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					Amway lied to you what
?People mention of Amway, the combination of illegal pyramid schemes, said Amway
is a fraud, Internet on-line full of all the negative comments on Amway, Amway even
scolded severely, to see people like the experience of Amway liar or plague Like, for
fear of not hiding and, if you see your friends started Amway, and so he fell into the
sea of bitterness that he was brainwashed Amway, even though he was positive to see,
but also that he is hypocritical; see He was passionate Amway business, they think
that he for the money, similar to mad; see him with his talk about Amway, they think
he wants to buy their own things, wanted to pull myself Amway. In fact, Amway is
really a lie it?
  ?I do not deny that some ill-intentioned people Amway banner banner banner direct
marketing slogan, for fraud, false pretenses. But I believe most people are relying on
high-quality Amway Amway products, on their own intimate customer service and
relentless pursuit of the Amway business to engage in Amway, at least that I know
people are doing Amway . Successful in the Amway people are on their own efforts,
by their hard struggle, by continual setbacks and failures in coming out. 130 000 in
the country on behalf of Amway's marketing, if only because a few people
or a small group of people for illegal operations, we believe that all of the Amway
people are all lies, somewhat radical, but also the vast number of Amway's
not fair . Therefore, we should apply the dialectical method, a comprehensive look at
things in perspective, everything has two sides, are a double-edged sword, as we now
use almost every day the network (Internet), in his day to day for us Life provides
convenient, efficient, but also people use it to commit crimes, use it to cheat, but we
will not negate the network, denied that the network benefits of us. So it must not in
the absence of clear, figure out before his jump to conclusions, if you like me a
comprehensive understanding of 1-2 months, and to understand the different team,
different people what success after success, then under their own conclusions. Amway
is not afraid of people to understand, but afraid you do not know, do not fully
understand, listen to others say, or from the network to see what some people say, they
jump to their own conclusions, so too quickly. No investigation, no right to speak! Do
not repeat what others say, without knowing beat him to death before, so, not only for
themselves and change their life the opportunity pass, and even affect their friends,
their relatives and everyone around them the views of Amway will affect their
opportunities to change their own destiny!
  ?Estimate the beginning many people as I understand from the Internet on the look
Amway Amway presentation on, but unfortunately, the network most of the adverse
remarks against Amway, even though a few said yes, but also is considered child care,
that is to do Amway, one can see with their own divergent views, on their cynicism,
and even irrational, shouted abuse. I also knew nothing about until now from the
Amway gradual understanding of Amway, although not yet completely understood,
but at least some knowledge of the Amway already have, and I know Amway is the
process to understand all aspects of , from the network, from the television, the survey
from people also participated in Amway's medium and small meetings and
training, which includes positive and negative. I sum up a bit, on that good or that
Amway Amway is a fraud claim, or challenge a total of Amway following,
       Amway is a pyramid scheme (illegal pyramid schemes)
       Amway's products well, that is expensive
       Amway's training is brainwashing, mind control
       Amway to sell products are killed and cooked and Meng Ren
       Amway downline to do is make money, or do Amway will lose money
Amway really is like it? Here is my answer:
  1. Amway is a pyramid scheme (illegal pyramid schemes)
I asked many people, you heard of Amway it?, They say, Amway ah, I know, not that
MLM you (at home, direct sales generally refers to illegal pyramid schemes), this
argument is mostly online, and that Amway is a pyramid scheme , said that Amway is
a pull head, the representative of Amway sales meeting said to be rodents.
Answer: that Amway is a pyramid of people, settings and people with the concept of
MLM or direct sales are not clear, they are listening to people say that Amway is a
pyramid scheme, a sham, they never really had examined the concept of direct
selling .
  ?Issued in the country <ban pyramid selling regulations> in, on the
pyramid of a definition of the concept: MLM is the organizer or operator development
personnel, development personnel by being directly or indirectly the development of
its personnel based on sales volume or calculation and payment of remuneration, or
require the development of personnel to pay a fee to join, for the conditions of
eligibility, etc. to obtain illegal benefits, disrupt the economic order, that affect social
  ?Identified in this Ordinance is to MLM pyramid schemes detailed, vivid, concrete.
