ceremony, the company told us,
Tsai total seconds inside the Olympic: The requirements for suppliers in the past two
years, the goods must be recognized by consumers, the sales volume , in a region is
one of the best, and the third can only come back next year, and this year will not vote
for you again. However, we know that nothing is eternal vitality of goods, every three
to five years, like most commodities, would have a replacement. If you want a
business to run him, you enter the original number of commodities, when you do not
sell, how do you do? You can only discounts, price cuts to sell it. Earned in front of
the back but lose out. But Cosway has provided a good platform. In the early stage, a
large number of businesses you work hard for the market, do a lot of marketing and
advertising promotion, until the goods are recognized when the company it used as a
proxy or to join, so that consumers can choose the product has been approved,
regardless of You are the consumer or the operator, you are very favorable. If your
operator, you only needed to go to experience our products, and to get to share with
my friends, you can easily make more people feel the Cosway affordable products has
brought us fun. -
Third, the price of civilians: the prices, fear not you, Why? Because many direct sales
companies have advertised themselves as unique, natural, self-developed, but when
you get the products on hand, you find that incredibly expensive, even if you wanted
to spend You will feel your economy can not afford. These things, it really worth this
much money? No, because many direct sales companies direct sales force in order to
keep a lot to promote and sell products and build their own sales network, forced to
engage in a lot of class, a lot of awards and prizes, these expenditures will increase in
the products of the body, so consumers buy the goods, has been divorced from the real
prices of commodities, that Wumart higher value products. So for many people who
do direct sales, they will feel, really hard to make sales, it is difficult to open up new
markets. But the direct selling company is not easy to solve this problem, because
many of the company itself is a production company, it is very difficult to transition.
We Cosway, but the equivalent of all the consumers together, movement of businesses
to profit, and banks to profit, turn around and put those profits to the owners. Then,
while everyone in the consumer, so we save money and make money, and if you make
money, you will be glad to go again the consumer, such a virtuous circle, will make
the business more to do better. This is why E Cosway the four years, sales have been
climbing reasons. So many consumers continue to consume slowly become operators,
the final became a consumer capitalist. This is a very clever way, is a very unique
business opportunity. -
4, the bonus system humanity: our system, both the traditional model of the solar line,
there are two-track model, as well as hypermarkets model, but not the double-track
line is not the sun, and the way the play was more hypermarkets close to each
consumer. So he let a lot of people to accept such a system. All used people will feel
really good, really cheap! Automatically join the ranks of consumption, when
consumption Slowly the big time, only to find, oh, I had to operate through their own
good, you can do as a business's. This did not know how many of the
original operating system or to direct friends to bring some confidence bias, it also
brings business opportunities, many friends also start from Cosway, from working for
others, learn to run their own into business. -
5, joint credit card to create global business integration: International Joint
MasterCard Platinum Card, is the company a considerable advantage. Because the
traditional business, that we can only do their own industries, such as selling electrical
appliances, they can only sell appliances, if a friend came to stay in the hotel, I can
only find the hotel to friends, let them help to leave a room I can not because a lot of
people living on it to open a hotel? Impossible. Others to buy merchandise, I can only
take them to the mall or supermarket. But now, through the MasterCard Platinum card,
let the consumer behavior of a card to connect to different industries together. -
Four marketing channels: -
1, chain discount stores: the company 20 years ago is the way with a chain discount
store operator, which provides thousands of different types of global quality, the
variety is complete. Moreover, many products in the market have been very visible,
that is, the early stage of product promotion has been done a lot business, so there do
not like the traditional direct selling company, as too much to emphasize the
uniqueness of their products . These large chain discount stores have opened in the
middle of a shopping mall or supermarket, so that consumers would be more
accessible, using a huge flow of people shopping together popularity, many people in
the supermarket and saw Cosway things products will feel great! Cosway by any
means, so that these excellent products 11 to move to discount stores and online stores
do? -
A, product agent: such as pan, shaping suit, nano breast enhancement, youth Seamless
products are agent, and then sold directly to end in the middle no longer set any
province on behalf of the City on behalf of the class, and thus guarantee very
competitive retail prices, guaranteed under the premise of the company's
profits, but also tangible benefits for consumers. So we buy the product, the ratio in
Japan, South Korea and the supermarket to buy much cheaper. -
B, OEM form (OEM), a group of power companies to ensure quality and reliable raw
material suppliers, these suppliers to ensure product quality in strict premise, let
Cosway paste their own brand. This saves the cost of production and circulation costs.