Ordinance provides that the following acts are mainly pyramid:
  (A) of the organizers or operators through the development of staff, asked to be the
development of staff development of other officers and staff on the development of its
direct or indirect rolling development based on the number of personnel calculation
and payment of compensation (including incentives and other economic interests) , to
obtain illegal benefits;
  (B) the organizers or operators through the development of staff, asked to be the
development of staff pay costs or to subscribe to pay the cost of goods and so on in a
disguised form, join, or join the development of other staff qualifications, to obtain
illegal benefits;
  (C) the organizers or operators through the development of staff, asked to be the
development of staff development of other officers and the formation of the offline
relationship, and the following line sales based on-line calculation and payment of
remuneration, to obtain illegal benefits.
  ?For the broad masses of the MLM and direct sales of errors, described below under
the direct sales and multilevel marketing, pyramid schemes in disguise differences:
  ?One difference: whether to sell their products as the basis for business operations.
Direct marketing to sell products as a source of earnings. Illegal pyramid schemes
Zeyi pull the head or by selling counterfeit or profit-making products Zhicijiagao pull
people disguised profit, or simply no product.
 ?Difference between the two: there are no high entry fee. Direct selling company
salesman without paying any high entry fees will not be compulsory subscription
products. In the illegal pyramid scheme, participants by paying high entry fees or
required a certain number of products first, subscribe to pay high entry fees disguised
as a condition of participation, to encourage unscrupulous people to join to make a
profit pulling. The company's profit is the main entry-fee, it was a
disguised financing behavior.
 ?The third difference: whether to set up outlets. Direct selling enterprises to set up
shop open shelf or counter, marketing personnel are directly contracted with the
company, its practitioners act directly accepted norms and management companies.
Operators of illegal pyramid schemes through the development, organizations
engaged in non-store network or "underground" activities.
 ?The fourth distinction: whether the remuneration according to work. Direct
marketing companies who are willing to work hard to provide practical opportunities
for income generation, not a fortune overnight. Each sales staff can only pay
according to their personal computing sales, the company set aside funds from
operations, unified tax after the company paid directly to their designated account
does not exist, the offline relationship. Illegal pyramid schemes through high returns
as bait to attract personnel engaged in disguised pyramid selling activities, the
participants in the on-line membership fees or from off the assembly line to extract
the so-called performance pay.
 ?The difference 5: Are there any exit, return guarantee. Direct marketing companies
may be based on individual freedom of choice will continue to operate or out,
companies in return for providing protection. The agreement is not illegal pyramid
schemes usually force the return or returns are very harsh, consumers have purchased
the product difficult to return.
 ?Direct Marketing is a manufacturers products through specialty stores or direct
marketers sell their products directly to end users, and the way to the service of sales.
 ?2. Amway's products well, that is expensive
 ?Slightly on the Amway products to understand the person or people who used
Amway products, the general said Amway's products well, but the Amway
product is expensive. Some may think that is the Amway pyramid schemes do not you?
He must increase at every level, layer upon layer of its profits, so sure of your product,
lucrative. It was also stated that since the Amway products well, why not enter the
mall is not on the counter it?
 Answer: This argument has some truth, I began to think so. Some products do you
Amway, Amway, but can not say all the things you, because Amway's
products are high quality, high-quality products, almost every product must contain
one or more of the patented technology, After a lot of scientists are research and
development, and through strict production and processing out of a high standard.
 If Amway Nutrilite supplements and Artistry skin care products, Amway's
Nutrilite nutritional supplements is the world's No. 1 brand, Amway is the
oldest of nutrients nutrients, has 70 years of history, all the nutrients are pure natural,
Amway has its own pollution-free, pollution-free farm. This is the production of any
food companies can not match.
 ?Amway Artistry skin care and cosmetics is the world's top five brands,
sales of the top 3 in the world, we heard, "one of a sub-sub-price goods, the
price to buy more good," the saying goes, that is the price higher
commodity, its quality was also high.
 ?However, Amway's nutrition and skin care products on the market price
compared to other similar products are very competitive and I specifically
investigated the protein powder and the price of calcium and magnesium tablets,
compared to other products, Amway's nutrition for the needs of people
could afford to eat or to the. Take me, I am now with my wife both of them as part of
the daily added, the average monthly 200 yuan / person.
 ?Of course, not everyone must use, is based on their health status and family income
to decide whether to use nutritional supplements, you can use one of them. As some
people say, I do not have food, do not they still alive and well? Indeed, the past of our
ancestors no place to live, not cooked food, not still survive, reproduce generation
after generation, the pursuit of different people's lives, quality of life is
different. Jiugen was on opening Mercedes-Benz, BMW, was also quite happy riding
a tricycle. In fact, the key is that you not need these things, if not, then white to you,
you will not have to; If you think it is necessary, and if effective, think how much
money is worth. Jiugen sick to the hospital, as no one think that the doctor give a
patient medicine you and no one to bargain with the hospital, it is because he needs to,
and ill be watching.
 ?In fact, Amway also suitable for general household use household cleaning products,
such as the new disc, LOC new music, speed cleaning, through Korea and so on, for
consumers to use, in rural areas are accessible to everyone, let alone in the city the.
Online disc was also high on the Amway concentration of questioning, said the new
needs of disc Duishui diluted common detergent behind can also exchange water use.
 ?In fact, he did not find out, first of all product ingredients fundamentally different,
such as security, soluble, health environmental protection advantages of other
products can not, on second thought, never a common detergent behind the promotion
of exchange water use, you never exchange water used. Because they never gave
people the idea of environmental protection, put an empty used bottle throwing fight
child to the environment have caused the pollution, but it was calculated that a bottle
of the new disc can save nearly 60 tons of water, which much more than a bottle of
dish new money, Amway's home cleaning products or only designated
Chinese Antarctic expedition supplies. Those who say that such products are
expensive, he certainly did not used or is using his sales staff did not tell his specific
use, just like my cousin, like a rural home, bought a bottle through the beginning of
Korea, their After using say useful, then exclaimed to withdraw products, I later heard
him say, after she asked how to use, wipe with a cloth, she said, ah, I asked her what
cloth wipe? She said that an ordinary cloth on ah. Then I let her try again with cotton,
and later she said as I tried, the effect is very good, but, she went to look to buy a
bottle 5,6. Therefore, I can not say that each one of Amway products are good, but
most of the product or good, if you used are not satisfied, the problem may be use, if
you have questions about this, you can find me I am free for you. If you used no
words, saying that Amway products is more expensive does not make sense of.
  Since then Amway products so good, why not shop, not on the counter it, why do
little to advertise it? People who ask this question, the general concept of direct
selling is not very clear. Direct sales model that is representative of the manufacturer
by marketing products directly to consumers, reducing circulation, thus greatly
reducing the cost of the product, generally at the store's products are
through a multi-agency and wholesale, advertising money, money counters to count
the cost, and even shopping malls are a screw real contribution from the consumer out
of pocket.
  We all know that the same product, the higher the grade of the shopping center, the
higher the price, so you will understand the reason why the. Amway's
products is through direct sales model, reduce costs, so that we ordinary people can
afford it, and give us ordinary people (no money, no background relations) a chance
of success. I believe that if Amway's products through the traditional sales
model, into the store, behind the counter, then surely the price of his product is much
higher than the current lot, then, can only become Amway's products are
rich and full of class consumer products, we only see people were up.
  ?The Artistry Beauty on Naan Li, like cosmetics, make-up five products as one of
the world's beauty, its ranking is the world's top three. Quality
products with the same price compared to, such as SK-II prices to Bian Li's
elegant pose to you a lot, and we ordinary people simply can not afford that. But you
see now, how many women are very common Amway become more beautiful, more
self-confidence, is that really not Amway contribution it?
3. Amway is brainwashing, mind control is
  This argument is also very much, critics are wide. That Amway's training
is brainwashing, mental control, even though Amway training in the humane practice
of Amway culture, is also said to be false, false. There A lot of people into the Amway
afraid venue, just in case was assimilated into the hall, he was brainwashed; that
Amway people have aspirations, commitment and passion to say is similar to mad, to
say the pursuit of wealth is money obsessed, even Amway a religion or a cult, really
afraid of the spirit of people were anesthetized, and the victims suffer.