If the United States, global license Spirulina, according to the U.S. formula of
production requirements, production in Malaysia, this way, their products shipped to
China cheaper than in the United States lower. -
In addition, the Chilean rose hips oil, also exist in this form. -
C, the company licensed to produce: skin care products, health food products from
D, bulk purchases: The Group buy in the form of lowering the prices of suppliers to
ensure reasonable price. -
Second, online shopping: a global home delivery, online payment, safe and
convenient. Can maximize the cost savings of all. -
Third, the international joint platinum credit cards: Consumer credit card spending has
become a trend. Previous wage just to pay card rather than cash, we are not
comfortable with. Now, 70% of adults have used credit card spending. Cosway
Corporation is now joint co-branded credit card and banking services. We can not
only enjoy the original features, this card can also be consumed to my points, you can
join the company's free products and discount offers bid. Shopping
anywhere in the world, or even direct the company's products will produce
results for him, do not need us to do effortlessly sell. In Malaysia, foreign owners of
some platinum card when traveling abroad, do not buy insurance, credit card banks
are open for you to purchase insurance and platinum credit cards in the airport lounge
dedicated, can be first on the plane, specially after the airplane platinum credit card
taxi, send you directly to the destination, do not you then out of any charges. Suppose,
after years in China can be the case, is really a kind of status symbol on the. In the
past, doing traditional direct marketing and traditional business people exchanges,
others are not willing to process your management, because people feel no need to
feel that those who are laid-off workers do, so it is hard to find a real person with real
talent , but today they only need to hear this pathway Platinum credit card, they will
not hesitate to become owners. -
4, together benefits business plan: there is no way any one company to consumers of
all content to provide daily service. Do catering do beauty make commodities, are
only in their own industries that provide consumers with a wide range of consumer
activities, the company is very clever in conjunction with the launch of many
businesses benefit plan business, we have a large consumer network that any business
needs this resource, so long as consumers benefit businesses in the United
consumption, that business will come up with the performance benefits associated 5%
-20% of the consumer's performance, returned to owners. We also benefit
businesses by consumers in the United consumption process, get a lot of points, so
that our customers under the same conditions, they preferred the joint benefit of my
business to consume, and do not change their original consumption habits. We also
received more than Cosway performance outside sources. We only invited a few
friends to the joint benefit to the consumer business, will be very easy to complete
their own EV. To use their consumer networks, grafted to other consumer networks,
risk to other businesses to bear, and this way, merchants, operators, consumers have
been three tangible benefits. -
These four ways will give us tangible benefits, but also to get what we want. In
addition, the company has made preferential policies for owners of the fastest to reach
the three goals. -
1, ISO presented the world: global consumer, is now owner, within one month, the
first consumer, the company has ISO gifts, even if only one EV, the company also
send you 80EV (first prize is 75EV 10%) . Allow you to easily reach qualified units. -
Second, repeated consumption policy: consumers can eat more rice, but it is
impossible not grooming, not daily, then we own the mall there, why not own the mall
buy it? Only consumers and owners have taken the initiative to keep spending at the
mall, the company may have big, so long. -
Third, the owners preferential policies: all the owners can enjoy more than the
average consumer a discount, in addition to their membership when there are 50 RP
gift, and a variety of VP, CVP and so on, each time the consumer while still allowing
you get a lot of points, and these points then allow you to buy the lowest price Wuzhe
products you want. -
Two minimum requirements: -
1,15 EV amount of responsibility: Each owner should receive the
company's bonus, the responsibility must complete a minimum 15EV
amount, if not, then the company can not grow up. When we are not owners of their
companies to their own consumption, then you recommend to others that this product
is good, the bad product, no one believed that, because even you do not have to, how
people will believe what you recommend is good things? All owners are each Cosway
voluntarily become loyal consumers. All consumers will receive tangible benefits for
the consumer is willing to continue to Cosway Corporation. So you do not have the
responsibility of spending 15EV amount, there is no way you deserve a bonus. -
2, the minimum eligibility requirements: 5 QU-each owner to receive the prize, must
not be less than five customers (that is, a steady number of customers you do not need
to worry about the amount of QU and liability limitations, this is only relative Almost
every owner will not worry about this condition, because the amount of this
responsibility is relatively low). This provision makes every owner of any place in the
global development will not break the rules. -
A layout: -
Charm lies in the depth of the company's bonus, rather than the width of
the line of some of the previous solar system, we will put some of the key people on
the front, and our Cosway system, not because you are in the front or rear , but in the
development of your entire team. Because you and a friend each have a direct
relationship. While each person differently, but all with a sort of fire YAN Many
hands work attitude high, one by one branch to the efforts to do After a branch, and
then do a second branch, because the first branch often stumbled, stumbled on the
well, the second branch of the experience when you have a third branch will be better.