  ?Answer: It's a very rich and the general sense of responsibility, he has
some understanding of Amway, but they do not thoroughly understand, and perhaps
also to have heard him once or twice Amway's training, because first of all
he had in mind on Amway have a certain bias, and that Amway itself is deceptive. So,
he thought that all the actions of Amway is not normal, are considered to be false, is
misleading, the Amway people want very complex, time Amway told him if coal is
black, he must take into account half-day, first determine what the person has no other
meaning, and then judge what he said is correct.
  ?If their friends are doing Amway, to act as a "savior" must do
everything possible to bring their friends to save them from the sea of troubles, and
even called on national governments to boycott Amway, the Amway away from China.
He never asked who used Amway, Amway for their lives What are the benefits,
Amway how to change the fate of some ordinary people, even if asked, he would not
believe what they said is true.
  I admire such people, than those who are indifferent to any thing a lot of people
strong. But I would also like to advise such a friend, do not rush to any matters of
conclusions, especially new things, things must be comprehensive, thorough
understanding, then make their own judgments, not with colored eyes of view, not yet
before the investigation has been biased against him, and this will commit the error of
subjectivism, Chairman Mao said, no investigation, no right to speak. Therefore, we
have an objective, scientific look at everything, including Amway, if you're
like me, on the Amway looked into to see if Amway people say what is taught us what
to do what is , then you can make their own informed and reasoned conclusions.
  Almost every Chinese person knows that many Chinese people lack a belief in their
own too, maybe too much Chinese, perhaps Chinese are too smart, he does not
believe what God, the Lord ah, you believe in yourself, but sometimes even do not
believe. Had nothing to do with an armchair, is taught us a lot of nice guys. Especially
with the modern economic development, human relations has become increasingly
cold, when I saw the bus was being robbed, others are indifferent to news reports,
when I saw the BMW in Heilongjiang open tricycle car killed farmers, and now still
no results, and sometimes really disappointed the community, are these
people's head should be thoroughly washed it? They are indifferent to
others, the lives of others as if no properties, no respect for other people, can such a
person does not need to wash them brainwash you? Amway's training is
encouraging people to improve themselves, is to enhance human capacity, is to teach
us How to be a boss, how to make money is to teach us, and people should respect
each other and understand each other. Is this also wrong? Some people think they are
spiritual control, can the country 130,000 people are fool you Amway ? Amway
worldwide 3.6 million people have become fools? I have received training in Amway
for some time, I often ask my friends, my spirit fairly normal right now,
I'm not mad you stupid bar. They said, okay, relatively rational. just
become more passion and commitment. I saw in a magazine, direct marketing will not
only change our lives, but also improve the overall quality of the people, and people
take education responsibility, I think this makes sense, if every Chinese person to
understand the direct sales, about Amway, the Chinese people will certainly improve
the quality of a big cut of.
  ?Even some friends with Amway did not dare to participate in training courses, on
the fear that they participate in after being brainwashed Amway teachers to was mind
control, I think this is a bit ridiculous, it is he does not self-confidence, a thoughtful
and intelligent people will not be one or two classes were washed off, and if so, then
his thoughts will inevitably too weak to be me, from another angle, let him be the
Amway brainwashing you, if wash you into a millionaire, to ask you do it or not?
4. Do Amway is designed to kill an acquaintance and Meng Ren
  Estimated number of people were frightened by the illegal pyramid scheme, once
bitten, twice shy, so that Amway is deceiving End relatives, friends cheating, cheating
End friends staying. Amway is killed and cooked, that is, Meng Ren, Amway is
selling or by other people's sympathy, compassion to do the.
  Answer: Amway's beginning generally more difficult to rely on the
support of relatives and friends can be done slowly, but not kill the mature Amway
nor Meng Ren.
 ?First of all, because Amway's products are good products, if given their
own relatives and friends use it, give them benefits and benefits, they not only do not
think you earn his money, but will thank you. Because they use other product is also
available, with Amway's products are also available, on a brand for you,
and gave us the health, safety, environmental protection and other gains. but some
people open to question, if he sold to relatives or friends product , will no longer turn
a blind eye, and told him not to use the product, do not do product demonstrations,
forced upon people, that case, give people the feeling of maturity resulted in death, I
heard a man bought After a bottle of the new disc, used as flushing toilets, some
people have bought a protein powder a year, also put it in there without breaking the
 ?I hate to do Amway, they approach problems, attitude problems, not only to
Amway's reputation for doing bad, no good on themselves, such people are
doing little. Because not only Amway sales products, it is intimate and thoughtful
service. If your service is not good, your friends may be purchased once, twice, but if
he did not use the benefits and merits, he will certainly not buy anymore.
5. Do Amway downline are making money, or do Amway will lose money
  Some people believe that 90% of Amway are doing their own consumption, and no
one to sell product, so people feel is making money off the assembly line, there are
people that I do to make losses for Amway.
 ?Answer: I do not know his friend get the figures from, but it has some truth, then I
ask my friend, if Amway products are very easy to use, very affordable, you do not
have Amway products, insist there is contamination by other with pollution, health
hazards of their products? Moreover, Amway sales representatives will not force
consumption, will not have monthly sales quotas, and if someone finds a lost sale of
Amway products, then it must be his own attitude problem or a problem with his team,
his quick success, to keep stocks at once, to get more money, so the loss of their own
psychological stress, affecting their state of mind to do Amway. There higher
authorities may be forced to lower sector team to buy products, which is not a good
team approach. If your team has such a situation, I advise you to hasten to another
  Also some friends that the development of lower-level departments, will make
money at lower levels. This idea I had. But then to learn more about the Amway
bonus system, understand the principles of direct marketing, I find out, and to share
with you. In fact, the development of lower-level departments, not to make money
from the lower sector, but the train lower-level departments and to help lower-level
department to Amway Shiye bigger, if you want to earn from the subordinate
departments 3000, you have to help you earn a monthly salary of the subordinate
departments 8,000 yuan, do not know who is who earned the money?
  In fact, the principle is the direct relationship between the dissemination of products
by people and how to encourage people to spread the product as soon as possible, so,
clever design of the Jews called perfect, impeccable Amway bonuses. Fact is, when
you recommend a good product to others, the Amway Corporation to give you a
reward. Whether you are in Amway level marketing network which have
implemented the same price, same bonus system, need to start from scratch, even if
you are from Amway Corporation headquarters developed the same.
  ?So, whether your parent department is the last layer of Ye Hao, a Crown
Ambassador Ye Hao, you need to learn starting from scratch, starting from scratch,
will not you leave Amway Amway closer, more on the issue of your bonus high, are
equal to anyone, whether a first or subsequent participants. The difference is that your
personal effort, personal sales, as well as whether the team you are in good, if can
help you as soon as possible to do big wide .
  Finally finished, I spent several days of spare time then. The above points may be a
lot of people just beginning to understand the question when Amway, including
myself, also came from there, then my answer is my own view, we do not need to
debate who is right, the key is that we can can not look at Amway in a stride to the
scientific understanding of direct, comprehensive understanding of Amway. I think
that Amway did not lie, so I want to ask you, if you read my articles, you feel cheated
you what Amway what?
  ?Do you know why the negative comments online to the majority of Amway, and
that the benefits of home Amway less reason it? After my period of observation, in
fact, I said, you certainly do not know this, those who succeeded in Amway are now
busy with their own money in it, are busy on the diamond, double diamond, the crown
it that they did not have time on the Internet to you in no doubt that controversy or
debate it,
So, if I give you this article on the nature of Amway have a comprehensive
understanding of the care and thought if I did not wasted, if I give you this article,
Amway have insight, then, please You lose time looking for your recommendations,
because the opportunity as a thief, he came quietly taking the time to also silent,
aware of the time when you only know how much of a loss of their own, before we
know to change their fortune, and even the opportunity to change the fate of his
family lost so white! When a friend asks you to understand Amway, and when a friend
invited you to listen to lessons, do not understand the situation in respect of refuse
him, because your friends want you to know the reason why Amway is actually value
you are helping You (I first recommended that his closest relatives and best friends),
in fact, while you refuse him, in fact, also turned down a chance to change their own
  ?Do not look at Amway with colored glasses, history will tell, Amway in China will
tell all! 2000, Amway's sales in China of 2.4 billion, 2002 sales of 6 billion
yuan, 10 billion yuan in 2003, 17 billion yuan in 2004, the future is like? Our vision
of development, can predict the future? (Excerpt from the article network users, the
original "Amway lied to you what" can no longer find the
original source, in order to respect the author, this word unchanged!!

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