Prize, everyone must be very concerned, how do we make money?
Cosway's bonus point is not profound, that is a table format, which you do
step by step on what pick up by the company to help you calculate completely good,
you just go on the trip on. To see that, oh, and my group doing? How do I do? I would
like to do? To a certain period of time also allows you to adjust your team to
maximize your bonus income, which is one of the greatest advantage. -
The first part of the sales profits. That we can get a percentage of sales profits, the
company spent 10 to 28% 15 level, before the five-level difference of 2%, 1% after
the 10-level difference, according to the performance of individual sales with the
performance of the entire group multiply, according to this table to count the
percentage. -
The second part of the differential bonus. In fact you and your performance
throughout the branch together, as they each have their own web development team,
their networks and the percentage of your poor, that is your differential award.
Because the company is not directly Choice Award, so also in this part of the prize in
manifested. -
The third part is the branch of Award. When you work through a period of time, your
network has a very large consumer after the separation of each branch, except for that
branch is not the biggest prize, the other branches can be obtained, in accordance with
the corresponding form to claim the prize. -
The fourth part is the basic wage. Only four levels, you start the branch into two
branches, one of the largest branch to get rid of the remaining composed of a small
branch with another branch of your own, compare, which branch of the EV value is
small, the use of this EV value to the corresponding form in the four-level, such as
you reach 500EV, you have 50 dollars in prize money, to 1000EV, there are 100 U.S.
dollars in prize money. -
Our bonus feature is clear, unlike some other companies, some of the bonus system is
very complicated, look attractive, but it is difficult to get the hand Quenan, and now
do not need to make sales, make recommendations, or even pull the head, you only
need your experience using the product to share with friends, you get yourself a real
lot in return. -
So, why are so many people on the Cosway made a new mode of operation of the
evaluation, because in the past dozen years ago, direct marketing system, and even
now most of the direct selling business, so consumers really can not stay, Even the
promotions and bargains, are just some extent in the short term only the sales peak, so
almost all of the traditional direct li, retain are Jingxiao Shang itself, distributors are
the consumers, which would allow these companies The number of bigger and fewer
consumers. And Cosway Corporation, it is so, consumers get real benefits, then
natural to extend the owner's consumption path is very simple, efficient,
fast and stable retention of the consumer. So Cosway more like a service company, the
customers through affiliate programs, only owners and consumers to get benefits, they
will stay. Not like other companies, there are promotions, performance was improved
significantly, no promotions, only a number of dealers using the product. Because the
associated benefits business services, Platinum credit card program, to provide
consumers with a broader product services. So let the flow of our daily consumption
of the network, as the turnover, which reached a natural consumption, consumption
and value-added network integration. Can be said that the next five to ten years,
Cosway this winner takes all approach, will be unique in many a style of our business,
so many direct sales companies that have no way to follow the example of Cosway
Corporation and traveling light, Because the burden of their past too much, we are
fortunate to have very wise to see Cosway's:
5 kinds of advantages: company, variety, price, system, platinum card
Four channels: physical discount stores, online shopping, joint credit card, together
benefits business
Three policies: the first consumer ISO, repeated consumption, the owners offer
Two provisions: the minimum liability amount, the minimum eligibility requirements

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